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Where to start Mail

You can not approach lightly to the choice of e-mail, because you will need it to register on many other sites, such as social networks, payment System of the Internet, all kinds of forums, official sites, with online purchase, Skype ...

Everywhere for registration you will need your e-mail address and if you forgot your password, you will be sent it your email. And if you forgot the password for your email? Or if you have been stolen?

So we will treat this sensibly.

Everyone must have a primary address

We recommend that you have mail in:
  1. Gmail
    Pros - the best postal service in the world, has a built-in translator, a text editor, the ability to embed graphics in the test letter and many other details.
    Minus - mailbox though and large (15 Gb), but limited, an increase in the size of a pay.

  2. Yandex.Mail
    Pros - an unlimited mailbox, the possibility of a mail attachment up to 5 Gb, built-in sketcher, you can just draw a letter or record a video message via a webcam.
    Built-in translator. And the interface in Turkish, Tatar, Azejbajan, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, Romanian, Kazakh.

  3. Mail.ru
    The main competitor of Yandex in Russia. Practically unlimited mail, built-in agent (free SMS), calendar, huge cloud.

  4. Outlook
    New mail from Microsoft. Actually this is a rebranding of the famous Hotmail. Now everything will be in the style of Metro.

If you have your own domain

You can also create a mail in the same place, but on your domain.
  1. @ MAIL.ru
    5000 addresses are free. The box is unlimited.

  2. Yandex.Mail
    1000 addresses free, as long as there is only a possibility of domain aliases. The setting is simpler than that of Google and it is possible to put the mail entrance form to the site. Google does not provide this opportunity.

  3. Google Apps - mail on your domain from Google
    Already paid, there is a possibility of mail aliases and domain aliases.

If you have your own domain, use. Not everywhere you can register with the address of the free mail.

One-time mail

You have to download something badly, and the site is doubtful and you do not want to shine the address of your mail, which is correct.
For such cases, there are one-time mail services. They do not require registration.
for example
  1. when registering to the site, we'll email MY_NAME@mailforspam.com, where MY_NAME is any word, it's better not too beaten, otherwise there will be not only your mail,
  2. just go to www.mailforspam.com/mail/MY_NAME and look at the email that you've received.
For convenience, I remembered the email in the program Punto, and the link www.mailforspam.com/mail/MY_NAME added to bookmarks. In order not to enter it manually.


Sending large attachments

Once you need to send a large file, and in real mail, the actual size is less than 20 Mb.

In this case, you need to use file sharing.
If you have Yandex.Mail, it is already connected to your cloud and allows you to send files to 5 Gb.
MAIL.ru is also associated with its cloud and an attachment of up to 32 Gb with a special program.
Enough for anything, and the number of files is not limited.


Mail to the future

When we want to send something to some date and are afraid to forget at the last moment. For example, someone to congratulate.


Mail Forwarding

This postal service function is very important.
For example, if you have mailboxes in 3 locations, it's difficult to track them.
But you can define one box as the main one, and on the rest do a redirect to it. Thus, all mail will be collected in one place.