Supposedly free domains

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Supposedly free domains

Third-level domain. For example, in, logo is a domain of the 3rd level.

Domains 3rd level

You can be offered and paid for third-level domain names, but they can always be and absolutely free:
  1. Organizations,
    1. Geographic domains (GEOGRAPHICAL) - Registration
    2. Commercial organizations - COM.RU (Registration is temporarily suspended)
    3. Organizations that have a state accreditation of a scientific organization or a higher education institution -
    4. International projects -
    5. Educational projects -

  2. Domain Owners (second level domain names), for example, we have domain to have as many subdomains as absolutely free, for example COOK

  3. Many hosting providers (paid and free) offer a free third-level domain in their domain zone, for example
Attention! You will not be able to get a domain name without having to hosting because you need to set up a domain for something, otherwise it will not be delegated you.

Domains of level 2

Negative side

Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Also, free domains exist to catch you.

First of all, there are no free domains of the 2nd level. You still pay for it, only in a different form.
If you do not pay, then someone else pays (for example hosting provider) and naturally the domain belongs to him. And if you want the domain to belong to you, you must belong to the one who owns your domain.
And where does this hosting provider take money to pay for your domain?
Correctly, from your wallet, from your salary.
And how does he earn? Selling hosting, that is, getting out of your pocket.
And you get a free domain. That is, you paid for it anyway, but it's not yours.

And if you do not want to belong and go to another hosting?
Then you lose the domain.

How is this done?

  1. Free 3rd-level domain name.
    I offer hosting and as a bonus - free name on my domain. For example, I have and you can have free or ... It costs nothing to me, it costs nothing and you. Only you wanted to go to another hosting. Well, not everything suits. Found and cheaper, and better service. Then lose all your visitors (the most valuable is the attendance), start all over again. You will not take the name with you. It is mine and everyone who is under it is mine. Here and think that you are more valuable. This is not just a bonus to attract you to my hosting, but also a tool to keep.

  2. Free domain name of the second level.
    You are offered a free domain name of the 2nd level. In fact, paying for hosting, you have already paid and domain. No one pays for you at a loss. In fact, this is not free, but worse. It is not registered with you. It's just that the administrator is easier. And you can not demand, you know the gift horse ... Another type of binding.

  3. Free 2nd-level domain name with surprise.
    You are offered a free domain name of 2nd level, but then inform that registration is free, and you will have to pay for support. Such a surprise gave us

Positive side

The obvious plus is free, which means you can experiment, and then decide which site you want and then determine the name.