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GovDeals -
Find cheap stuff, which gets rid of the government.

Find cheap things that get rid of the government.

Presearch -
Open decentralized search engine.

An open decentralized search engine.
Search is built on blockchain technology by one of the leaders of this technology, Etherium.

This technology firstly ensures guaranteed user anonymity.
In addition, the system rewards participants with token discoverers for their use, contribution and promotion of the platform.

The goal, to end Google's dominance in the world. The fact is that Google is not perfect, but it is the gateway to the Internet for almost the entire world. We believe that the Internet is exactly as Google paints it for us.

Presearch wants to present a more real picture of the Internet, a more transparent algorithm.

Christian search engines.

The search is an Orthodox search engine.
It's just a tuned and integrated Google search engine.

Create a link to a visual search.

Create a link to the visual search.
We go to the site, enter the query, click the button and get a link, eg.

Yahoo! -
Search Engines.

Of course, we should not forget about the oldest Yahoo search engine.
The appearance and success of Google was a surprise for him and moved him to the 2 nd position.
Nevertheless, Yahoo is developing, reducing the gap, etc.

In short, this is another well-known search engine, very fast, works with Russian encodings. Not so long ago there was a Russian version, maybe it's not very popular in Russia?

When using Google's database. Yahoo is the oldest search engine that started providing services in 1994. Today, Yahoo activates efforts to develop its services, but after an unsuccessful refusal to sell Microsoft for $40 billion (which they soon regretted), now they are in an alliance with Microsoft on bird rights.
In short, Gogle got their technology and more developed Bing.

Mne vkusno
Recipe of their products that are in the fridge.

Recipe of their products that are in the fridge.

Recipe Search by

  • Recipes - here you can set your requirements, for example, you can not eat some products or you just do not like them, they can be excluded from the search. You can set calories, your skill level (beginner or advanced), and cooking time.
  • Agredients - specify what we have in the fridge and find out what you can make from it. We can specify both specific products and groups (seafood, seasonings, herbs ...)
  • Title - the traditional search for recipes for specific dishes.

Stolen Camera Finder -
We find the stolen camera.

Find a stolen camera.
In digital photography, in addition to the picture there are other information, for example, the date of the picture. In addition to the date, there are other information, such as the serial number of the camera. You can find it in your papers that came with the camera or just throw your photo made by this camera and the service will look for photos taken with the same camera.

Actually the situation can be reverse - you found a camera and want to return it to the owner. Also looking for a number or a photo taken.

Found, file with the police. It is rare to get it back. If the camera is in another country, do not declare Interpol.

Tineye -
Search by Image.

Find duplicate photos.
Look for exactly the same photos or higher resolution photos.

In addition, TinEye can be used when you need to find the same person in different photos.


  1. the image size is up to 1 Mb.
  2. the side of the picture must not be less than 100 points
  3. the supported formats are jpg, png and gif .
User can upload his photo to the search engine or specify the address of the picture posted on Internet. After that, the system will search for similar ones and in the search output will present a list of photos with the sites on which the photo is placed and the names of the found graphic files.

Yandex blog for webmasters
Yandex lowered in the issuance of sites with shocking advertising.

Yandex - Changes in the ranking of pages with shocking ads<

Yandex said - Yandex did.

Yandex lowered in the issuance of sites with shocking advertising.
But even before that, people did not like such advertising. I can not imagine who she can attract (and the advertisement should attract). People try to avoid such advertising.
For this, various filters are used - from the Yandex settings to the installation of special programs.

All is pretty simple, do you like these sites or run away from them?
If the light wedge did not converge on such sites, I'll just forget the way to the sites with an annoying, all the more shocking advertisement or registration.

And the search engine knows not only how many people visited the site, but what they did there. And if a person does not stay to the site, this is considered a failure. For anyone, shock advertising greatly reduces the rating of the site.

Startpage -
Google search engine output is used.

Google search engine output is used.
Feature - unlike Google, this intermediary does not fix yfoi IP-address and allows you to remain anonymous.

Qwant -
A private searcher from France.

A private searcher from France.

It has three options:

  1. Classic View (basic),
  2. List (as close as possible to the familiar interface of the existing search engines),
  3. Mosaic View.
Information entered by the user in the search box is divided into five categories:
  1. internet sites (Web),
  2. news (News),
  3. social networks (Social),
  4. maximum reference information (Qnowledge Graph),
  5. marketing where to buy this product (Shopping).
  6. In addition, Qwant offers on demand display of images and videos (Media tab), and a special mode (People) dedicated to find people or organisations in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Myspace.

Toiletmap -
Search toilet.

Search for public toilets in Australia, depending on your location.

