System of measures and weights

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System of measures and weights

The biblical system of measures and weights is incomprehensible and that's why it looks complicated. It's old and just looks inaccurate.

Do not be frightened, it is simple and accurate, because it is installed by God and all were able to use it, literate and illiterate.

The biblical system of measures and weights can be understood and understood, otherwise we will not be able to understand a number of stories and parables in the Bible, or we will only understand them superficially.

Besides, it's from God, which means it's interesting. This is from the Lord and marvelous in our eyes.


Sixty-Tier System

Acted in biblical times. Previously, the year consisted of 12 months of 30 days, which is 360 days. So the circle was divided into 360 °.
Today we use this system:

  1. for calculating time - 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds;
  2. Angle measurement - 360 °;
  3. 12 TV channels;
  4. dishes for 12 people;
  5. number of pencils in the box (6, 12, 18, 24);
  6. Photographic film (36, 24, 12 frames);
  7. number of cylinders at the machine;
  8. a dozen eggs (only we have tens of them, which is not practical), etc.

Decimal system

In the year 500, a decimal system is invented in India. Probably, they counted on the fingers and hence the number ten. Perhaps the word five is from span (unit). In addition, invented zero.

Today, along with these systems, binary and octal systems are used in programming.