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The forum offers a set of sections for discussion. The work of the forum is to create topics for users in sections and subsequent discussion within these topics. A separate topic, in fact, is a thematic guest book.

Forums can be public - where random visitors can participate, sometimes only with the requirement of pre-registration. In closed forums only a certain number of people participate in the forum. Access can be limited not only to the creation of new messages (i.e. participation), but also to viewing forum sections and reading messages.

Currently, web forums have almost completely supplanted news groups based on NNTP and are the most popular way of discussing issues on the World Wide Web.


People participate for different reasons. Someone from loneliness, someone likes to chat, someone to argue. Someone comes for advice, someone likes to help with advice.

Forum functions

Once the forum is starting to raise traffic to the site. Once it was part of the site, and once the whole site. The forum should be conducted, today it is quite difficult to promote the forum.
To be honest, I'm ashamed of most of the Christian forums. It's strange that someone calls it a service. I constantly have a question: "Are they in the faith?"
Once upon a time Christians, especially new converts, like to run around on guests, spending time in chatter, counting it a service.

Service is not when I was able to express my opinion or argue someone, but when I listened to someone, I understood it and served it.

Actually, we are called to bear not our opinion, not the soul to pour, but the good news, that is, the positive, hope, the way.


What does the person expect from the forum?
What determines - whether he will return here or leave forever?

Young people often want to hang out and make new friends who will accept it as they are, listen and accept.
This part is not interesting to me, there is no time, but there are many friends around the world.
I'm interested in wise advice on something I'm not strong at. For example, when starting a PHP study I could visit good PHP forums and get expert advice. But what is the most important sphere in which no young (yes and not young) person is not strong - life. All we regularly get into situations and we need an answer.
Here we need a revelation from God, prayer support, this pastoral ministry.

Forums are very popular and very attentive. We must reach people where they are.

Making our forum

1. We visit other Christian forums

First of all, try not to reinvent the wheel, you can participate in an already existing forum. We are not building our kingdom. Together we are strong.

Christian Forums

If you have your vision, your ideas, which no one else does, start your project.

2. Free of charge

You can use Free Forums Service, but I would not recommend it. This, like and all sites on free hosting are not long-lived, therefore, to untwist, only time to lose.
I highly recommend it.

3. Creating a site

Forum should be led. First of all, you must have a team - a minimum of 3 people to promote the forum. And it should not be an obligation, when the promise to participate for ears is stretched, and they should burn with this idea. It should be spiritually mature people, able to lead the conversation in the right direction. You will simply be surprised at what believers think. Do not forget that on Sunday people come to church as if on a holiday: beautifully dressed, brushed, tightened. In reality, the state is somewhat lower.

  1. First of all, you need a domain - your site name, the address on the network, our domain: selecting a domain name (what is a domain).

  2. Hosting - the place where your site will be physically located (hosting details).

  3. The forum engine.
    It can be ordered from web studios. It will be expensive and not as good. There are free forums engines, which are created by a large number of programmers. They survived more than one version, eliminated many errors. This is better, more reliable and free. Free forum engines

    Free forums are usually part of Fantastico - it's a set of ready-made scripts that you can easily and easily install to your site (more).

    If on your hosting there is Fantastico (on decent hosting it often happens this is a collection), then you can just add it and you will have a forum at once.

  4. Design.
    You can make or order a web studios design in order for your forum to have its own face.