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Create a website

Your goals:

  1. My first site is a free site.
  2. A self-supporting site.
  3. The site on which I will earn.
  4. A simple image site for the church.
  5. A solid site for great service.
  6. Make a great internet project.


  1. To contact the web studio is only in the 4th and 5th cases.
    Website creation is web programming. You will not order a text editor, just put Word.
  2. Learn web programming to make one website. It will take you years and if you do not plan to create many sites, then it is extremely not cost-effective.

1. My first site is a free site

The first pancake is lumpy, because it's better to start with the fact that nothing is worth and will not have to be pitied.

Anyone may

  1. get an account in social net ex. Facebook.
  2. you may get a visitcard
  3. you may get a blog LiveJournal, liveinternet or blogger.
  4. you may get a website for free on None of these is good enough :)


  1. Free.
  2. Does not require knowledge of web programming.


  1. If you have a free domain, then it is not yours. That is, if you succeed and you develop your site into something decent, then you worked for your uncle and you have to do everything from the beginning.
  2. Lack of support services. Nobody owes you anything.
  3. Instability of work. Your site will often fly.
  4. Advertising. You do not get paid for it, you can not filter out what you do not like.
  5. Limited functionality. Usually free hosting provides a simple place, there is no PHP or database. That is suitable only for a sampler.


You will not earn on this, this toy is an experimental site, it has no future.

2. A self-supporting site

So, why does someone offer you free hosting? They earn on advertising.
I remember how we started the site on a free hosting from Agava. At the top was a huge banner, there was an ugly girl. My wife and I did not tell anyone the address of this site, and the site itself was deleted.

Then why do not we

  1. Pay for hosting and domain,
  2. We will put advertising, which we like, so that she paid for this hosting and domain.

What's the difference?

  1. My domain, which means I will promote it and it will work for me.
  2. Customer support, I can always turn and help me, I'm a client.
  3. Stability of the server, the site works without failures.
  4. We filter ads and put only one that does not disfigure our site.
  5. We have everything we need: PHP, databases ...


We have a chance that advertising will not only pay the costs of the content of the site, but will also generate revenue. And also you can use the free CMS, for example Wordpress.
CMS (Content Management System) - The content management system of the site, and simply the site engine.

Very simple. If hosting offers the service Fantastico, then it already has Wordpress, just select it, configure and use it.
You can choose a template so that you do not have a very hackneyed design. Just type in the query in the search engine "Free Wordpress template" and you will find a great variety and variety.

This site has a future.

3. The site on which I will earn

The same as the second point, only we develop it.
By the way, it is difficult to make money on the site of purely Christian topics. In addition, I prefer not to do a site of narrowly focused topics. I do not like shopping Christian books, because I can not find it in the English dictionary, or satin, or even a necessary book. It is much more pleasant for me to see the Bible in a secular bookstore. It is much more loud to speak of God in a whisper on the street than to shout about Him in the church. Because this is my site on the Internet, but I do not bypass the Christian theme.

Domain nae

It is necessary to give time to the choice of a domain name, then it will not change - more.


Choose the one you like our template and change it a bit, you can just change the picture in the header, that there was your logo.

Read Promotion.


The content of the site is the most important thing.
  • The content must be unique, the search engines do not like the copy. You will either go second class, or you will be ignored. If you use the Internet material, then work it out.
  • Remember that the material must be in demand for people. If you have a formal material and people do not need it, visitors will just go in and immediately leave. It will not be needed either by you or by anyone.
  • Regular updates. If the site is not updated, the search engines put it in the bottom.


The content of the site per year will cost you about $30.

4. Image site

The purpose of the site

The purpose of the site is - cheap advertising.
For example, you hold conferences, print posters and flyers, invitations, there is limited space, just enter the site address, which will be more information about your faith, the place and time of service, feedback form.
This is so to say a business card site. It does not need to be developed, filled with new information. Although you can make small news ads.


This site is usually ordered from a web studio. There is no need to save, to look for the cheapest studio. It is known that the miser pays twice.
We choose a web studio not for pricelists, but for its works. Do not expect that a Christian studio will make you a website for free. You do not expect that someone will carry out major repairs for free. It's a huge job. If everything was so simple, everyone would make themselves websites. A person can not just give you a month, then another church and so on. To live that somehow it is necessary.
In this case, you can order a small static site with the ability to edit contact information and news. Understand how the site will look, this will be the attitude to it.


Here you need to register in the thematic and regional catalogs.
You do not need a large audience. You need a target audience.

url - site address, ex.

The url of the site should be in any advertisement. On one American plane they gave a small colorful booklet, where there was a url of the site and it is written - this is the only address you need to know. This address should be in the ad unit, on business cards, open a mail on the same domain (eg, Google allows you to do this for free - more

Only textual contextual advertising

Banners on this site look like stickers on the Mercedes.


The creation of such a site will cost less than $500.

5. A good site for a great service

You need to order a CMS from a decent web studio.
You need a fully editable site with the ability to develop, that is CMS. Moreover, a free CMS, which any teenager can use, will not work.

You need to keep a Web programmer in your staff, but you need to order the site on the web studio. One person does not pull such a site.


This site costs about $1000.

6. Make a great internet project

You want to create your own project, portal or now it's fashionable to call a "startup", a cool project like Yandex, Classmates ...
This site is not ordered by web studio, but is recruited by webmasters.
You should have an original idea.

And then you have nothing to do on this page, you should already know more described.