Voice search Yandex
Yandex allows you to specify a search query by voice.

Yandex allows you to specify a search query by voice.

Just like on Google, Yandex allows you to specify a search query by voice.

You must have a microphone. If you use Skype, then you have one. It's built into almost every webcam.

How does it work

  1. Go to the main Yandex page.
  2. In the form field there will be light gray microphone and keyboard icons. If there is no microphone icon, it means you have no microphone or it is not active.
  3. Press the icon and say the text.
  4. The first time you ask your browser for permission to use a microphone on this site.
  5. Permission granted.
  6. A long pause will be taken as the end of the request. We receive the result of the request.
Unlike Google, on Yandex you can make requests in Russian or English regardless of the keyboard layout. Google will only recognize Russian speech if you have selected the Russian alphabet on your keyboard, or English if you have switched your keyboard to Latin.

Google Scholar -
Search scientific literature.

Search for scientific literature.
Using a single query form, you can search in different disciplines and sources, including peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, books, abstracts and reports published by scientific literature publishers, professional associations, higher education institutions and others Scientific organizations. Google Academy allows you to find the study most relevant to your query, among a huge number of scientific papers.

Google Academy Features

  • Search for various sources with One convenient page
  • Search of articles, abstracts and bibliographic references
  • Search full text of a document in a library or network
  • Getting information About basic works in any field of research

How is the rating of articles determined?

Google Academy classifies articles in the same way as scientists, evaluating all the text of the article Doi article, the author, the publication in which the article appeared, and the frequency of citation of this work in the scientific literature. The most relevant results are always displayed on the first page.

Scientific Search.

Search on the scientific and popular science sites runet.
So far, 3,500 websites have been indexed: websites of universities, research institutes and libraries, LJ-communities, scientists blogs and even pages of enthusiasts on the "People" A fantastic atlas of the butterflies of Crimea with illustrations.

Wolfram|Alpha -
Search on Internet and on the inside is quite an extensive knowledge base.

Search on Internet and on the internal rather extensive knowledge base (which was typed from Internet and prepared for issuance) and a set of computational algorithms.

The main direction of the service, not only to find information, facts on Internet, but to anticipate, find in all sorts of sources, reduce to tables, charts, graphs ...

If this is not done exactly as you need or Not exactly what you want, pay, but you will find, pick up and give out in a convenient form.

Findicons -
Search Website of free icons.

Site search for free icons.
Search for icons starts with specifying the keywords that characterize the search. For example, the icon for the "forward" button can be found by querying "forward", "right", "next", "forward arrow", "right arrow", "next arrow", etc.

We recommend starting With one simple word to get enough results for further filtering. If there are too many variants (over a thousand) per keyword, you can add qualifying words to narrow down the search scope, as "arrow" was added to the "forward" in this example. Separate words with spaces.

Yandex, music search -
Lead search engine Runet.
Music can be searched on the usual search engine Yandex, for this purpose nothing special to do is not necessary.

Lead search engine Runet.
Music can be searched on the usual search engine Yandex, for this purpose nothing special to do is not necessary. Just ask the artist and song request so that it's understandable. You can have a performer in English or Russian, a song is better than the original name, so that the search engine understands exactly what is going on.
If the song's name is unique, you can simply specify the name of the song.

If you specify the name of the song in search, You may be invited to listen to it. Not all songs have Yandex use rights, but the number of them increases, there are already contracts with several major companies in the music market (for example, Universal and EMI). Already available for legal listening to music U2, ABBA, Rammstein, Rolling Stones, the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Alexander Rybak and ...

Yandex search for recipes -
Search recipes.

Culinary recipes in the search results.

If you sometimes want to cook something new and you turn to Internet for help, you know how hard it is to choose from several dozen similar recipes suitable. Modern culinary portals contain information on a variety of different ways of cooking, for example, pancakes with cottage cheese, pork with pineapple or trite charlottes.

How among this variety quickly choose a recipe that suits you? Use our search! For some time, Yandex directly on the search results pages shows for the pages of culinary sites a set of ingredients and their proportions, the beginning of the instruction, the cooking time and other parameters of the recipe.

To owners of culinary sites

In order to generate such descriptions, we need to select separate semantic parts in the text of the page. And the owners of culinary sites can help us in this. Since the structure of the pages with recipes on different sites is generally standard, we decided to develop an affiliate program, to which any culinary resource could join.

You can tell Yandex about the structure of your site containing culinary recipes in one of two ways:

- create an XML feed and specify its address in the appropriate form of the Webmaster;

- Mark the recipes on your website with the microformat hRecipe.

