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RBS Modern Translation

It is long overdue the need for a new translation of the Bible.

BRS Translation

Year of release - June 1, 2011 AD
Second edition, revised and updated - 2015 AD
Publisher - Russian Bible Society.

Modern Translation of the Old Testament

Year of edition - 1996 - 2010

The authors of the translation - MG. Seleznev, V.Yu. Widowikov, A.E. Counts, A.S. Desnitsky, L.E. Kogan, L.V. Manevich, E.B. Rashkovsky, E.B. Smagina, S.V. Tishchenko, Ya.D. Eidelkind.

Modern translation of the New Testament

The authors of the translation - VN. Kuznetsov with the participation of the scientific and editorial commission.

It was initiated by and with the direct participation of Protopriest Alexander Me in the mid-1980s and continued by the Russian Bible Society.

The translation was first fully published in 2001 AD And gained fame under the title Joyful Tidings.

Now this text is published in the fourth edition, which was implemented in 2010 AD Especially for publication in the Bible.