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A distinctive feature of this large fax-specific service is that in addition to the standard paid version of use, it also offers a free-of-charge mode, in which up to 130 incoming faxes per month can be received.

In conclusion, it should be noted that most of these services Provide a test regime on a variety of conditions, so that there is almost always an opportunity to assess in advance whether you are for what you are going to pay money. Personally, our experience of using free email2fax services is rather negative, so we recommend still using paid analogs to avoid losing business faxes or various confusions and errors that we witnessed when operating free services.

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Another large Russian operator for providing the service “ fax to email ” – This is ExCall.
Here, this service is delivered immediately as a package of numerous services called “ Virtual Office ”, which allows you to automate and customize all your phone contacts.

Includes the full range of fax services, including those that are not yet very widespread in the Russian market, such as “ fax on request ” Or “ fax-distribution ”.

Another nice feature is the availability of both the Moscow and the St. Petersburg office of the company, however, with completely different subscriber tariff plans for these cities.