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Domain name verification

Once we are offered a free domain, if we use their hosting for example.
But often in such cases they register the domain on themselves.
Once they want to keep the client, and maybe they also plan to grab a site if it becomes successful.
But most often, it's so easy and faster to register.
In any case, the domain is not yours.

It's not always that bad. But it's nice to make sure who owns your "domain".

However, you can only trust the information received from the official zone coordinators in which the domain names are being checked.

Private registration

Why do I need private registration?

When you register a domain name, you must specify the correct information about yourself, otherwise your registration can be canceled, as this will be a violation of the Domain Registration Agreement.

  This information is publicly available through the Whois database, in accordance with the rules of ICANN, an international organization regulating the registration of domain names.

  This information is an excellent source of data for spammers, telemarketers and hackers, and also cause an identity thieft.

Private registration is not available for a number of extensions, eg: .TV, .IN, .EU, .US, .IN, .CC.



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Allows you to find out who, where and when registered the domain or you are interested in the website, as well as information about those it serves.

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Enter the domain name (for example, microsoft.com) or its IP-address and get a detailed report, the report is not saved, does not require installation.

Category: Webmaster / HTML utility

Tags: HTML WhoIs

Other checks

  1. nic.ru/whois/ - Regional Network Information Center - WHOIS-service of the domain registration center RU center. Provides information on IP addresses and domains around the world. Sometimes it hangs.
  2. active.domains/whois/ - Active.Domains - Quickest Whois service.

Verification rights

  1. whois.domaintools.com - WHOIS Analysis (Name Intelligence)


  1. whois.nic.yandex - Yandex Whois
address: Russia

Whois 7

Advanced whois, with subtle settings.