Distance measures

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Distance measures

Calculator measures

(double) step 1,48 m
stages (lists) (5) 1/8 miles 180 m
Sabbath way(1) 2000 cubits 914 m
miles (pogosch) (5) 1000 steps 1,478 km
days of the way(2) 20-(30) miles 28,7 km
days of the way (with company) 10 miles 14,4 km
throw a stone (1)
shoot a bow (1)
Do not really need
* Red color indicates approximately how many times this word is used in the Bible.

stages, stadium Distance for races

4712 σταδιον - race; From Fight one on one, who will be able to stand, from standing firm. 180 m 1/8 miles

Jh 6:17-21 Jesus walks by the sea.

If we translate 25-30 stages in km, which they swam before meeting with Jesus, and measure on the map the distance of the whole path, we will see that Jesus met them in the middle of the road and all the remaining distance (about 5 km) was walking alongside the boat ( !). After all, when they took him into the boat, she immediately moored.

Luke 24:13-32 Jesus goes with the disciples to the village of Emmaus, which is about 60 steps from Jerusalem.

Does this tell you something? And translate into kilometers. It will be about 11 km. The average speed of a person is 5 km/h, plus in the highlands, plus talking. That is, Jesus spent about 3 hours with his disciples - THE UNHEAL PROMPT! And now these 60 stages mean something to you? Moreover, on the road the person is the most open to listen to (today it is talking in trains, etc.).

Sabbath way

  914 m 2000 cubits

It occurs only once in the Bible.

Act 11:2 Then they returned to Jerusalem from a mountain called Mount Olive, which is near Jerusalem, in the distance of the Sabbath.

days of the way

20 (30) miles, with group - 10 miles. 28.7 km 20 miles

There is no need to translate these distances in kilometers. It is important for us to know not how much it was in kilometers, but what the author wanted to say. If we translate into kilometers and the essence is still not clear to us, then we are not looking there.

If there was something in the distance of the Sabbath, then there were no obstacles to visit this place at any time. If there was something in the distance of the day's journey, then people could see each other often, since there was no need to search for accommodation on the way.

Likewise, distances like "the rocking of the stone" (Lk 22:41) or "the bow shot" (Gen 21:16) do not need to be translated into meters. We understand that this was achieved. For example, Jesus departed just enough so that He could not be heard and He could retire in prayer with the Father.



3400 μιλιον - Mile; one thousand. 1.487 km 1000(Double) steps