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Buy a domain name

Download Almost all the material of the section on domains in the form of an electronic book.

Step 1

Choose a zone. Here everything is simple.

If we are oriented towards Russia, choose the zone .RU.
The fact is that when we say the address on the Internet people automatically add "dot py" and they will only remember your name.

If we are oriented to the west, then preferably .COM.
Here is the same story, in the west, the dot com is added automatically.
But here there is complexity, the chances of very little to buy a good name, all ripped off second-hand dealers (cybersquatters).
If you did not find a good name in the .COM zone, there are also good international zones. NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ.

Step 1b

Check in at a convenient time.
In the .RU, .SU, .РФ zones, it is possible in other national zones to extend the domain only for 1 year and you can do this only 2 months before the end of the domain name registration period.

In this case, try not to register the domain at an inconvenient time. For example, you have a great vacation and it is always in summer (as for example in teachers). And without thinking, register the domain at the end of August. So you can not extend until the end of June.
Here and there will be a fun vacation with a search of Internet and payment ways. And if you are abroad? In the same Moldova.

Often, when paying, there are failures, where you need to contact the support service, and this takes time. Here and plan on vacation not only rest.

So easy and domain to lose. Usually in such cases, the domain is intercepted and it is proposed to redeem for $500.

As for international zones: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO ... then you can register a domain for 10 year. That is, everything is simpler and there is no such problem.

Step 2

Of course, we are talking about buying a second-level domain name, such as

For a third-level domain, we do not pay because it is free and there is always an opportunity to get it free, but it's not good for long-term serious projects.

Step 3

We found out that the domain of the 3rd level (eg we get free, and for the second-level domain we pay, not vice versa.
It's just because you need to pay for the second-level domain support and if you do not pay for it, then someone else pays for it. If someone else pays for you, he still pays for your account, the question is in what form.

Free domain, this is usually not registered to you and without the control panel.

Step 4

We want to have our control panel. Most of the hosters will not be offered a control panel, so that you depend on them and it would be difficult to move from them. If we are our domain control panel, then without any problems we will be able to change hosting if something does not suit us. Once I changed the hosting. At me this "something" has collected enough and has found hosting much more functionally, more cheaply.

Step 5

How can we learn all of the above? - ask questions. If our questions irritate someone, then such a service will not suit us.

Step 6

Select a registrar. It is also important to know, all domains are registered in one place, otherwise there would be confusion, ex. 2 registrars would register one and the same name. But this does not happen. There is a center that works with a small group of registrars (here is a list of registrars in the .RU zone). In addition, no one can register domain names. All the others register through them. It is clear that one organization will not pull such a stream, because this is a branched network.

You can register through the registrars themselves, but not always a good service, too much flow, and expensive.

The best way to register a domain name is through those who work directly with official registrars, without intermediaries.
So we can expect good service at low prices.

Step 7

Safe. As you understand, the choice goes to the registrar, from whom to buy the domain. Check in the forums and blacklists, should you deal with it? For example, set in the search engine phrases such as "registrar's name black list", "registrar name kidalovo", etc. Internet is good because it's honest. If someone has thrown someone, it will emerge somewhere on forms, etc. Blacklists.

Step 8

Do not overpay. It is possible for one and also pay a different price. And if all of the above corresponds to the registrar, you must choose the one who asked less. The price depends on 2 reasons, how many clients are serviced by the registrar (more circulation, cheaper domain) and how high the registrar is in the pyramid.

Prices for orientation:

Zone registration and first year of service every subsequent year of service
.RU $12 $12
.SU $24 $24
.COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ $9.49 $8.49
.TV $28.99 $28.99
.TEL $14.99 $19.99
.EU $8.99 $8.99

Step 9

Select a name. Usually a short name is appreciated. The most valuable is 3-letter (although Yandex and rambler, for example, do not have and do not suffer).
We do not buy from cybersquatters or at auctions, that is, we search among free names. Now it's fashionable to give names in African or something like that. For example. Mambo, Joomla, Google, Goowy ...
If you need to give a specific name (eg FORD because the name of your company is Ford, not Mambo, Google, Joomla, Makumba ...), and it's "accidentally" occupied and with pleasure you "Yield" for ... Sue.
  1. If the domain is purchased after you become known,
  2. If the cybersquatter does not have a website that matches the name, and usually no site at all,
  3. if it charges a very high price.
All this is evidence of cybersquatting and you have every chance of winning the case.

Choosing a name

Let's remember our steps:

  1. Choose a zone.
    B - in the zone. RU, .SU, .РФ ... choose the payment time.
  2. Domain level 2.
  3. No one is free.
  4. Control panel.
  5. Ask questions.
  6. Choose a registrar.
  7. Safe.
  8. Do not overpay.
  9. Choose a name.


Usually when buying a hosting, you can register and a domain name.
Unfortunately, some unscrupulous hosts register domains in their own names, which makes them the owners of those domains for which you pay. If then for some reason you want to change hosting, then you'll be surprised when you can not do this, because your current host is the owner of your domain name.

This is a question of choosing a hosting. Check it by typing in the search engine "IDENTITY bad hosting", "IDENTITY hosting problem" or something else. Necessarily somewhere on the forum you will tell offended clients about bad faith of the host.

And it is best to buy a domain name separately and register for yourself.