Choose the method of information transfer at your discretion - the data set is the same and the result, respectively, too. The owners of culinary resources can learn more about the rules of participation in the affiliate program in the section Help.

Yandex music search -
Search music.

If you specify the name of the song in the search, you may be asked to listen to it. Not all songs have Yandex use rights, but the number of them increases, there are already contracts with several major companies in the music market (for example, Universal and EMI). Already available for legal listening to music U2, ABBA, Rammstein, Rolling Stones, the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Alexander Rybak and ...

In addition, if you request a song, you will be asked to listen to it, Text, translation (if any), text with chords.

Yandex search -
The most popular search engine in the runet.

The most popular search engine in the runet. The main advantage - the correct work with the Russian language, looking for not a word, and word forms.

Say, for Google 'fun' and 'fun' - different words. For Yandex it is one word, if it is not enclosed in quotation marks then will search for a literal writing.

Yandex faster indexes new sites. And in most cases it will give you more information.

If you specify a song title in search, you may be offered to listen to it. Not all songs have the right to use them, but the number of them increases, there are already contracts with several major companies in the music market (for example, Universal and EMI). The music of U2, ABBA, Rammstein, Rolling Stones, the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Alexander Rybak and ....

All the search can be followed by a number of services: el.Mail, ЮMoney, free hosting ... - fine-tuning the search. - a simple form of search.

Yandex makes a different output for different regions more / all Yandex services .

Dogpile -
Search queries from different search engines in one place.

Search queries from different search engines in one place.

Each search engine has its own method of searching and each will return different results. Dogpile looks at all of them, decides which are most relevant to your search, eliminates duplicates and reveals them to you. In the end, you get a list of results more complete than anywhere else on the Web.

The time-saving philosophy of metasearch is so important to us that it even inspired our name! In rugby, players come together and pile on top of one another. This is exactly what Dogpile’s metasearch technology does – it compiles all the best results in one easy-to-access place!

Yandex -
Search for programmers.

Yandex made it possible to search through the directories and forums of programmers.
Just by typing we write a programming language, a space and a query. For example, C++ adjacent_find.
Languages ​​supported: Perl, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, C/C++/STL, Win32, Java, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, MySQL).

Yandex -
Leading portal and search engine Runet.

Yandex is the leading runet site that can compete with Google, mainly because it does not copy other services, but is looking for something new and introduces its own.

Main services

  1. Search - still the leading search engine runet,
  2. Mail - unlimited box - attachments up to 5 Gb.
  3. Traffic jams - Yandex did not just create a service with maps, but made their own peculiarity, which makes this service popular.
  4. Timetables for transport.
  5. ЮMoney - one of the leading payment systems runet.
  6. Buying and selling cars.

Sign up for Yandex

Google Trends -
That request around the world through Google.

What is being requested all over the world via Google right now.

Google Search on site -
You can customize this search both on one site and on several.

You can customize this search both on one site and on several. For example, you have 5 sites and you want to see if the visitor was searching right away at all of them.

Google AdSense

If you host advertising on your site from Google AdSense, then you can put on your site exactly the same form of search and earn a little more.

Google -
Search the site.

Google AdSense

If you are advertising on your site from Google AdSense, Then you can put on your site exactly the same form of search, but it can search not one for your site, but several.
For example, you have 3 sites. You enter all 3 addresses when setting up the search form and you have a search on all your sites on the site.

This search is implemented on our website.

Scientific Search.

The world of mathematical equations.
The mathematical search system.
While only looking for formulas and equations in Wikipedia and on Eqworld. Specify any function of the cosine or its fragment - get web pages where such a function is mentioned.

Yandex Research -
Behavior and interests of users of Internet.

Behavior and interests of users on Internet. Yandex studies and displays in an interesting and visual form.

Yandex.Pictures -
Yandex - Visual Search.

Visual search.
Click on the camera icon on the top right, as seen in the picture.
Then we are prompted to upload a picture like we need to find, or specify a URL (Internet address). All.

Google -
Voice Search.

Search for Google using Voice Search instead of typing requests.
For many Android phones, for the iPhone and Nokia S60, this feature is included in the Google Mobile App.

Voice search is not available in all languages ​​and Not for all mobile phones.

Previously, voice search for Google Chrome did not work with the Russian, now it works.
You will need a microphone. If you use Skype, then you already have it.
If not, buy a webcam with a built-in microphone.

Gnoosic -
Service music recommendations.

Service music recommendations.

Enter the names of three favorite performers (soloists or groups) and you will be offered another one, similar.
You rate the proposed artist — like — dislike — I don't understand.

So simply we find something new from what we like.

Google Weather -
Weather in the search engines.

