Address of the church, mission, ... on an interactive map

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Address of the church, mission, ... on an interactive map

In most cases it is better to use the Google Maps service, but sometimes you should prefer Yandex maps.
A map from Google is very easy to put to the site. On Yandex, it is still quite difficult.
But the link to take and there and there is very simple.
In this case, you should prefer that service, where the maps are better. If there is no scheme of your city, then use photo from the satellite. Photo is usually (not always) more detailed on Google.

Address Church on Yandex.Maps

First of all, if you do not have a Yandex registration, start it.

So, all in order:

  1. We go to Yandex.Maps in My Maps or directly under the link
  2. Choose a card, house.
  3. Click Create a new map.
    • We write Map name: (For example, I wrote "Service of the Church")
    • and Card description: (I wrote the service schedule).
  4. We take a link to the map in the Link to this map and use it.
    • The top field is for inserting into the message,
    • the lower one for insertion with the code.
  5. That's what I got
    You can put this
    • on the site,
    • add to the signature of your email and it will be in each letter,
    • add to your newsletter.

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