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What did Judas pay?


Coin of small dignity

כסף cachef - silver, money; Desire.
694 αργυριον - is smart. From silver; Silver coin, money.
Ag 13 times cheaper than gold

In Hebrew when they say silver, they say money, and when they say money, they say silver, it's one word. Like in Greek and Russian, remember the word avarice.

Mt 28:12 ... MONEY was given enough to the soldiers.

In the original, there are a lot of silversmiths, that is, for this lie the priests paid more to the soldiers than to Judas. DIESHEVO SAME SELLED JESUS!


Act 19:19 ... and it turned out to be 50,000 drachmas.

The word drachma is written in italics, which means that in the original it is not. In the original it is written silver. Why is the author so concrete?

Judgment 9:4 And they gave him 70 shekels of silver ...

The word shekels is written in italics, which means that in the original it does not exist. Why did the author in this case prefer the sikl (shekel)?
If we read a Russian novel and there it says he gave the top ten, then we know that this is not 10 dollars, not 10 kopecks, but 10 rubles. If this is an American novel, then $10, if French, then francs, etc.


Jesus pays tribute to the temple to the collectors of didrahm (Mt 17:24-27), not shekels (although the didrahm is equal to the shekel, the shekel was the pay).

Mt 22:19 Show me the coin to which you are paid. They brought him a denarius.

He did not say which coin it was, everyone knew that it was a denarius. Jesus told parables, mostly using denarius as an example, only once a drachma: a parable of 10 drachmas or a lost drachma (Lk 15:8-10). 2 times we meet the drachma, in all other cases He speaks of denarii, but the shekel is not mentioned in the New Testament at all.


These were rather denarii or drachmas. And since they are of equal value, we know that Judas received a salary in 30 working days. One person could live on this for about 1 year.

Still there is an opinion that Judas was paid by shekels. It was a temple and they could well pay with shekels. Because, as in Hebrew, money and silver are one word. In this case, it was paid twice as much. But this is not 10-100 times. So we know the approximate amount.


נשושת nehoshet - copper, firm, unyielding, hard-core.
5475 χαλκος - copper, hard.
Cu is 25 times cheaper than silver

Mk 12:41 And sat down against the treasury and watched the people put MONEY ...

Here, in the original, copper is cast. Copper coins began to use the Romans, Israel had the smallest coin of the hero, which was equal to the largest copper coin, the Assyrian. More we never meet in the Bible a conversation about copper money, silver was considered a coin of small dignity. If you offer copper, then even you will not even talk to us.

Act 3:6 But Peter said: I do not have SILVER and GOLD ...

In the original, there was a silver coin and a gold coin, and he did not even speak about copper, because it was embarrassing to serve copper.
The only people carrying copper were to God, because unlike the lame God does not see, and the lame would have been It is a shame to look into the eyes. But Jesus sat down by the treasury and WATCHED HOW THE PEOPLE PLANE COPPER.


for wholesale

5553 χρυσιον - a piece of gold, a gold coin. Au  

Gold coins were used mainly by merchants for large transactions. The gold denarius was twice as heavy as usual and was 25 times more expensive. Under Nero (37-68 AD), Who tried to reduce the export of gold abroad, the weight of the gold denarius decreased by a quarter (to 7.28 g). With Diocletian (245-316 AD) To 4.68 grams.

The gold shekel was also twice as heavy as usual.