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Free hosting

This is the server where you host your site.
The server is a regular computer on which there is not a normal operating system like Windows, but a software server is installed. In short, the principle is this: you are sold what space on a computer that is always online.

Hosting is paid and free.
Which is better? - Of course paid, free of charge cheaper.

Free hosting for serious projects

With PHP support and no ads. If you like your project.
This is not for commercial projects, but for social projects.

Free hosting with banners

I placed my first website for free hosting Agava. There was everything: CGI, PHP, MySQL ... But at the top of every page was a big awful banner, often obscene content. The banner was loaded as much as and my page.

Free hosting without banners

In short, it got me and I went to They did not have anything (no CGI, no PHP, no MySQL ... nothing, just a place for the site), but a free, short address Only if in 50 days the site will not be updated or I will not receive a single letter (they have a site in the appendage to the free mail), then the site will be deleted. My site periodically loaded terribly with errors. By the way, this is one of the unreliable postal services.
In general, from here, too, had to leave.
No hosting and this is not hosting.

Free hosting for participation

There are forums that charge bonuses for participation, gain a small amount of bonuses and get free normal hosting. More bonuses, more space can get.


Free hosting can also restrict you: prohibit the placement of archives, music ... Some only allow themselves to access sites that they like, etc.

If you are doing an office on the Internet for a respectable serious firm, then the banners will look somehow ridiculous. Like stickers on the Mercedes. Unless, of course, the nature of your activities is not related to advertising.

What is the benefit to hosters?

  1. Banners - earnings from advertising.
  2. Attracting customers to paid hosting, that is, tried the cut-down version, tested, do not you want a complete one?
  3. Promotion image, as a host.
  4. Debugging software, something like beta versions of programs that are run-in for errors.
  5. Replenishment of outgoing traffic deficit when calculating with other providers.
  6. Reducing traffic costs as its volume increases.
  7. Search ideas and content for your projects.


I personally did not get free hosting, how and does not fit, and and does not suit the vast majority. But there are people and even the most serious organizations that have been using free hosting for years.

Recommendations for free hosting

Free hosting with PHP and MySQL

  1. - Awardspace - 1 GB of space, 5 Gb of traffic, 1 site, 3 subdomains, FTP, file manager, 1 MySQL database, PHP, Perl, CGI, Joomla and WordPress.
  2. - 100WebSpace - Free account: 1 site, 100 Mb places, 3Gb traffic per month, PHP, MySQL.
  3. - BFBB - Unlimited number of sites per account. For each site 100 MB of space. ISPmanager control panel. PHP 5.3 (phpinfo), MySQL, FTP, cron, subdomains, daily backup.
  4. - Lead Hoster - PHP, MySQL, Joomla and WordPress.
  5. - HOST-CAFE - Free account provides a free 2nd level domain, 100 Mb places and 2 MySQL databases.
  6. - HostHolder - A free account provides 1 GB of space for PHP and MySQL. They will put their advertising and if your site does not like it, they can delete it.
  7. - Hosting Farm - 250 Mb of space, up to 10 sites on the account, hosting control panel, domain for free, adding their own domains, 2 MySQL databases, PHP 5, PERL 5.8, MySQL 5 Zend Optimizer, Crontab, .htaccess.
  8. - Agilityhoster - 1 GB of space, 5 Gb of traffic, 1 site, 3 subdomains, FTP, file manager, 1 MySQL database, PHP, Perl, CGI, Joomla and WordPress.
Offers an unlimited number of fossil storage.