Choosing a web host

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Choosing a web host

This is the server where you host your site.
The server is a regular computer on which there is not a normal operating system like Windows, but a software server is installed. In short, the principle is this: you are sold what space on a computer that is always online.

Hosting is paid and free.
Which is better? - Of course paid, free of charge cheaper.

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First of all, it is necessary to know that

  1. No better hosting - one will be good for a large site, because it will withstand a great load, another for a simple business card site ...
  2. No ideal hosting - all once fall, once the equipment breaks down and everywhere ordinary people who are prone to make mistakes work.
  3. Leading hosting is not at all the best, there may be worse support service. They will do what they must, more. On a small hosting, most likely you will be helped to completely move the site and set up, on a large one, this will not be engaged. On a small, all controversial financial issues were resolved in my favor, at our leading Hosting Center I came across bureaucracy when I had to return the money. I had to scan my passport, send a mail application ...
  4. There is nothing free and unlimited. If the hosting provides an unlimited place for the site, then the limit on the number of files, or traffic or the load on the processor.
We choose a site based on our requirements, ex. How much do you need to put sites there, how many MySQL databases do you need, will it help to move the site.
Do not make yourself smart, like everyone understands. If a new hosting, a lot can be new, specify first of all the final price.
If you are offered something free, specify how much you will pay at the end of the action, most likely from the 2nd month or from the 2nd year.
Do not hesitate, specify, at the same time check the support service for patience, attitude to the client and competence. :)