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Email encryption


Mail with encryption.
The site was created by employees of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Genève, Switzerland.

There is no POP3/IMAP/SMTP support, everything is implemented on the side of the web browser in JavaScript.
Letters from ProtonMail users Are always encrypted.
Attached files are not encrypted.
The letters are not cached and are not stored, they are stored encrypted on the server.

How does it work?

  1. All letters sent from ProtonMail go encrypted
  2. The recipient receives an email with a link to the email, which requires a password for reading.
  3. The password is set by the sender before sending it from the ProtonMail service.
You can set the time for storing a message, after which the message is deleted.


  1. 100 Mb of place for mail,
  2. no more than 500 emails per month.

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