Finance system principle

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Finance system principle

Calculator measures

System of measures גרה            


Everyone who enters the calculus must give half the shekel, the shekel of the sacred; In a shekel twenty ger: a half-shekel offering to the Lord; (Ex.30:13)

In biblical times there was a coin in half a shekel and such a tax should be given to the Jews to the temple.
By the way, this was the way of the population census, because everything was given to the church.

Old Shekel
Old half-shekel

Today, Israel is trying to keep history, even in small things, because in the course of a coin in half a shekel. There is not written 50 logs, as is usually written in all countries, namely 1/2 shekel.

On the reverse side, as on all coins - a picture that was found on old coins. In this case it is a musical instrument similar to our harp. Perhaps this was played by David. But we do not know exactly what instrument David played on.

The instrument on which David played was called in Hebrew כינור - film. Today the word denotes the violin, but David did not play the violin. David played on one of the ancient stringed instruments unknown to us.

New half of the sheqel
New half of the sheqel

In the Old Testament, the Israeli System of measures is mainly used, and Greek is also used.
  In the New Testament, the Greco-Roman System of measures is used.
weight of coinstalent (67)60 min36 kgbanking
for family for lifetime
mina (14)60 shekels600 gbundle of money ~ year family
currencySHEKEL (139)20 ger8,5 gdollar ~ week family
small changeger (15)0,43 gpeny ~ day person
holy shekel14,5 g
weight of coinstalent (67)60 min26 kgbanking
for family for lifetime
mina (14)100 drachmas430 gbundle of money ~ year family
currencyDRACHMA (10)6 obols4,4 gdollar ~ week family
small changeobol0,7 gpeny ~ day person
weight of coinstalent (67)60 min26 kgbanking
for family for lifetime
mina (14)100 denarius430 gbundle of money ~ year family
currencyDENARIUS (16)10 as4,5 gdollar ~ week family
small changeobol1/6 denarius0,7 gpeny ~ day person
* Red color indicates approximately how many times this word is used in the Bible.

The principle of the finance system

Problems arise when people perceive talent, mine, SHEKEL (or as the Bible says - Sikl), geru as types of currencies, here comes confusion. We do not have currencies: the ruble, a penny, a chervonet, a nickle, a hryvenek and ...

We have

  • ruble is the currency,
  • a penny is a small change,
  • chervonets, nickle, grivenik ... - the name of coins, banknotes.
There are many more names, such as "lemon", which means "million", etc.

Similarly, in Israel

  • Shekel is a currency,
  • The ger is a small change,
  • talent, mine - the weight of coins.
In Greece the currency is drachma, in Rome - denarius. The rest is a change of coins and the weight of coins.