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Selfdeleting email

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Owner: Google
Used: Gmail.
address: USA

Gmail - Confidential mode

Google provides the ability to self-delete a sent email.

How it works

  1. Come to Gmail,
  2. Click "Write."
  3. Switch on "confidential mode",
  4. Set the lifetime of the letter,
  5. Save.

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Self-destructing notes.

How it works

  1. Writing a message
  2. set the lifespan, for example, 1 hour, week ...
  3. set the password.
The message will be read only by those who have the link and password, after the specified time the mes


TMWSD - This Message is Self Destructive.

How does it work?

  1. We go to the site and enter a message in the form field,
  2. Set the password in Field PASSWORD,
  3. Then press SAVE THE MESSAGE,
  4. Then we will be asked to enter the name and email address of the recipient, and the field for marking (so that I understand that I can not read the password).
  5. Also short URLs will be specified. So you can not enter anything (no name, no email), but just take a reference and tell yourself, let's say on the social network or Skype. Well, tell me the password, otherwise do not read it.
  6. After reading, the message self-destructs.