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Unlimited hosting

Hosting is the server where you host your site.

The ideal option - a low-cost hosting for a reasonable price. And no worries. Site develops, the size increases, attendance grows. And we do not care, because hosting is UNLIMITED.

Unlimited hosting - a marketing trick.
As you know, there are no fools and no one will give away anything free, so we are looking for pitfalls.


Or the limitations of unlimited hosting.

The principle is simple, if there are no restrictions, then there are others.
For example, the famous registrar Reg.ru offers unlimited hosting Host-Unlim from 179 rub. per month:

  • Disk space - Unlimited
  • Number of MySQL databases - No restrictions
  • Number of mailboxes - No restrictions
  • Traffic - No restrictions
That's it - happiness, rather spend this space.

The first thing is from 179 r. Per month (on business - 191 rubles per month), 179 rubles. Will only be if you pay for months ahead ... But it's better to just pay first 1 month to try. And then you will not have to beat your money back.

Unfortunately, the main page does not contain a description of hosting (although very similar), and its advertising. There is also another page Technical restrictions.
This is in fact, too, the description of hosting, only the other side of the coin. Which is usually learned by paying a hosting for the year ahead.

There are restrictions and there are not a few.

  • By file count
  • By the size of MySQL (the number of databases is not limited, but the size is limited)
  • By the number of requests
  • ...

Unlimited from Xyberri

Technical Support Service wrote:
"... I also want to note that you can use as much disk space and traffic as you need - these resources are not limited, but the disk space over 5 GB will be paid at a rate of 9 rub. For 1 GB, by analogy - traffic over 100 GB Will be paid for 1.25 rub. For 1GB. "

In fact, in this case, no-limit is more like a lawlessness. Hoster will make any adjustments that we can not predict.

Unlimited disk space, but a limited number of files

Hardly anyone will allow to have more than 200 000 files on hosting (On Reg.ru there is a limit of 150 000 files, there are and up to 1000 files). Let's say I have more than 300,000 files.

Also will not allow you to make file sharing.
Do not allow to keep video, audio files, programs, large archives ...
There will be a restriction and on the size of one file.

Unlimited traffic, but limited CPU load

It's not unlimited, it's just that nobody believes it. Rather I think, but in a different way. There are limitations on the load on the processor.

The more traffic the site has, the more CPU load. And here practically all have restrictions.

On rare sites there are no restrictions on the load on the processor. There, the hoster does not care about any restriction. So the server often lies. And who needs hosting, if at the most visited site is not available?

By the way, you can easily see the power of hosting. If access to FTP quickly opens, then smart. If it opens unhurried, then the brake. The first thing I noticed on Reg.ru - for a very long time, you can access FTP. But Majordomo is faster than anyone else (from whom I have tried). Nicely. But it is also understandable, because Majordomo is a serious hoster, it's not unlimited :).


That is, if your site will grow, grow in size and attendance, this hosting will not work for you.

Unlimited hosting is suitable for a small, not very growing and medium-visited site.

Perpetual Hosting

Once paid and always use. There were such services, but then the hosters "changed their mind."


Leading hosting in the world.
  • shared hosting,
  • WordPress hosting,
  • VPS hosting,
  • dedicated hosting,
  • domain names.
Judging by the tariffs, they are mostly ostensibly unlimited.
But we ourselves know that the processor is as it is, it can't be unlimited in principle.


Restrictions on the number of files are not advertised. In fact it is a hidden disk space limit.
  • number of files - 200000,
  • databases - 5000,
  • disk quota for 10 Gb databases.


In my opinion, virtual hosting has a low acceptable price, the rest is expensive.

Such hosting is suitable for large sites.
For smaller sites you can find hosting much cheaper.

Trial period

Unfortunately, there is no normal trial period.
You need to buy a month, and if you do not like it, the money will be returned.

It is not very convenient. And if it suits me? If you pay for a year or 3 years it will be almost three times cheaper than the monthly payment.

Support service

Answer quickly and politely.
Most likely, not very professional, but cheap Indians are sitting there.
Answers to standard questions or problems.
If you did not make the default settings for yourself, they will not do you any good. Here you can count on yourself.

Free SSL Certificate.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

email: hosting@wedos.com
address: Russia


Unlimited Czech hosting.

This hosting will be recommended to you:

  1. Low price
  2. 24/7 support by email and chat
  3. Good speed
  4. Refunds (I paid a card in euros, a week later I was returned exactly the same amount in euros, without any questions, I also won the course).
  5. I sent them a screenshot from which you can see what I have on Gino Paid for 2 more months, for which I was given twice as much - for free 120 days. So we do not wait for the end of our hosting, we pass when it is convenient for us.
There are restrictions, of course. There are no restrictions on
  1. Disk space
  2. Number of files
  3. Number of sites
  4. Number of MySQL databases
It is clear that you can not have as many sites here. The main limitation is how much the processor and the channel will pull. Therefore we solve like everywhere - one powerful site or many easy ones.

Another 10 gigs per disk (disk).


Interface in Czech and English. Most of the site is only in Czech. So I use a translator built into the browser.

The support service speaks English at some level.

The control panel they have their own, will have to get used to.


You can pay in 12 ways, we will use them:


Simple, inexpensive, unlimited hosting.
There are no restrictions on those parameters that we usually pay attention to.
There are restrictions on:
  1. Connection speed per 1 server
  2. Memory on account .
With good attendance can not pull.


Hosting claims that no-limit is absolutely everything. By the way, the first 10 days are free, so you can try. 100 rubles a month for 1 site. 190 rubles. Per month unlimited sites.