Jewish day

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Jewish day

Today 23 Shvat 5730 AD Monday, (8 August 2022)
calendae - calends - 1st day of the month of the Roman calendar.
calendarium - calendar - letters. Debt book, debtors paid interest on calends day.
The lunar calendar is 354 days, 11 days shorter than the solar calendar.

Week - 1st day, letters. Day in which do not.
שבוע Shavua - a week, a week.
4521 α s α α is the time from Saturday to Saturday.
תורש is a month, update (new moon).
שעה Shaa - hour, time; Turn ATTENTION, become interested.
5610 ω α is the hour, ATTENTION, care.

The Hebrew word morning comes from a shepherd.
The Hebrew word evening comes from the eve, vouch.

In John, time is determined by the Roman (modern) account, and in other evangelists - in the Jewish.
Jesus said: Do not 12 hours in the day? That is, the day was divided into 12 hours, and the night for guards, because during the day it was possible to navigate in time by the sun, and at night by changing the guard (vigil).

In Israel, the new day ended and ends at 6:00 pm by our clock, that is, the day lasted until sunset.
It was a special time, then the candles were lit and the main meal of the day began.
Thus, if we fast, our fast includes a day and 2 nights, which is more days. The Jews also from dinner to supper, 24 hours.

Biblical our time Jewish Talmud
1st watch 1800 sunset  
    1820 The appearance of stars evening shma
2nd watch 2100    
3rd watch 2400 mudnight  
4th watch 300 1st roosters  
    430 2nd roosters  
    540 dawn  
000 600 dawn morning sacrifice
100 700    
200 800    
300 900   1st hour of prayer
400 1000    
500 1100    
600 1200 midday 2nd hour of prayer
700 1300 1330 great midday  
800 1400    
900 1500 1530 small evening 3rd hour of prayer
1000 1600 Romans dinner  
1100 1700 1740 night sacrifice
1200 1800 sunset, Jewish dinner