In the usual form of search on Google, we set the city and see the result.
We simply write weather City "or" weather City ", for example," weather Moscow "or" weather Moscow. "

Google -
Calculators all.

Search and construction of mathematical graphs.
Just enter the mathematical formula in the search form, for example. x/2,cos(pi*x/5),ln(x/2),(x/2)^2.
And Google will build a chart.

Google -
Leading search engine in the world, quickly and correctly will give you a real picture as far as possible.

The leading search engine in the world, quickly and correctly will give you a real picture, as far as possible.

Just do not ask in the search engine question, and even find the question, and ask the answer, then get an answer to your question.


Google Wikisearch

Google has announced the launch of the "Wikip" claim "in the Russian-language version of its search engine, which allows reordered, removed, and comment on search results on Google.

You can also leave comments on a particular site, or delete the results are not satisfied with the user. These changes will be visible each time you enter the same query.

To use Wikipoisk, you need to log in to your Google account. It will store all the changes made by the user.

"Wikipoisk" also allows you to share your opinion with other Google users. To see how Internet community worked collectively on search results, click on the link "All changes for this wiki page."

New, while only in the English version - on the left is a menu of options for presenting search results.
There is a display of only videos, pages from forums, and reviews. There are options for displaying results with pictures (not image search), outputting more text, and many other interesting and useful options.

Weather on Yandex
Weather in the search engines.

In the usual search form on Yandex, set "Weather City", for example, "Weather Moscow" and get the result.

Aggregator recipes from popular culinary sites. In fact, the site only search form.

Aggregator recipes from popular culinary sites. In fact, the site only search form. Enter the name of the recipe and get a list of recipes from all the leading culinary sites.

Indeed -
Leading the job search site in the world, more than 200 million visitors a month from 60 countries.

Leading the job search site in the world, more than 200 million visitors a month from 60 countries. Company Indeed is extremely interested in finding the right candidate for each job. Indeed it helps companies of any size to find the most talented professionals and offers job seekers the opportunity to find a job.

Google -
Image Search.

Search for images by images.

  1. Go to Google search.
  2. Choose "Pictures".
  3. In the query field to the right, click on the camera icon.
  4. We upload an image from a computer that we want to search for similar or enter URL images on Internet.
You can specify a search for ex. "Cup of coffee", you will get many different photos and pictures of a cup of coffee. Then click on the one you like.
Then click on "More ..." on the right and go to the page where you can select "All sizes" in the upper part, that is, the same picture in other sizes.
Or lower "Similar images", you can see other pictures similar to yours. There may be a text or a color scheme, or very similar.

Google -
Old photos.

Search among millions of historical photographs.

Search for photos from the LIFE photo archive, from 1750 to today. Most have never been published and were first made available through the collaboration of Life and Google.

Women's sites.

Search for women, women's sites, women's resources, women's pages, women's Internet, women's catalog.

Kiddle -
Safe search: sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family friendly requirements.

Safe search: sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family friendly requirements, as we filter sites with explicit or deceptive content. Please read more on kids safe search on Kiddle here.

Kids-oriented results: the boxes below illustrate how Kiddle returns results for each query (in the order shown):

Typically, results 1-3

Safe sites and pages written specifically for kids. Handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors.

Typically, results 4-7

Safe, trusted sites that are not written specifically for kids, but have content written in a simple way, easy for kids to understand. Handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors.

Typically, results 8 onwards

Safe, famous sites that are written for adults, providing expert content, but are harder for kids to understand. Filtered by Google safe search.

Big thumbnails: most Kiddle search results are illustrated with big thumbnails, which makes it easier to scan the results, differentiate between them, and click the most appropriate results to your query. Thumbnails serve as visual clues and are especially beneficial to kids as they don't read as fast as adults.

Google Lens -
Image recognition and visual analysis technology based on neural network.

Image recognition and visual analysis technology based on neural network.
That is, the technology sees the picture, finds out what is shown in the picture, based on the huge available database. And when he learns what is shown in the picture, he offers the available information about the presented subject.

For example, we offer Eiffel Tower and get an article - when it is built, by whom, geographical location, ratings, hours of operation and other interesting facts.

If it is a simple house, the system may guess the city or country or find nothing.

If it is a dish, it will try to find out the name and recipe.

Explore the flora and fauna around you, such as the name of a beautiful flower on a flowerbed or a dog breed you saw in the park.

Did you see a great dress or the perfect chair for your home? You can find similar items in your wardrobe or interior without describing them.

You can use the app to add events to your calendar, create routes, dial phone numbers, use an interpreter, etc.

Google60 -
This is not Google '60s, and how could look like in Google Search 60th.

This is not Google 60's, but how would Google look like a search in the 60's.
I will not say that it's worse, but otherwise.

