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Social exchange recipes and information about cooking.

Site sections

  • Culinary news - daily news from the world of cooking, as well as news events of the portal.
  • Culinary articles - daily materials from users on a culinary theme are published.
  • Recipes are recipes that are placed by registered users.
  • Communities and Blogs - blogs, contain materials on various topics that are published by users.
  • Culinary Forum - here every registered user can chat on any topic, both on culinary, asking advice from professionals, and on abstract topics.
  • A culinary dictionary is a collection of many culinary terms.
  • Cookbooks are personal books of users with their favorite recipes.
  • Culinary teams are people invited by a registered user to form his team.


  • Broths and soups, hot dishes and ...
  • for the purpose of lunch, dinner, festive table and ...
  • On various kitchens of the world - Abkhazian, Australian and ...

Site features

  • write reviews of materials, evaluate materials posted by other users, create and participate in Polls, exchange personal messages, add each other to "Friends", leave feedback to users, read commentary tapes.
  • forum.
  • The rating of cooks is cooked.
  • add a recipe, including - with photos of all stages of cooking.
  • the selection of recipes for ingredients, through which each user will be able to find a recipe suitable for him from the listed products.
  • Sort recipes by various criteria, for example, by rating.
  • Culinary contests are constantly held
  • a personal cookbook in which you can save the recipes of other cooks you like and independently divide them into rubrics.
  • graduation of users by levels, to achieve a certain level, you need to type so-called cooks, virtual money, are charged automatically for active activities on the site.
  • the forum hosts consultations from professional chefs - Nikolay Sarychev and Sergei Gladyshev.

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Impartial restaurant guide. Why unbiased? - because the judges themselves are visitors, including you, if you wish.

You can be cooks, people share their recipes when there is something to boast about.