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Cloud hosting

Hosting is the server where you host your site.

New type of hosting.


You pay only for what you really use. It's like putting a meter on the water at home.
Not everyone will like it if their attendance bounces, and with it and the cost of hosting.
For example, I do not use credit on a cell phone, I do not trust operators. How many put, so much and spent, no more. It used to happen that people had to do tens of thousands of rubles, it's not clear why.

Because many cloud hosting is subject to restrictions on parameters. That is, you set the maximum limit.


The service is quite new, because the prices are high. Even if and write that the prices are not higher than usual hosting, they can be at the level of an expensive hosting.
So we choose cloud hosting between expensive and very expensive, which makes it less popular.

Conventional hosting

In fact, this is an ordinary hosting. That is, it's all the same computer that you use, and a beautiful hosting site and interesting offers do not guarantee that it's a good computer.
I remember once using a hosting, quite famous and untwisted. A decent panel, convenient conditions, super. In fact, it turned out that the computer costs somewhere in the garage in Ukraine, periodically braked and every week in the most visited time flew.

So puncture the Internet with the required hosting for reliability.
FLOPS wrote a good article on Habrahabr, the site itself looks solid and stylish. Very comfortably. But ... I went into the questions and answers and read that it is necessary to call someone for a refund. This is alarming. Usually, a refund should be made immediately, as they always write about.
You can buy a hosting, see what kind of sucks and how to beat money, which they will not try to return. Not the fact that the phone will not always be busy.

Then I went to the forum in the "Direct Line" section. Seems not bad.
You should stay away from such services.


While the market can not offer a decent Cloud hosting for a reasonable price. Will this idea work? - time will tell, but for now we are using the usual hosting.