Custom search -
You can customize this search both on one site and on several.

You can customize this search both on one site and on several. For example, you have 5 sites and you want to see if the visitor was searching right away at all of them.

Google AdSense

If you host advertising on your site from Google AdSense, then you can put on your site exactly the same form of search and earn a little more.

Search by patents.

Search by patents.
Yandex with the assistance of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

More than 2.5 million patent documents are freely available.

In the search for documents you can find:

  • applications for inventions of the Russian Federation (from 1994 to present);
  • descriptions of inventions to copyright certificates of the USSR (from 1924 to 1993);
  • patents of the Russian Federation (from 1994 to the present).
Filters: by keywords, number, title, full text of the patent, author, etc.

For the found document, a list of patents is automatically compiled in which it is mentioned and referred to, and the service also selects similar documents.

Google Advanced Search -

The answer to the main question of life, the universe and all that. Google knows the answer even to this question.

Cached pages - if the page is out of date, you can see the old copy with the required information.

Advanced Search - fine-tuning.

Search Mail.Ru
Search the Internet and your social networks.
Details is positioning itself as a competitor to Yandex, and what is a competitor without a search engine?Naturally, had its own search engine.

It soon became clear that their engine was very inferior to Yandex and therefore losing out.
But you can't do without search, if you don't have a search engine you'll lose users.
For example, Rambler, once a leader on Runet, stopped using search line and its popularity went down drastically.

Side search engines started to use competitors' engines.
  1. 2004-2006 - Google,
  2. 2007-2009 - Yandex,
  3. 2010-2013 - Google again.
      • saving money for the development of its search,
      • had a quality search, not worse than competitors.
      • your search will never be better than the competition,
      • many people figured out that uses Yandex or Google search, so why not search there?
      • had to use Yandex or Google ads and was losing revenue while bringing in revenue to competitors. And Yandex in general, began to require the placement of the Yandex logo in the search bar.
      It's clear that this situation didn't suit and they couldn't do without their own engine.

      In-house engine

      At the same time was developing its own engine, but in test mode - GoGo.Ru.

      But decided to take advantage of its advantage, its search is much more correct in social networks - VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and My World. It searches for text, photos and videos.
      Because of the integration with social networks, Mail's search is in demand again.

Musicroamer -
We enter the artist of music that we like and we will be offered 8 similar ones.

We enter the artist of music that we like and we will be offered 8 similar ones.
We can click on any and we lose up to 20 fragments of songs.

YaCy -
Peering search.

YaCy (English Yet another Cyberspace is another cyberspace, consonant with the English Ya see - yes, I understood).

This is a peer-to-peer network, without the use of servers, like Torrent.
Such a network can not be tracked and calculated.

The principle is that everyone puts a program in their hands and becomes a member of the network, where each participant indexes and shares his Internet research. So everything is indexed and the common base is collected.

Flat Icon -
Huge free icon collection in vector - over 200,000.

A huge free collection of icons in the vector - more than 200 000.
Choose a collection, get the content on the screen, you can download only what you need or the entire collection.
H always the whole collection is placed on the page, it needs to be flipped, but if we want to download the entire collection and press 'Download Pack', then we download the whole collection, not just the contents of this page.
What I saw, did not see the filler, for quantity. All icons look stylish.

I usually look at the Facebook icons. Usually the letter A is centered, although in the logo on the right. Here as it is necessary and in social icons I see VK.
That is, the icons are stylish, expressive, quality, fresh.
There is something to choose from, there is a search.
Vacancies near the house or at home.

Vacancies near the house or at home.

We create or transfer resumes from another site in a minute.
It's easy to respond to vacancies with a resume! Follow the prompts to edit and bring your resume to perfection.
Without a resume you can only call your employers, but directly from the application.

Job Search Filters:

  • by salary,
  • work schedule,
  • type of employment,
  • work experience,
  • education,
  • the size of the company.
Send feedback on the vacancies that you liked.
More feedback - more chances to find a job sooner. And don't forget the short accompanying message for each employer - will tell you how to write it correctly.

Arrange for a job interview in the chat applicationKeep in touch with your employers, and instant notifications will not let you miss a single invitation.

Prey Project -
Anti-theft solution for tracking devices - protection. Find your laptop, iPhone, Android and tablet when stolen or missing.

Anti-theft solution for tracking devices - protection. Find your laptop, iPhone, Android and tablet when stolen or missing.

Search music.

