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- American firm for the production of canned meat known for its annoying advertising.

March 5, 1994, the law firm Canter and Siegel published in the news Usenet groups the first message with the advertisement of their own services.



Europe - €2.25 billion annually. [BBC Safe]
Russia - €55-250 million annually.

60% of world mail traffic.
50-75% of all Russian mail traffic.

Modern anti-spam filters filter 85-98% of spam.

The volume of the global market for anti-spam filters and services sales in 2004 was approximately $500 million (according to IDC estimates). Most antivirus vendors have included antispam components in their products. During the year was committed Several purchases of anti-spam software vendors by antivirus companies (in particular, purchase of the company BrightMail by Symantec for $340 million).

In Russia most of the holders of public mail services installed antispam filters and most of the providers, Which allowed to remove the severity of the problem of spam for their customers. Undoubted leader in Russia in terms of sales and The number of protected mailboxes is the Spamtest technology.


No. 1 anti-spam tool - protect your address. There will not be spammers to know your address - there will be no spam. Illuminate your address in the network, you have to throw it away and start a new one, it will be just a matter of time. And, as a result, to report again to all your friends and partners a new address, It is possible to lose a number of contacts. To prevent this from happening

Make two email addresses.

One address for long-term contacts (do not shine in the network).
Another address for making contacts, using on the net (chats, bulletin boards, etc.).
Then on the first address there should not be any spam, because it is not known on the network.
When the spam goes to the second address, just discard it and start a new one.


People tend to get the most concise address. For example, - it's cool and what a pity, That all simple addresses are already occupied. Be sure that spam is stale on without stopping. It's cool to have a laconic first name site, and the email address still has to be reported to everyone personally, Let it be out of numbers or original, not a beaten word.

By the way, for this purpose the leading mail registers names not shorter than 6 characters. All short names have long been listed as spam.


The simplest and most frequently used way to protect against spiders is to encode an email address With the help of special HTML characters. Instead of the doggie, @. But today this method is hopelessly outdated.
Robots can easily find such address.

4. JavaScript

On the code generator against spam you can generate your own script. So, as these scripts for hiding address are created by handicrafts, they are very different and there are no programs, Which would be able to catch the email from JavaScript.

Today this is the most reliable protection of the address in the network.


But, that if you are lit up, or you are so famous that it is impossible for you not to light up, Here you can not do without an anti-spam.

There are many anti-spam programs, you can download them on the network.
What I do not advise.
I came to the conclusion that all these antispam - small and weak, and a sensible anti-spam to a person does not pull, This is only for a solid company, let's say it's like They have spam on the server, You can always go in and correct it.

So my urgent advice  Get a mail on Google.
The best spamfilter I have not seen, all the spam remains on the server, Which, if desired, can always be viewed and corrected. Antispamers do not completely solve the problem, but make life easier in the problem.


Spam has reached this level, but today there are quite reliable means of protection. Therefore, the development of this issue is not relevant.


reliable site

Owner: VK Group
address: Russia, Moscow

Mail for kids

Kid will not receive phishing and fraudulent mailings with inappropriate content thanks to enhanced anti-spam.
Emails from trusted senders will be added to the inbox.

Parents themselves will be able to set up a white list" of verified contacts.
The remaining incoming messages automatically fall into the "for review" folder and only after approval go to the general ones.
The "Child Box" is directly linked to the adult's account, giving full control to the parent.