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Библия под редакцией Кулакова

Russian biblical scholar, philologist, historian, translator, publicist, writer.
Doctor of Philological Sciences (2010), Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2016).
Education: classical department of the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University;
Amsterdam Free University (studied the intricacies of the translation of Scripture).


Old Testament - the translation is based on Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (fünfte verbesserte Auflage, 1997).
In some cases (extremely rare), where the Hebrew text was unclear - ancient translations or the most reliable and justified reconstructions developed by modern textual criticism of the Old Testament.

New Testament - Nestle-Aland 28

Translations of the New Testament

Desnitsky does a unique thing - translations from different texts. So every person can see discrepancies without having knowledge of biblical languages.
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True, Desnitsky is now making a single complete translation of the Bible.

Andrei Sergeevich Desnitsky participated in modern translations of the Bible of the Russian Bible Society, the Bible edited by Kulakov, translations of small nations...
So I decided to create my own translation.

It began with the translation of the New Testament. However, the New Testament is not completely translated. A translation of the Gospels has recently appeared; all that remains is to translate Acts and Revelation.
There is even more work in the Old Testament; the Pentateuch, Chronicles, Psalms, Jeremiah have not been translated... in total, 16 books of the Old Testament have not been translated.

For some, this translation will not be suitable as the main translation. But the style is clearly different from others; it will be very useful to see unclear places in a different interpretation.

I am sure that for many this translation can become the main one.

 John 3:16 Бог настолько возлюбил мир, что отдал Своего единородного Сына, чтобы всякий, кто поверит в Него, не погиб, но обрел вечную жизнь.
17 Бог послал в мир Своего Сына не для суда над миром, но чтобы мир через Него получил спасение.

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p.s. as you guessed, this translation is still in progress and is being done by one person. so if it's on your heart, you can have it support:

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