Search for music.
Perhaps the simplest thing you can think of.
You do not have to think anything, just enter your desired form into the search form and get a list of songs.
Songs can be downloaded or listened to immediately.
Everything is -

Publishes search results in search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo!, Ask, Teoma, AlltheWeb, Inktomi, Yandex, Open Catalog, Kanoodle, LookSmart and

You can search for news by using, and the shopping database at - at can also do the White Page and Yellow Page searchf.
There are search plugins for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Over 13 million unique visitors per month, the 10th most popular search engine, ahead of DuckDuckGo.

SearchTempest -
Search Craigslist all with one search.

Search all Craigslist with one search.

Givero -
A search engine that allows you to support charities simply by performing a routine search.

A search engine that allows you to support charities simply by performing a routine search.

CtrlQ -
Search for RSS-feeds.

Instant RSS Search - Instant RSS search.

Try one of these search queries:

  1. tech news - find the RSS feeds of all popular blogs and news sites that cover topics related to technology.
  2. site: - find all the RSS feeds of your favorite web publisher (like
  3. edward snowden site: - find all the RSS feeds around a particular topic from one website (for example, The New York Times).
  4. allintitle: revision3 - Search for podcast channels from Revision3.
  5. google inurl: - Find all the official Google accounts on Twitter.

DuckDuckGo -
Wikia search engine.

Unlike Google and Yandex, DuckDuckGo does not store information about your requests either in your computer or on your server.

In addition, DuckDuckGo works on a secure HTTPS protocol, So that curious sniffers do not recognize your traffic. On the outcome of the issue, DuckDuckGo will send you to the version of the site with an encrypted page (if there is one).

After Snowden's scandal with total Internet control, this search engine jumped in popularity and is actively developing.

Bing images -
Search for pictures by image.

Search for pictures by image.

Как использовать визуальный поиск

  • Перейдите на вкладку 'Изображения' в верхней части любой страницы результатов поиска или перейдите по ссылке Изображения из Bing.
  • В поле поиска выберите значок камеры

На настольном компьютере или ноутбуке можно выполнить следующие действия.

  • Перетащить изображение (из Bing, другого веб-сайта или из файла на вашем компьютере) в поле поиска.
  • Сделать снимок с помощью веб-камеры.
  • Просмотреть и загрузить изображения с компьютера.
  • Вставить изображение или URL-адрес.

Примечание. Для использования визуального поиска на компьютере должна быть установлена веб-камера.

На мобильном устройстве можно выполнить следующие действия.

  • Сделать снимок.
  • Использовать изображение, сохраненное на устройстве.
  • Просмотреть и загрузить сохраненные файлы изображений.

Mojeek -
A British search engine that has indexed billions of pages using its own algorithm.

A British search engine that has indexed billions of pages using its own algorithm.

Bing -
Search Engines.

A new search engine from Microsoft.
At first glance it makes a good impression - it correctly searches Internet, pictures ... Completed on Ajax, so it's nice to work with it.
But in essence it reminds Google of the sense of a copy. Maybe because he was given a transcript of 'But It's Not Google!' But it's not Google!

But the main thing is the correct search.
You just have to try, for example, something can not be found in the usual way, try bing, suddenly it will be Bingo!

By the way, country USA and will be more interesting.

Our opinion

I listened to a lot of flattering official reviews, which crumble in praise and are very similar to a massive advertising campaign.
The product is good and even very good. Perhaps the best thing they did in Internet. But only now this is already there. What I do not find on Google, there is on Yandex. What I do not find on Yandex, there is on Google. What for still something. Very similar to the principle of - just earning money.

Neeva -
Ad-free, private search.

Private search engine without advertising.
Purpose is to give the most correct information. - prioritizes real results over paid content and ads.

Your Search can help you find what you're looking for faster than ever. prioritizes real results over paid content and ads.

Your shopping researches stores and products, filtering out fake reviews. provides trusted reviews from real users and experts, pros and cons and more, saving you time and money.

Every Music Genre to Ever Exist -
Mapping of every music genre to ever exist.

Every Noise at Once is a mapping of every music genre to ever exist, with each genre placed in relative proximity to other similar genres. This makes it a great way to discover new flavors of music that you'll love.

Citysearch -
Local search engine for U.S. cities.

Local search engine for U.S. cities.
Choose a city and look for information about restaurants, entertainment, retail, travel, and professional services.
Unlike Google, you won't get information from other cities; we've narrowed it down a lot.

The site already has a lot of experience and knows how to collect and lay out information in a convenient and understandable way.

Bank pictures everystockphoto -
Photos on Internet.

Search for photos that you can later use without infringing copyrights.

TorLook -
Easy to use and fast torrent search engine.

Fast torrent search engine among Russian and foreign trackers.
The search for torrents is fast, there is a tool for sorting and filtering results.
Find and download torrent, where allowed, you can free of charge without registration.

