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0. First of all, you need a a person with a vision, otherwise you can not start anything.

1. Understand and admit that we can not do without costs. If you have any income, then not at the initial stage.

2. Unlimited Internet. Here everything is clear: for Internet service you need to connect to the Internet and any limited Internet will limit you and in the end will be more expensive. There are options. A satellite dish will only work as a last resort. Most likely, you can find something from mobile operators, but here the speed will be weak. Internet providers periodically conduct actions, turn ATTENTION, consult, ask someone in the church to study this issue.

3. Work of programmers. If you have a unique serious project, you will need the participation of a programmer. This work is painstaking and large in scope. It can not be done between business, in the evening or at lunch. Such work should be paid. But in most cases the programmer is not needed.

4. Hosting - the site somewhere should be,

5. Support for the domain.

In general (if you do not need a programmer), hosting and domain with my advice will cost about 2000 rub. Per year.
The Internet will cost 500-1000 rub. Per month.

You can cover at least part of the costs through a reasonable using advertising.