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Wikipedia Cookbook -
Culinary Encyclopedia.

A book about the art of cooking. Here, everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive story about cooking methods.
The book is about the art of cooking.
Here everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive tale about cooking methods. This is a world-wide Open Source Cookbook. That is, it's a cookbook that we write all over the world.

  • Recipes are all that's in the Culinary Book
  • Types of meals: First courses, second courses, drinks, snacks ...
  • Ingredients: main course meals
  • National cuisines
  • Recipes for Microwaves
  • References
Each dish has its own page.

Food poster, recipes
Where to find a Christmas and New Year recipes.

Section of the site Recipes for the New Year
Search for recipes for ingredients.
You can add a recipe or collect your recipe book.

Choose a recipe for the main ingredient
  • for the
  • food category for the holiday or for
  • in the kitchen
  • according to the way of cooking
  • according to the
  • By source

  • Eating at home TV
    Cooking TV.

    A round-the-clock culinary channel for the widest circle of spectators.
    Reporting about the kitchens of the world, the archives of the programs We eat Homes, video responses from the best chefs and ...



    Recipes with photos - more than 15,000.
    Recipes from the video - more than 1 000.
    Comments - more than 130,000.

    1. Search for recipes by ingredients.
    2. Kitchens of the world.
    3. Video recipes.
    4. Food.

    Mne vkusno
    Recipe of their products that are in the fridge.

    Recipe of their products that are in the fridge.

    Recipe Search by

    • Recipes - here you can set your requirements, for example, you can not eat some products or you just do not like them, they can be excluded from the search. You can set calories, your skill level (beginner or advanced), and cooking time.
    • Agredients - specify what we have in the fridge and find out what you can make from it. We can specify both specific products and groups (seafood, seasonings, herbs ...)
    • Title - the traditional search for recipes for specific dishes.

    1000 menu

    This is not 1000 recipes, as it may seem, but already more than 22,000.

    From the special on this site I liked the sections:

    1. Festive table,
    2. For breakfast,
    3. Recipes for kids,
    4. Recipes for nature,
    5. Dietary restrictions
    6. We use kitchenware,
    7. National cuisines
    8. Classic recipes,
    9. From the chef
    10. Old recipes,
    11. Funny and funny recipes,
    12. Dairy products are homemade,
    13. Billets for winter,
    14. Spices, seasonings, spices,
    15. Leaves, flowers, roots, bark.

    Culinary Encyclopedia.

    News, photo gallery, dictionary, books, links, recipes, master-class cooking some dishes.
    Lack of master classes - too heavy photos, the recipe is loaded for a long time.

    Cook portal
    Articles, library, information about products, workshops preparation of some dishes.

    Articles, library, information about products, master classes for cooking certain dishes. It's great that there is a master class. Once it is good not only to read the recipe, but also to see how to make it in the photo. I really liked it.

    Video recipes.

    Culinary video will help you learn how to cook well, tasty and correctly. This is primarily a magazine, and a website and video are business development.
    The journal is journalism, so here we rely more on information. This is for those who like to learn new things.
    This site uses its own player.

    TV Kitchen
    Culinary channel of RTR.

    Culinary TV channel from VGTRK.
    There is no broadcast via Internet, only by subscription (we buy a package on a cable or a plate).
    The site itself also protects its media ownership. It makes sense to visit, only if really needed.

    User-hosted cooking recipes and master classes in needlework.

    User-hosted cooking recipes and master classes in needlework.

    Rating recipes passes by voting. Top homepage, worst off.

    Group Recipes -
    Recipe Book 2.0, convenient and self-learning

    Recipe Book 2.0, convenient and self-learning.

    The user spends time on the site, considering the recipes, and the site examines the user's preferences - the recipes and products from which he most often prepares.

    The system then offers recipes that may be interesting to the user.
    Something like Last.FM with recipes only.

    All recipes -
    Leading the culinary site Internet version in Russian.

    Leading culinary site of Internet, version in Russian.
    The largest recipe database - more than 40.000 free recipes that have been tested and approved by leading chefs of the world.

    International culinary portal and social site Communication.
    Every year 435 million people visit the site, which are united by only one - interest in cooking home-made food.
    At the moment there are 17 sites representing cooks from 22 countries in 11 languages.
    The site cooks try new recipes and share well-forgotten old, exchange experiences and interesting ideas.
    All this gives participants a sense of self-confidence and inspires new experiments in home cooking.


    I can not select this site.
    The usual culinary site with a large base of recipes.
    Isn't it necessary?

    Classic, highly demanded culinary site.

    The winner of the contest Golden Site is 2008, and also among the ten most sought-after culinary sites in Russian, according to Yandex.

    Culinary Encyclopedia.

    A universal Internet encyclopaedia of cooking, with professional 'tasty' photos, culinary online consultations of chefs of the largest restaurants (such in our country so far no one has offered) and other recognized experts in the kitchen and culinary criticism.

    In the sections 'Starry Diet 'and' Star recipe 'stars share their culinary secrets, and blogs discuss both' high cuisine 'and everyday recipes.

