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A book about the art of cooking. Here, everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive story about cooking methods.
The book is about the art of cooking.
Here everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive tale about cooking methods. This is a world-wide Open Source Cookbook. That is, it's a cookbook that we write all over the world.
  • Recipes are all that's in the Culinary Book
  • Types of meals: First courses, second courses, drinks, snacks ...
  • Ingredients: main course meals
  • National cuisines
  • Recipes for Microwaves
  • References
Each dish has its own page.


A universal Internet encyclopaedia of cooking, with professional 'tasty' photos, culinary online consultations of chefs of the largest restaurants (such in our country so far no one has offered) and other recognized experts in the kitchen and culinary criticism.

In the sections 'Starry Diet 'and' Star recipe 'stars share their culinary secrets, and blogs discuss both' high cuisine 'and everyday recipes.

There is a universal culinary dictionary. A separate direction of the project will be a colorful guide to cafes, bars and restaurants Kiev and all major cities Ukraine.