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Content delivery network

(Content Delivery Network)
A network of servers in different cities or countries for optimal delivery of content without overloading the network.
Let's say central television channels broadcast the Olympics, the championship, Eurovision ...
This creates a huge load on the network.
Therefore, there are Content Delivery Networks. These are hundreds or hundreds of thousands of servers around the world to which the stream is delivered and the consumer receives the stream from the server that is closer to it.

A similar situation with software updates. For example, a new version of the program was released and everyone immediately started to download it. Even at small sizes, the channel will be quickly hammered, because some programs, for example Libreoffice offers as an option a download via torrent (the ideal solution for this kind of things).
You can use the services of CDN.

Perhaps you are faced with how long the update of the operating system on smartphones takes place. Let's say that the update is ready for your model and you will receive it in the order of the live order within 2 months. This is also an option, but not very pleasant.

By the way, the CDN service is not cheap. It costs 1Gb traffic from 3 rubles and above. The cheapest on decent services is 1 rub. For 1Gb. Because you can look for other options, if Torrent suits you, this may be the best solution.

When choosing, I recommend contacting the support team and asking specific questions. You should forecast your traffic. And ask a question about specific figures. Then we can make a real choice.


Content delivery network - 210 000 caching servers of Akamai company all over the world. Servers transmit data to users without delay on the optimal network route. The content delivery network can be connected to the main Selectel services.

The cheapest one I've come across.

Limelight Networks

Leading content delivery in the world.
There are special tariffs for delivery of media resources, video stream, content delivery, cloud.