The automatic meal planner

Create meal plans to achieve our nutritional goals.
Let's say you would like to sit on a certain diet, but you are not suitable for one thing or another, based on your work, lifestyle ...
On this site you can adjust the diet to your requirements, your conditions and features .

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A website for those who are overweight.
This is a social service, but rather a club of like-minded people.
In my opinion, very

We go, register, indicate growth, weight today and desired.
Choose a diet And determine your time, but it is better to follow the proposed.
Choose a diet can be based on ratings, you will help:

  • description of the diet - the author briefly describes for what cases this diet and what contraindications;
  • groups of products that you can consume;
  • recommended meals;
  • Tips - be sure to read, can eat what "pitfalls", help tune.
Choosing a diet you record in a mini blog.
Records are attached to your diet and are available to everyone.
And of course you should definitely keep records of your weight.

In my opinion, a very necessary social service.
Now there is so much advertising, how fast and easy to lose weight, just pay.
Someone would pay, but will work.
By the fruits of everything is known.
And then you can see what brings the fruits and for whom and what it will cost.

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address: Russia


Online diet and glucose compensation system. In fact, this is a diary for those who are dieting to lose weight. Here you do not need to spend time for hours, it's enough to open it for 10 minutes a day and you will completely control the ongoing processes.
  • a calorie calculator,
  • a calorie consumption calculator,
  • you can compose your diet,
  • information about food, nutrients, vitamins, etc.

address: USA


Find information about nutrition on various foods.


The site for testing, and how many calories you consume, on average, from day to day, which products from your daily diet have the greatest "contribution", how much you need to reduce your calorie intake, so that it is constantly below the norm.


  • My Profile - specify the height, weight, age.
  • My journal - we contribute everything that we ate during the day.
  • My Stats - we build consumption and calorie consumption charts for a week, a month, three months. The graphs will show how often you exceed the norm, whether there has been a tendency to decrease in consumption, in which days of the week or month the consumption is constantly higher than usual.
  • My Directories - we create and then use our directories.
There is a blog, a forum, a search ... and a mobile version.


My Fitness Pal

Lose weight the healthy way - free website and mobile apps that make calorie counting and food tracking easy.

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address: France

Weight and Things

The site stimulates the desire to lose weight.
We inject our weight in kg and we are given out - how many of us are in parrots ... well, or in muffins, or if we were a kangaroo, but with our weight, what growth should be mom.

That is, information is picked up, which should push us away from excess food, which we are crammed with nothing to do.