God's system

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God's system

God appointed priests to monitor the accuracy of measures.

1Chr 23:27-29 The Levites are numbered ... to observe the bread of the offer ... and for every measure and weight ...

God created a system of measures and weights for Israel:

Ezek 45:10-12 Yes, you will have the right scales and the right ephah and the correct baht. Ephah and baht must be the same measure, so that the baht accommodates a tenth of the homer; Their measure should be determined by the homer. In a shekel of 20 ger, and 20 shekels, 25 shekels and 15 shekels, you will have a mine.

God defined for Israel a ternary system of measures: weight, volume of liquids and the volume of loose.

Some products, for example sugar, are more profitable to sell raw, because they are heavier, certain people use it. In Israel such goods were sold not by weight, but by volume. And the seller is not beneficial to spoil the goods, dry foods are stored longer. That is, the system of measures and weights of Israel was more practical and more perfect than ours. God protected the consumer.

The origin of money

At first, jewelry, cattle, tools and metal ingots were in circulation.
The latter proved to be more convenient due to the long-term preservation and high production costs with a small amount.

Then began to produce metal with a fixed size, so as not to weigh, but only count coins. The name was written on the coin, or the guarantor of the accuracy of the weight of the coin was depicted: at first the name of the merchant, then the emperor, etc.