    There is a universal culinary dictionary. A separate direction of the project will be a colorful guide to cafes, bars and restaurants Kiev and all major cities Ukraine.

    SuperCook -
    Add your ingredients and Supercook instantly finds matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites.

    Add your ingredients and Supercook instantly finds matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites.

    All about Sushi!
    Portal about Japanese cuisine.

    Portal about Japanese cuisine: sushi, sashimi, rolls. Catalog of establishments and delivery services. Information on cooking, etiquette and much more.

    Eastern cuisine.

    The community of sushi lovers.
    Recipes of sushi, rolls, sashimi, onigiri, oso-zusi, gunkany, temaki, futomaki, uramaki and ingredients from which our favorite sushi and rolls are prepared.

    • Everyone can share
    • reviews about visiting Japanese restaurants,
    • opinions about land delivery services, etc.
    • post photos of own sushi or made at visiting Japanese restaurants, as well as photos of sushi from delivery restaurants.
    • post recipes for own sushi,
    • share their impressions, opinions, reviews of visits to Japanese restaurants. These reviews create a rating of restaurants.

    Bon Appétit
    All about food.

    Recipes, you can participate in cooking master classes, choose products and ...

    Social network - registered users will earn internal ratings and badges for achievements, get special access to educational content, can start their own culinary blog and earn money for content.

    The purpose of the site is shopping planning and express delivery.
    That is, one will be able to find a good recipe and order the products required for it.

    Cooking For Engineers -
    Learn to cook. Description of cooking, as it did geeks techies. Personally for me funny.

    Nibbledish -
    Recipes international.

    Recipes, pictures of food and discussions.
    Detailed texts of culinary recipes with photos. One of the leading sites about cooking.

    Yandex search for recipes -
    Search recipes.

    Culinary recipes in the search results.

    If you sometimes want to cook something new and you turn to Internet for help, you know how hard it is to choose from several dozen similar recipes suitable. Modern culinary portals contain information on a variety of different ways of cooking, for example, pancakes with cottage cheese, pork with pineapple or trite charlottes.

    How among this variety quickly choose a recipe that suits you? Use our search! For some time, Yandex directly on the search results pages shows for the pages of culinary sites a set of ingredients and their proportions, the beginning of the instruction, the cooking time and other parameters of the recipe.

    To owners of culinary sites

    In order to generate such descriptions, we need to select separate semantic parts in the text of the page. And the owners of culinary sites can help us in this. Since the structure of the pages with recipes on different sites is generally standard, we decided to develop an affiliate program, to which any culinary resource could join.

    You can tell Yandex about the structure of your site containing culinary recipes in one of two ways:

    - create an XML feed and specify its address in the appropriate form of the Webmaster;

    - Mark the recipes on your website with the microformat hRecipe.

    Choose the method of information transfer at your discretion - the data set is the same and the result, respectively, too. The owners of culinary resources can learn more about the rules of participation in the affiliate program in the section Help.

    Epicurious -

    Another world leader in culinary topics.
    We smack 100,000 recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Self, cookbooks, chefs and home cooks.
    Learn how to prepare holiday meals for professionals.
    Healthy, fast And easy for the child menu.
    Videos on cooking.

    Cooking TV.

    Telecafe is the culinary channel from the First.
    There is no broadcast via Internet, only by subscription (we buy a package on a cable or a plate).
    The site will help to find the recipe of the scanned transmission, and some programs can be viewed. They protect themselves from the user.

    Recipe Puppy -
    An ingredient based recipe search engine.

    An ingredient based recipe search engine.
    Recipes that users add and are checked by the team on the site.

    Recipes that users add and are checked by the team on the site.

    I liked the Sauces section (for meat, poultry, fish ...)

    Will be interesting:

    1. Cookbooks.
    2. Culinary Encyclopedia.
    3. Cuisine of the peoples of the world.
    4. The benefits and harms of products.

    Talerko -
    Video recipes.

    Talerka in Belarusian plate - possible borrowing from the Polish language, where the Polish 'talerz', in turn (according to M. Fasmer) goes back to the Latin 'taliare' (cut). According to NM Shansky, originally a plate was called a cut piece of a board (for food).

    Designer Andrey Azarov, along with his wife and son, collect recipes and upload them on the site with photos, and more recently with the author's videotape. Andrei explains: 'This project is valuable in that it demonstrates the abilities of ordinary people who learn how to cook and treat food correctly.'

    Recipes distributed among countries - Italian cuisine, Greek ...

    Lovely big photos Dishes, nothing superfluous.

    Taste -
    Recipes International.

    An Australian culinary portal that collects recipes from leading culinary publications like Super Food Ideas, A href=''>Australian Good Taste and delicious. My wife loves culinary sites and she spends the most time on this.
    She uses a Google Chrome browser with a built-in translator.

    A huge number of recipes, great videos, conveniently arranged, related recipes ...
    A wide range of recipes are very diverse: Thai, Indian, Mexican ...

