Sending large attachments

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Sending large attachments

  1. - - Quickly share the file. No registration, unnecessary windows. The limitation is 5Gb.
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reliable site

Owner: Google
Used: Gmail.
address: USA


Google linked Google Drive to the mail.
So you can make attachments of up to 10 Gb.


  1. 15 Gb is the general place for mail and Google Drive
  2. 25 Mb - the maximum size of the mail attachment.
  3. 50 Mb - the maximum size of the incoming mail attachment. That is, if someone sends you a letter with this attachment, you will receive it.
  4. 10 Gb - the maximum size of the file you upload to Google Drive.

You can save the file to Google Drive without leaving the mail and Mail a link to it.
Or just make a regular attachment if it exceeds the permissible size, you will be asked to download it to Google Drive and send the link.
From you just need to agree, there's no need to go anywhere, Everything will go unnoticed for you, staying in the mail.
The recipient does not need to have an account on Google.

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Sending large attachments Yandex.Mail

Yandex has a mail service and a cloud (by the way, one of the best). They just co-operated these services and you can upload a large file into the cloud from Yandex when sending a message, you do not need to go anywhere. The maximum size of the application is 5 Gb.

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reliable site

Wiki Upload

Free file sharing.
Allows you to transfer 5Gb without registering.
The site is very similar to the previous one.

Wiki Upload


A simple and convenient way to send an attachment up to 2 Gb.
Enter your email, email address and download the file. As it is downloaded, the recipient will receive an email with a link to download your file.


To download a file, your recipient will need to click on the link from the email.
  1. Unlimited downloads.
  2. The maximum file size is 5Gb.
  3. No encryption or password protection.
  4. Files are stored on the server for 1 to 14 days of your choice.=

Service of instant publication and file sharing in real time.
No software required other than browser.
It is a tool for sharing files and publications for documents, videos, music and photos.

If you sign up, you will be able to reuse and track the materials you previously shared.

Your files are ready for publication as soon as you select them. No need to wait for the file upload to finish.

You can easily track how many people have downloaded or viewed your files.


How it works

  1. click and drag the file to the site page and get the link,
  2. share the link with whom we wish,
  3. transferring a file from my computer to my friend’s computer through this site; because it works, as long as the page of the site is open in the browser.

This is the feature. Usually, you must first upload the file to the site, and then the file is downloaded from the site.
Here you are transferring a file from computer to computer, no need to wait until it uploads to the site.

The speed is 0.64 megabits.



Transfer files for free, without registering at maximum speed. - very simple and convenient file sharing. To transfer a file (or folder), you need to do just a couple of clicks: drag the file anywhere in the site or click on the area on the left side of the screen to select files. You can immediately transfer the entire folder of files, or even several folders at a time. And the file can be immediately sent to the desired list of email recipients, which is very convenient. The speed of downloading files is not limited to the service, that is, when downloading and downloading files you will always have the highest possible speed. Therefore, the files are transmitted literally in a jiffy.


  1. the storage period of files is 7 days
  2. 2GB for one transfer. You can do many many transmissions, each less than 2GB in size

address: Germany


Free file sharing.
Allows you to transfer 5Gb without registration.
The storage period is 30 days from the last download. But everything is simple and obvious:
  1. Click Upload File to select the file,
  2. download,
  3. get a link to our file and share it with anyone.


Send a large attachment up to 50Gb.
Enter the email address of the recipient, your email and select the file to upload.
You will be immediately given a short link. Let the file swing, you can already send the link.

You can simply drag and drop the files into the field with the mouse. Simply, clearly, it is convenient.
The recipient receives from you an email with the link of your file.
The file will be stored for 2 weeks. So the recipient has time to take the file slowly.


Send a large attachment to 2Gb.
Enter the email address of the recipient, your email and select the file to upload.
The recipient receives an email from you with a link to your file.

Transfer files, anonymously secure over a secure HTTPS channel, registration is not required.
This is not a cloud, but a file transfer service, although you can pay and get more.


  1. storage period 30 days
  2. Download speed up to 500 Kbps
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. The maximum file size is 5Gb

How does it work?

  1. We go, we throw the file into the site field (registration is not required).
  2. We take the link and send it to our friend.
  3. Send a link, which downloads the file.


We send a large attachment.
Limitations - 1 Gb. There were no problems.

The site is easy and simple, we immediately go to the page with the form field and there.

  1. Use the mouse to drag the desired file into the form field.
  2. Click the GET LINKS TO FILE button.
  3. We observe the download process.
  4. Get a link.
The process is understandable, the download runs fast enough.

Your file is stored on Azure Storage for 24 hours, then automatically deleted.