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Add a picture on the blog


3D hosting.
Here you can download and hold 3D graphics.

Restriction: 50Mb (charge - 200Mb).

Just like On YouTube, you download, you can take the code and embed it on your site.
The rest can also take the code and paste it on th


The service allows you to easily and quickly publish your pictures on the pages of any online forum, blog, chat, bulletin board (the necessary preparation of the image is done automatically). You just need to select a picture on the disk, click the LOAD button and then copy the finished link to your message.

In addition, this service has many advantages:

  • No registration required,
  • The maximum download size is up to 10Mb,
  • The ability to download images using special programs,
  • The service is completely free.

address: USA


One of the leading web hosting images.
  • The main page has a file selection area where the user can select the image file to download.
  • The storage period is unlimited, but if the traffic is 300 Mb per hour, it will be deleted.
  • Registration is not required, but having registered, you can manage your pictures.
  • The image file format must be either JPEG (JPG), PNG, GIF, TIFF (TIF), BMP, or SWF,
  • the size is not more than 1.53 Mb.
  • Uploaded BMP and TIFF (TIF) images are automatically converted to PNG format.
  • You can reduce the picture or leave the original size.
  • Then you are offered links to the selection.

address: Russia


Just add photos and use.
Registration is not required.
  • Russian language - there is
  • Location - unlimited,
  • The original is saved.


You can quickly upload a photo and give a link to it.
There is a discussion of photography, that is, a social component.


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