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Freeware categories


free + software - free-of-charge, but copyright-protected software and you can not do with it what the author has not authorized. Usually commercial distribution or use by commercial organizations is not permitted.
Why free:
  1. Most often - the promotion of a new name on the market,
  2. raw, experimental product,
  3. a truncated version, advertises a full-featured product,
  4. There are free programs only for the CIS,
  5. or for non-commercial use,
  6. There are also simply "GNU/GPL" fans who believe that the software must be free and written together,
  7. is a category of software written "for yourself," but without greed.

FLOSS, or Free/Libre and Open-Source Software

In English, the word free means not for money, so the term "libre" is included in the term, that is, it's about free software, not to be confused with freeware.
Free to distribute open source software.
It is believed that the term was invented by Rishab Aiyer Ghosh in 2001. The abbreviation FLOSS is widely used in Europe, in USA prefer the term FOSS, Without libre.


donate + software - the same as FREEWARE, is only offered to those who wish to pay.


share + software - try before you buy. You can use free for a limited time, usually 30 days.

Trial, Trialware

The probe is practically the same as the conditionally-free one. The only difference is that it is not the time of free use that is limited, but a certain number of program starts. Although this product can also be called Shareware.


Demo version is a program with limited functions, after payment and registration restrictions are removed.


advertisement + software - free programs with a banner, advertising, which made the program free for you.
For example, Eudora's email program offers a choice: pay, use free, but with a restricted function or a free full-featured version with a banner.

Pirated products

In one way or another, stolen software, which harms everyone, from developers to users. Illegal duplication and distribution of software significantly affect the economy, billions of dollars a year are deposited in the pockets of the Mafia. This inhibits the development of new technology. And finally, this is unfair.


warez - short from «software» - Illegally distributed software.
If you are offered to download a program with a crack, a "medicine", a serial number or a serial number generator, it's a hacked program or a.
Using such a program, you become an accomplice in theft.
You can not fully trust a hacked program, because using a compromised accounting program is stupid. The accounting error caused by the failure of the hacked program will cost more. It's also extremely stupid to try to protect a compromised computer with an antivirus. Especially when there is an excellent Freeware.

Postcardware (cardware)

postcard + software - A free program, but the author - a collector of postcards asks users to register by sending him a postcard.


homepage + software - A free program, but every time you launch it, your home page will become the author's page of the program. This type of programs deservedly received no distribution.


care + software - The user must stop complaining about life for an hour, a day or a week and say some words of encouragement to someone.


Full payment when buying a program, "a cat and a bag," because this type of sales is not popular.

Public domain software

Software without copyright, distributed with the source code. The main idea was the development of the program in the future. Unlike Open Sourse, it is easy to modify, assign and sell.


spy + software - Spyware, usually distributed together by other useful, engaged in collecting information to the user's computer and sending it to the creator.


abandon + software - (OS, editor, game or media file), which is no longer offered for sale by the manufacturer.
This term has no legal value, and much abandonware is not in the public domain, and can not be legally distributed without the permission of the right holder.
For example, some popular programs, including NeXTStep (OS for NeXT computer), OpenStep, WordPerfect and many interactive games have been replaced/replaced by modern analogues. In some cases, a company or site receives permission from the manufacturer to distribute such a program. Most often, Abandonware is distributed free, sometimes - for a fee.


genuine + software - Software distributed free, but requires authentication of the operating system.

Public license GNU

GNU General Public License - It is also abbreviated as GNU GPL or even simply GPL.
Open source programs are developed and improved by joint efforts and do not belong to the same author. But in this case, these developments can easily be assigned.
To prevent this, there is a standard license that does not allow it to be assigned.

Open sourse

Software written with open source, a folk product, does not have a specific author (such as Linux ...), anyone who wants it can fit into it and adjust it to their needs, and then distribute it. The source code must be attached to the program. Modified software should be distributed under the same conditions as the original product. The author of the source product even has the right to require that the source code of its program be distributed without changes, but complete with appropriate patches (patches).

Free software

Same as Open sourse.
Software, in relation to which the user has "four freedoms": to launch, study, distribute and improve the program.

Closed source

Software whose source code is not available to the user.

Shared source

Type of license, where the source code of the program is available to certain groups.
For example, Microsoft has opened the code NET.framework for a number of organizations and specialists, for more effective program development.

Program Status

Dev version

Dev is an abbreviation of the English Developer-developer. That is, this version is for developers.
This version of the program is under development, only then will the testing phase.

Pre-Alfa version

Unlike alpha or beta versions, this is an incomplete software product.
In the Open sourse the Pre-alfa is divided into
  • Milestone version - Functional nodes, as soon as they are ready.
  • Nightly builds - Themselves versions of products that have just been made, usually overnight.

Alfa version

Software at the testing stage by the staff of the developers or testers.

Beta version

A raw program distributed for testing to identify possible errors. Unlike the alpha version, beta testing is conducted by volunteers from among the ordinary future users of the product. In addition, beta testing can be used as part of a product promotion strategy. That is, the raw version of free.

Release Candidate

Usually write RS1. Potentially completed software product. At this stage, the code is already completed. There may be places that need to be patched.

Final, Gold

First you should know that the program with zeros is still damp. For example, Opera 9.0 was released. This means that it has additional functions and principal improvements in comparison with the previous version. The version for example. Opera 9.24 means that the patched vulnerability or error is patched ... That is, the program with many digits after the point is better than with zeros. And at some stage, it can be given the status of Final - the final or final version. So all the forces are thrown to create a new version, and not to develop this one.


The same as a Final.
RTM - Release To Manufacturing or, more rarely,eng. Ready To Market - Designation of the product's readiness for replication and release (for example on a CD-ROM or DVD).
RTW - Release To Web - Designation of product readiness for downloading via the Internet.

Stable, unstable version

So in Open source define the program: passed a long test or rather fresh.



- Software, as opposed to computer hardware - hard.


Auxiliary program, usually with one function.

Extensions or addons

add-ons - small installable modules of additional functions to the program, if they support it.


- the same as the addon.
Firefox plug-ins