Culinary Club

Culinary Club.
The first culinary project of web 2.0.
Convenient flexible search - new, popular, active participants, adding recipes.
Tags, blog, groups, interactive map from Google, where you can specify your own favorite places.

Eating at home

Weekly TV show.
A directory of recipes and much more.

The most professional and complete project about cooking, products, history, exotic products and what to replace them for ...
Julia Vysotskaya.

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Bon Appétit

Recipes, you can participate in cooking master classes, choose products and ...

Social network - registered users will earn internal ratings and badges for achievements, get special access to educational content, can start their own culinary blog and earn money for content.

The purpose of the site is shopping planning and express delivery.
That is, one will be able to find a good recipe and order the products required for it.


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Search for recipes for ingredients.
You can add a recipe or collect your own recipe book.

Choose a recipe for the main ingredient
  • for the
  • food category for the holiday or for
  • in the kitchen
  • according to the way of cooking
  • according to the
  • By source Also on the site you can see the magazine of the same name.

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    Group Recipes

    Recipe Book 2.0, convenient and self-learning.

    The user spends time on the site, considering the recipes, and the site examines the user's preferences - the recipes and products from which he most often prepares.

    The system then offers recipes that may be interesting to the user.
    Something like Last.FM with recipes only.

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    1000 menu

    This is not 1000 recipes, as it may seem, but already more than 22,000.

    From the special on this site I liked the sections:

    1. Festive table,
    2. For breakfast,
    3. Recipes for kids,
    4. Recipes for nature,
    5. Dietary restrictions
    6. We use kitchenware,
    7. National cuisines
    8. Classic recipes,
    9. From the chef
    10. Old recipes,
    11. Funny and funny recipes,
    12. Dairy products are homemade,
    13. Billets for winter,
    14. Spices, seasonings, spices,
    15. Leaves, flowers, roots, bark.



    Recipes with photos - more than 15,000.
    Recipes from the video - more than 1 000.
    Comments - more than 130,000.

    1. Search for recipes by ingredients.
    2. Kitchens of the world.
    3. Video recipes.
    4. Food.


    User-hosted cooking recipes and master classes in needlework.

    Rating recipes passes by voting. Top homepage, worst off.

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    Mne vkusno

    Recipe of their products that are in the fridge.

    Recipe Search by

    • Recipes - here you can set your requirements, for example, you can not eat some products or you just do not like them, they can be excluded from the search. You can set calories, your skill level (beginner or advanced), and cooking time.
    • Agredients - specify what we have in the fridge and find out what you can make from it. We can specify both specific products and groups (seafood, seasonings, herbs ...)
    • Title - the traditional search for recipes for specific dishes.

    All recipes

    Leading culinary site of Internet, version in Russian.
    The largest recipe database - more than 40.000 free recipes that have been tested and approved by leading chefs of the world.

    International culinary portal and social site Communication.
    Every year 435 million people visit the site, which are united by only one - interest in cooking home-made food.
    At the moment there are 17 sites representing cooks from 22 countries in 11 languages.
    The site cooks try new recipes and share well-forgotten old, exchange experiences and interesting ideas.
    All this gives participants a sense of self-confidence and inspires new experiments in home cooking.

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    I can not select this site.
    The usual culinary site with a large base of recipes.
    Isn't it necessary?

    Classic, highly demanded culinary site.

    The winner of the contest Golden Site is 2008, and also among the ten most sought-after culinary sites in Russian, according to Yandex.


    Another world leader in culinary topics.
    We smack 100,000 recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Self, cookbooks, chefs and home cooks.
    Learn how to prepare holiday meals for professionals.
    Healthy, fast And easy for the child menu.
    Videos on cooking.

    Recipes that users add and are checked by the team on the site.

    I liked the Sauces section (for meat, poultry, fish ...)

    Will be interesting:

    1. Cookbooks.
    2. Culinary Encyclopedia.
    3. Cuisine of the peoples of the world.
    4. The benefits and harms of products.

    Russian - Englesh
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    Talerka in Belarusian plate - possible borrowing from the Polish language, where the Polish 'talerz', in turn (according to M. Fasmer) goes back to the Latin 'taliare' (cut). According to NM Shansky, originally a plate was called a cut piece of a board (for food).

    Designer Andrey Azarov, along with his wife and son, collect recipes and upload them on the site with photos, and more recently with the author's videotape. Andrei explains: 'This project is valuable in that it demonstrates the abilities of ordinary people who learn how to cook and treat food correctly.'

    Recipes distributed among countries - Italian cuisine, Greek ...

    Lovely big photos Dishes, nothing superfluous.

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    Infinite tape of recipes.
    The best and new recipes from different sites.



    address: Russia

    Just Post

    We select recipes for the ingredients.
    1. Choose: Soups and broths, Second courses, Appetizers, Garnishes, Salads, Sauces, Baking, Desserts or Drinks.
    2. We include that we want to use
    3. and exclude what we do not want to use in any way.
    4. We get the list of recipes.