Choosing a web host

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Choosing a web host

This is the server where you host your site.
The server is a regular computer on which there is not a normal operating system like Windows, but a software server is installed. In short, the principle is this: you are sold what space on a computer that is always online.

Hosting is paid and free.
Which is better? - Of course paid, free of charge cheaper.

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Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

Best Web Hosting Services.
One of the leading ratings on this resource offers a rating of web hosting providers, which will help you choose what suits you.

You should keep in mind that this is an international rating and the site is likely to be in Europe or the United States.
This kind of hosting will be suitable for a site oriented at a western user.

It will not be suitable for the Russian market, because the speed of the site will be inferior to sites located on Russian servers.


reliable site

address: Russia


Also set the parameters and you are given a huge choice of hosts, the ability to compare the selected rates and see user reviews, because it is no small matter the reliability of the host.


You specify parameters and you are offered a number of hosts, not as global as hostobzor, but still something else.

address: Russia


Choosing a hosting?

- here you can find tests and comparison of different hosters, as well as reviews about them.

Want to evaluate the effectiveness of your hosting?

- you can take the test, save the data and compare it with other data.