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Wikipedia the whole base -
Downloading Wikipedia entirely.


  1. Fresh dump of the Russian version of Wikipedia
  2. Fresh dump of the Russian version of Wikipedia
  3. Fresh dump of Wikipedia version in other languages ​​
  4. - all dumps.

Installation and Startup

  • Extract the archive from WikiTaxi.
  • Run the WikiTaxi_Importer.exe program.
  • Specify the path to the file with the Wikipedia database dump.
  • Specify the path where the WikiTaxi database file will be created and the file name.
  • Click Import Now! and wait, the process is long.
  • Go to [Options] -> Open * .taxi Database ... and select the file with the database.

Wikibooks -
Any visitor can contribute to the writing of Lessonbooks: Lessonbooks, manuals, instructions, recipe books, and the like.

Any visitor can contribute to the writing of educational literature: Lessonbooks, guides, instructions, cookbooks and the like.
Powered by "wiki" technology and on the principles of freedom of information: everyone can create and change any page of any Wikibooks, and everyone can read, copy, publish and change his content for free.

Wikibooks was created on July 10, 2003 Year (Russian section, in fact - a year later), after the birth and heyday of Wikipedia, - an online encyclopedia that operates on similar principles.
In Wikipedia you can find encyclopedic information about herself, Wikibooks, and about the company that supports them - the Wikimedia Foundation, and much more.
You can help us by writing a tutorial or supplementing existing ones.

Wikipedia Cookbook -
Culinary Encyclopedia.

A book about the art of cooking. Here, everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive story about cooking methods.
The book is about the art of cooking.
Here everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive tale about cooking methods. This is a world-wide Open Source Cookbook. That is, it's a cookbook that we write all over the world.

  • Recipes are all that's in the Culinary Book
  • Types of meals: First courses, second courses, drinks, snacks ...
  • Ingredients: main course meals
  • National cuisines
  • Recipes for Microwaves
  • References
Each dish has its own page.

Wikimapia -
Wiki maps.

A collaboration project between Google and Wikipedia.
Google Maps is used, visitors can add information about objects. If the building is not marked with a rectangle, press the button for adding an object.

Predict that this site in the next five years will become one of the most popular sites of the entire Internet. The basis of this is the popularity of the Google Maps and Wikipedia sites.
The potential of the popularity of these two services is huge, just not everyone realizes it yet.

Wikinews -
News site on the principle Wiki.

News site on the principle of Wiki.
Anyone can contribute, and articles are written jointly by a large audience.

The rules do not provide for opinions and comments in articles - if you need to express your thoughts, then try to start a blog.

2 main article types

  1. The most common is a synthetic article. Reports are transferred here from other sources (always fully cited). In rare cases, one source contains all possible facts, reports. Also, various external subjective opinions can be presented with all possible judgments to observe a neutral point of view.
  2. Original report. This news is "first-hand," written by Wikinews participants.

Wikipedia -
Open World Encyclopedia, makes all Internet users in all languages ​​of the world.

Open World Encyclopedia, compiled by all Internet users in all languages ​​of the world.
Anyone can become a co-author of this encyclopedia.
You can create a new section, a new article, a note, fix an error in an existing one, add something, comment, etc.
In general, you are a full-fledged creator of this vast knowledge base.

A wiki is a hypertext environment (usually a Web site) for collecting and structuring written information. Characterized by the following features:

  • A lot of authors. Some wikis can be edited by all visitors.
  • The ability to repeatedly edit the text through the wiki itself (the website), without the use of special tools on the editor's side.
  • Manifest changes immediately after they are made.
  • Separation of information into pages where each has its own name.
  • A special markup language that allows you to quickly and easily mark out structural elements, formatting, hyperlinks, etc. in the text.
  • Change accounting (version accounting) of the text and the ability to roll back to the earlier version.

Wikipedia: Aviation -
International open encyclopedia of aviation.

Wikipedia - Aviation

International Open Encyclopedia of Aviation.

Wikipedia: Judaism -
To study the Bible is always interesting to learn the meaning of the terms or concepts in the Jewish tradition.

Wikipedia Portal: Judaism.
This is essentially a Wikipedia unit.
Here you can find out what Abraham's womb is or Menorah or Mesura.
It is always interesting for Bible students to learn the meaning of terms or concepts in the Jewish tradition.

Wikiquote -
Collection of relevant proverbs, phrases and quotations, which anyone can edit.

A collection of important proverbs, phrases and citations that everyone can edit.
As of March 26, 2014, there are 11,996 articles in the Russian section.

These are wikis, because they are compiled by the whole world, and you can take part.

The citation can be found by the author, the title of the film or the cartoon, the actor. Folk proverbs, sayings. You can search thematically or simply on request.

Wikivoyage -
Free travel guide

Wikitravel. An open multilingual project dedicated to tourism and the creation of free guides.
The project of the Wikimedia Foundation, the authors of Wikipedia. In fact, this is the base for those who without advertisers want to find something interesting to visit or just interesting.

Wiktionary -
The leading dictionaries and encyclopedias on the Wiki.

Explanatory, grammatical, phraseological, etymological and multilingual dictionary, in the completion of which everyone can participate.

Meta-Wiki -
Wikimedia project coordination

Wikisource -
Free-content library

Wikiversity -
Free learning tools

Wikispecies -
Directory of species

Wikidata -
Free knowledge base

Simple English Wikipedia -
Easy English Wikipedia.

Wikipedia in Simplified English (English Simple English Wikipedia)
is a Wikipedia section created for readers who may find it hard to understand English Wikipedia. To work with this language section, it is enough to have basic knowledge of English.

First of all, it is aimed at students of English at the initial level and can be used during classes and for educational reading. Also Wikipedia in Simplified English can be useful for children for homework and for extracurricular reading. As a rule, the articles in this Wikipedia are simplified and truncated versions of articles in English Wikipedia. Articles in it use much less words and a simpler grammar than in the original English Wikipedia. On July 26, 2006, Wikipedia in simplified English reached 10 thousand articles, on June 16, 2009 it has 56,696 articles, more than one hundred thousand pages And a million edits.

The existence of this section of Wikipedia caused criticism - there is no single language for "simplified English". Since October 2008, the issue of changing the status of the project is being discussed.

Wikimedia — SVG maps of the world -
All maps in the vector, which are used in Wikipedia on one page.

Wikipedia -
Coronavirus disease 2019


WT Social -
Paid social network without advertising.

Paid social network without advertising.
It costs 400 rubles per month or 4000 rubles per year.
In my opinion, a failed idea.

The social network was created by the author of Wikipedia. By the way, before Wikipedia, he did a dozen of failed projects, until what worked out.


Wikimedia Commons -


Vikipedio -
Wikipedia in Esperanto (more about Wikipedia)