Search service for children.

BoardReader -
Searching for questions.

Searching for questions.
Actually, the main idea is to make a simple, correct search with an algorithm different from traditional search engines.

Therefore, the search is primarily in the services of questions and answers or forums.
That is, they search among ready-made answers.

Enter does not have to be pressed, just enter the text and we are offered the output.

There is a small filter, by language, site, time ...

Judging by the output, they have a very poor base.

Twitter search -
Search on microblogging.

Search on Twitter.
There is an advanced search in English.

IPee Address -
Search toilet.

Search for a toilet. Another iPhone application.

Datamos -
Search toilet.

The official database for Moscow has a base of public toilets.

Videos on the site.

Video hosting and video search.

Video search

Currently, the system indexes the contents of nine videohostings:
  1. VIDEO Mail.Ru,
  3. Loadup,
  4. LiveInternet, Myvi,
  5. Video.I.UA,
  6. Some of the Russian-language users' videos on,
  7. Metacafe.
The work of the service is based on the use of the mechanism and index base of the search engine GoGo.Ru, the developers of which were the first in the Russian Internet to offer users a video search.
The number of indexed videos in the database of the service currently stands at about 835,000 files.
The value of this indicator is continuously growing, thanks to the appearance of a new video on already indexed resources, the addition of previously not covered video hosting sites to the database, and also by improving the search engine for videos posted by Russian-speaking users on foreign resources.

Video Hosting was the first to make it possible to publish and view HD video.

Limit on the video - 5 Gb.
You can download from a computer or from a link from the Internet.
There is a possibility of creating albums.
Judging by the fact that I have not rarely met pirated films - there are no filters and no restrictions on copyright.

Hosting organized video broadcasts, but only several times with official organizations - Talk and Putin, etc.


NineMSN -


Access New Zealand -

Google -

Yahoo! -

NZPages -

The Aussie Index -





Yahoo! Brasil

MSN Brasil

Google Brasil


SimplyHired -
Simplified job search from multiple sources. Of course, only North America.

Codase -
A small search engine for source codes.

Endoxon's map of Switzerland -
Map of Switzerland. Not Ajax, but it's interesting.

Blinklist -
Personal and social bookmarks plus a search engine in one package.


Yahoo! UK & Ireland -

Google UK -

Lifestyle.UK -


Custom search -
Search form, which you created for placement on your site.

Google Trends -
Search trends.


Cốc Cốc
The search engine and the browser works most correctly with the Vietnamese grammar.


Yahoo! Germany


Lycos Germany


MSN Deutschland

LEO - Link Everything Online

Google Deutschland



I prefer video Yandex search when searching for videos in Russian.

I prefer Yandex video search when looking for videos in Russian. Say, we make a request for 'new york times' or some company, products from the west, YouTube will most likely give out commercials, and Yandex.Video will try to offer videos in Russian before.

In addition, Yandex is wider The search base than, that is, Yandex is looking not only at leading videohosting (, and, but also in the media (First channel, NTV, Culture, News, etc.), online versions of newspapers (Vedomosti, Izvestia, Life, Arguments and Facts, Kommersant, etc.) and online media (,,

Video search is performed using various attributes, such as titles and descriptions of video clips, Tags and the like. The user rating of the videos is taken into account, and in the rest the algorithms of Yandex web search are used.

'We tried to unite everything that people associate with the word 'video' on one service,' says the service manager Denis Tanaev. - First of all, the videos are searched and watched, but also downloaded, collected and discussed. And all this can be done on Yandex.Video.'




Maven -


Toorgle -
Search for more than 450 torrent trackers. More than 50 million torrents have been indexed.


Yahoo! España

MSN España

Google España


Yahoo! Italia


Google Italia


Yahoo! Canada - -

National Library of Canada -

Search Canada -


Baidu -
Leading search engine and portal of China.

Shenma Inc.


Google China

Yahoo! Hong Kong





Lycos Nederland -


Just Watch -
Streaming search engine.

Streaming search engine.
You can ask for the name of the movie or choose from the most popular ones offered.
As a result we get information where we can watch this movie and for how much, sometimes for free.


Yandex Blogs
Search on social networks.

Yandex signed a contract with Facebook.
Before Yandex was looking for people on Facebook. Now the search goes on the content of the pages.

Search is on open data of users of Russian-speaking and Turkish Facebook. I specify - only on the basis of open data. If you do not open access to your photo album or have only been granted access to friends or a closed group, they will not be included in Yandex. At first, I was surprised that the country's leading site did not create its blogosphere, as it were behind.

And what would you do on the site of Yandex? Being the #1 site to do what many do and automatically become #2. 1st place already took right.

