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Choosing a name

It is very simple and inexpensive to buy a domain name. Therefore, we forget that we choose our unique name before the whole world. When we buy, it will be ours and only ours, already no one can have the same name.

Do not take it lightly, take time, consult. Today, only the name (brand) can cost billions.

What if the name is unsuccessful?

Then choose the other. Minuses:
  1. we start all over again, all of our previous spin-off is just material and experience,
  2. lost time, the further, the more competitors, it's harder to start,
  3. less choice, every day thousands of people choose a good name and it's getting harder to choose.

Name selection rules

  • the domain name must consist of at least two characters and can not exceed 64 characters;
  • a domain name can not begin or end with a hyphen;
  • a domain name can not contain two hyphens in a row.
It is important to know:
  • all 2-character names are already occupied, in most zones all 3 and 4-symbol names are occupied, in the .COM zone all names up to 7 characters are occupied;
  • a domain name longer than 20 characters is likely to be perceived as spam
  • a large number of hyphens in the domain name will be perceived as spam.

For international projects

If you are focused on the Internet, and not on Runet only, then register COM.
If you want this name, but it's busy, then look in the .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ.
zones. Here there are 2 pluses - cheaper than .RU, it's easier and more reliable to register, there is no SOVEPEP total control. Do you trust domestic banks? Where is the guarantee that in one day you do not de-privatize the domain name on state necessity?

Also successful

If you have a TV channel, it is very successful to have a domain in .TV
Newspaper - in INFO
Radio - in .FM
Music - in .DJ

Unsuccessful name

There is a rule - the domain name should not contain a hyphen or underscore. For example, if you bought the name, it will always be confused with or
In this case, it is better to choose a name with one word or you will need, like Coca-Cola, to buy a domain name with a hyphen and without.

Use letters that do not imply double writing. For example, the word NARCOONTROL in Latin can be written as NARKOKONTROL or NARKO C ONTROL or NAR C OKONTROL or NAR C O C ONTROL. That is, if your project is successful, these domains will be bought and used. As a rule, such fraudulent blast furnaces are used to spread viruses and your image will suffer.

The most unsuccessful brand in the world is Apple. For example, one person bought a domain in in Russia and posted photos there. When this domain was needed by Kodak, it simply took it away, because the unique name and its nothing to confuse.
When Apple began to qualify for the domain, they had no chance, there was a simple website about apples. As a result, Apple bought this domain for a million dollars.

A bit of digression.

Recently, some countries (for example India, Japan) Opened their domain names for foreigners.
The reason - let's say the domain .RU has exhausted itself and it is very difficult to find a successful free, short and concise name. This is for the Russian, but not for the Japanese. On .JP the reverse situation. Therefore, it is much easier for a Russian to find a good name in the Japanese or Indian zone.
The market demands its own. Demand creates supply - the Japanese, the Indians and ... decided to earn.
For this reason, new international 1st level domains .INFO, .NAME, .BIZ, .AERO, .COOP, .PRO, .MUSEUM.


  1. We do not buy a name, if it is occupied, but we come up with our own name. Now it's popular to give invented names or words from African languages ​​(google, mambo, goomla ...),
  2. Ideal to immediately come up with a company name and choose a domain,
  3. Do not use sounds that imply a double spelling or difficulty writing, ex. Letters w, w, w, w, w, w ... also do not use dashes or underscores, which greatly complicates memorization,
  4. you can use the domain zone, as part of the name, ex. Party organizer (PART.ORG), (KABI.NET), (NAUTIL.US) ...,
  5. The shorter the name, the easier it is to read, type, remember.

Checking the name history

If the domain is free, it does not mean that it has always been like this. Suddenly there was a porn site on this domain or black technologies were used and it was banned.
There's always a reason why they threw it away.

So, the domain is free and we check its history.

Check if the domain has been spammed on guestbooks and blogs:

Buy a domain as soon as possible, do not save a small amount. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for you to find a good name, buy it out, or be content with something not entirely successful. Constantly there is a purchase of domain names with the purpose of resale. A good name is worth it.

Names written through a hyphen

They became popular after people noticed that search engines take into account the keywords that occur in the domain.

Search engines take into account only whole words. If the domain looks like, then the keywords will not be noticed by the search robot, it will think that this is one word. If the domain name looks like, then the crawler will notice each keyword.

Domain names written through a hyphen and rich in keywords have become very popular, but their prosperity is coming to an end. Search engines have noticed that people began to abuse this property of their algorithm. Therefore, they no longer attach as much importance to keywords found in domain names. In our time, the use of domain names written through a hyphen and rich in keywords, no longer brings such benefits as before.

For example, strongtower is easier and more natural to say and type than strong dash tower.
A good example is that Coca-Cola has a domain, as well as So all questions are removed.

In addition, domain names that contain a hyphen look less professional than they do, but without a hyphen. How many large and successful companies write domain names of their sites through a hyphen?

Learn who owns the domain you can

Website builders

  1. - Lean Domain Search - Instant search for a domain name.


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Then immediately register in the required and get a unique name.


Name Combiner

We give 4 names and get all possible combinations of them. Rather, no more than 4, you can and less.
Then look at the list, you can see what you like.


Allows you to search for domains in all TLDs. That is, in all domain zones.
Say I need the name cocacola, I find where freely, I choose a zone more interesting, I pay attention to the price, and here I can buy it if I want to.


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Check Usernames

Availability of the name in social networks.
Surely you have encountered when a certain site has accounts in Facebook, VK, Twitter, YouTube, Instagramm, Pinterest, etc.
But there is a different login everywhere, so it's hard to know whether the official account is or not.
Other sites have the same login for everything.

This service allows you to check for the use of a particular login.
Actually, I recommend doing this before buying a domain name. Then it will be very beautiful.
One more detail, say you can check the name and it will be everywhere freely. You run to register the domain, but it turns out that for example on Twitter this name is not occupied, but it is inadmissible. So first we register everywhere and if passed successfully, we register.

Instant Domain Sea

Instant domain search.
I enter the name and at the moment I offer domain zones with the cost.
In addition to the free are indicated and employed with indication of registrars and WHOIS.
Free domains with similar names are also offered. And not clumsy, but decent.
For example, I requested MYBIBLE, but MYBOOK and BIBLE were offered to me.