    You can register and collect your favorite recipes in your cookbook. Do not copy, print (although you can print it).

    TasteSpotting -
    Photo of delicious food.

    Photos of delicious food.
    Do you like it? - Click and go to the site with a recipe.

    CCTV -
    Cooking TV.

    Chinese cuisine.
    Video on the website of Chinese television in Russian.

    Foodgawker -
    The endless belt of recipes.

    Infinite tape of recipes.
    The best and new recipes from different sites.

    Aggregator recipes from popular culinary sites. In fact, the site only search form.

    Aggregator recipes from popular culinary sites. In fact, the site only search form. Enter the name of the recipe and get a list of recipes from all the leading culinary sites.

    Food poster
    Cooking magazine recipes and of course, the printed edition can be viewed online.
    cooking school, rather rtsepty in an interesting format.
    Culinary Encyclopedia: hundreds of items described in more dishes and more products.

    Search for recipes for ingredients.
    You can add a recipe or collect your own recipe book.

    Choose a recipe for the main ingredient
  • for the
  • food category for the holiday or for
  • in the kitchen
  • according to the way of cooking
  • according to the
  • By source Also on the site you can see the magazine of the same name.

  • Vitamin-atlas -
    Interactive guide to food and the human body.

    An interactive guide to nutrition and the human body.
    In fact, this is an information site about vitamins and our body. We know little about this and the site helps to fill this gap.
    A little text, large pictorial pictures, is easily perceived. That is, the information is not as in reference books, for professors, but for teapots, for us with you! :)

    To understand what to look for on the site, here's an example list:

    1. Vitamins
    2. DNA system
    3. Vitamin calculator
    4. Fruits and vitamins
    5. Sweet and vitamins
    6. Nutrition and vitamins
    7. Useful vitamins

    food TV
    Cooking TV.

    Culinary channel in Russian.
    As a rule, culinary TV channels are distributed by subscription - they can be viewed on the cable, through a plate.
    This channel can be watched through Internet.

    The TV channel is not the best, however, you can choose interesting programs, or see the site in the entry.
    In this plan, the site is very simple, it's understandable, it's not overloaded. It's easy to find what you need.
    You can find recipes, master classes, there is information on the ingredients. Suddenly, what exotic is offered in the recipe.

    Just Post

    We select recipes for the ingredients.

    1. Choose: Soups and broths, Second courses, Appetizers, Garnishes, Salads, Sauces, Baking, Desserts or Drinks.
    2. We include that we want to use
    3. and exclude what we do not want to use in any way.
    4. We get the list of recipes.

    Serious Eats -
    Foolproof recipes.

    Foolproof recipes, trailblazing science, and essential guides to the best food and drink, wherever you are.
    Founded as a personal food blog, Serious Eats has since grown into a destination for millions of passionate, discerning, curious, and hungry readers around the world.

    • The best recipes,
    • scientific data on food,
    • innovative techniques,
    • innovative guides to making the food and drink you need.
    A democratic yet scientific approach to cooking the best food, debunking food myths and advice on what, where, when, and why you should eat next.

    Recipe Development and Testing

    The goal is to give home cooks and food lovers the skills, knowledge and cultural context to make every meal memorable - with or without a recipe. By publishing recipes, the service tries to answer questions:
    • Where did it come from?
    • How is it made and why exactly?
    Each recipe is methodically tested and tasted, over and over again by recipe developers and crosstestars.


    Looking for the best coffee maker or trying to decide which multicooker to buy? Food and cooking equipment reviews and recommendations are conducted by culinary experts who test each equipment or food product against the competition.

    Food Ah yes!
    Impartial restaurant guide.

    Impartial restaurant guide. Why unbiased? - because the judges themselves are visitors, including you, if you wish.

    You can be cooks, people share their recipes when there is something to boast about.

    Culinary Club
    Culinary Club.

    Culinary Club.
    The first culinary project of web 2.0.
    Convenient flexible search - new, popular, active participants, adding recipes.
    Tags, blog, groups, interactive map from Google, where you can specify your own favorite places.


    Grand Coolinar
    Cooking TV.

    Perhaps the best culinary channel Food Network has a broadcast in Russian, but does not have a website in Russian.

    There is no broadcast via Internet, only by (We buy a package on a cable or a plate). But there is a Russian site that partially replenishes this gap. Immediately make a reservation, there is no video. But we can find recipes and participants of the show, background information.

    Such a site will be very useful to those who watch this TV channel and is not very useful to those who do not watch it.


    Bon Appetit
    Cooking recipes.

    Search for recipes by name.


    Airline Meals -
    Recipes from movies, airplanes.

    And here is a website about what they feed in airplanes.
    The choice is for airlines where Aeroflot is present.
    There is a simple search - by name and extended - by airlines, date, class ...
    It's not about cooking, but about curiosity.


    ChefSteps -
    Mix of free and premium cooking classes.


    Eating at home

    Weekly TV show.
    A directory of recipes and much more.

    The most professional and complete project about cooking, products, history, exotic products and what to replace them for ...
    Julia Vysotskaya.