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Yandex search for recipes

Culinary recipes in the search results.

If you sometimes want to cook something new and you turn to Internet for help, you know how hard it is to choose from several dozen similar recipes suitable. Modern culinary portals contain information on a variety of different ways of cooking, for example, pancakes with cottage cheese, pork with pineapple or trite charlottes.

How among this variety quickly choose a recipe that suits you? Use our search! For some time, Yandex directly on the search results pages shows for the pages of culinary sites a set of ingredients and their proportions, the beginning of the instruction, the cooking time and other parameters of the recipe.

To owners of culinary sites

In order to generate such descriptions, we need to select separate semantic parts in the text of the page. And the owners of culinary sites can help us in this. Since the structure of the pages with recipes on different sites is generally standard, we decided to develop an affiliate program, to which any culinary resource could join.

You can tell Yandex about the structure of your site containing culinary recipes in one of two ways:

- create an XML feed and specify its address in the appropriate form of the Webmaster;

- Mark the recipes on your website with the microformat hRecipe.

Choose the method of information transfer at your discretion - the data set is the same and the result, respectively, too. The owners of culinary resources can learn more about the rules of participation in the affiliate program in the section Help.

Yandex search for recipes

address: Russia

Mne vkusno

Recipe of their products that are in the fridge.

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  • Recipes - here you can set your requirements, for example, you can not eat some products or you just do not like them, they can be excluded from the search. You can set calories, your skill level (beginner or advanced), and cooking time.
  • Agredients - specify what we have in the fridge and find out what you can make from it. We can specify both specific products and groups (seafood, seasonings, herbs ...)
  • Title - the traditional search for recipes for specific dishes.


Aggregator recipes from popular culinary sites. In fact, the site only search form. Enter the name of the recipe and get a list of recipes from all the leading culinary sites.