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Backup of information and data.
1st rule when working to computer - make copies.
If the information, photo, files, data are of value, you can periodically make copies. Otherwise, in one day you will lose them. It's not a question, IF you lose, but WHEN.
All is broken, everything has its own resource, there are irreparable mistakes.

Backup for users

The best way is cloud.
Almost any free cloud service offers to install the application to computer, then specify the folder and a copy of this folder will always be in the cloud. Updated the file and it was updated on the cloud.
Free, easy and effective.

Backup for Organizations

Here in most cases, the cloud is not enough. Once you need not only files, but also save data. And at the enterprise information can be expensive.
In such cases, you should use online services.
A data warehouse located on disk arrays (RAID10). You can be sure of the reliability of your data, because for this service we use only Enterprise-class disks. The storage is connected to the switchboard by a dedicated 10 Gbps port.