Yandex took their niche, they did what others did not do - Search in blogs. A talented solution in this situation. They did not become another blog, but they became higher, they began to explore all the blogs. So they combined blogs. And now they write ab"

Easy search

Yandex family search, adult site filtering.

Yandex, minimalist search
Page without graphics and almost no text, only a field for entering a query and a button.

Yandex ascetic search.

Black Page

White Page

Yandex Belarus

Yandex Ukraine

Yandex Kazakhstan

Yandex Turkey

Yandex -
Main searcher in former USSR.

Yandex advanced search


PhotoPin -
Free photos for bloggers with Flickr.

Creative Commons Search -
The official search engine of Creative Commons, which develops open licenses for images.

Image Finder -
This service started out as a handy Flickr search engine, but later began indexing other resources.


Google Books -
Search from Google Books.

Search for the full text of the books.


Book search is the same as web search.
Try searching on the Google Book Search or on the website.
The results show links to books that match the search criteria.

Browsing the books on Internet

If the book is not copyrighted, and with the consent of the publisher, you can use the preview of the book, and in some cases, read all the text.
If the book is freely available, you can download its PDF version.

More in detail - quickly

We have created reference pages for each book, which allows you to quickly find any necessary information: book reviews, links to web pages, maps and much more.


Buy a book ... or take it to the library

After finding the book you are interested in, click on the links 'Buy this book' and 'Take a book in the library' to see where you can buy it or take it.

Where do books come from?

At present, we provide books to readers in two ways: via Affiliate Program and Library Project.>







TorrentUs -
Search for 46 torrent trackers.

Directory and search engine for the largest Russian-language torrent trackers.

Catalog and search engine for the largest Russian-language torrent trackers.
Looking for, go to the site, register and then swing.
The database of the search engine includes links to the distribution of only full-length films and cartoons. All links are grouped by movies and quality categories, which allows you to quickly find a suitable copy for you.

In the search there is a tip even with a thumbnail, as seen below.
Quite often the same copy of the film, appearing on one tracker, after a certain period of time falls on the other, because all the distribution on the pages of the films are grouped by repeats, as seen below.
Very simply and clearly, It's easy to choose what to rock.

Registration is optional, but desirable.

Registered users have the opportunity to monitor the appearance of new movies with the participation of their favorite actors and directors, as well as new distributions from monitored films. When there are new distributions, an alert will be sent to a special section on the site or via email.

There is an opportunity to subscribe to a lot of RSS-feeds in order to be aware of all the changes on the site: the appearance of a new movie with your favorite actor, a new distribution from the movie you are interested in Changes in the Updates Ribbon and the list of reviews, etc.


What-U-Seek - -

Lycos -

Gigablast -

Ask -
Search Engines.

This search engine is one of the most popular in the world.

I can not note any special advantages. Simply, if you do not find something through the classic search engines, try this one.

Google -

AOL Search -

Yahoo! -

Bing -

Teoma -

Excite -


Camel Camel Camel -
It keeps track of prices on any product.

We can find out how much an item used to cost - the maximum and minimum price.
So we can know whether it's worth to take it or not.
It is also suggested to buy goods that currently have a good price.

Virtual Darius country.

Virtual country of Darius.
Here you can buy something together, because it's cheaper. But you can and sell.
This is a platform for business and consumers.
Discount no, but wholesale is always cheaper and more profitable for everyone.


HeadHunter -
Base of vacancies.

The largest database of vacancies.

Work, resume and vacancies.
Daily on the job search site and staff HeadHunter are looking for work and employees of more than 300 thousand visitors. For applicants, the HeadHunter website ( allows you to find work in Moscow, regions and abroad.
Search for work by parameters and by companies
Special section for young professionals to find a job.
A qualitative database of resume and vacancies and the best services for finding work and personnel.

HeadHunter: We work to make you work!


Yandex Search on site -
A new search from Yandex, as well as a search from Google, can search not one by one, but several sites.

New search from Yandex, also, As well as the search from Google, can search not one by one, but on a number of sites.

The main difference from the search to the site from Google - the ability to customize the style of the site.

Automatic search queries for Yandex and answers on your site in your own design.

Automatic search queries for Yandex and answers on your site in your own design:

  • search your site;
  • search the network or a part of it (region, industry), the results of which can show On your website and in your design, and services based on it - Yandex.XML opens great opportunities for researchers of search engines and teachers
  • search for images on Internet.
Sign up or enter your IP address.

Advanced Search -

Family search -



Lycos France

Google France

Yahoo! France



Swiss Search -


Lycos Sverige -


Ananzi South Africa



Infoseek Japan

Google Japan