Ph4 / Switzerland

Ph4 / Switzerland


Switzerland -

International Union for Tourism.

International Organization for Migration.

JUnit 5 -
Library for Test Automation.

ALL Streaming Programs.

Endoxon's map of Switzerland -
Map of Switzerland. Not Ajax, but it's interesting.

MocoSpace -
Mobile community.

Consumating -
A network of dating for bloggers and other web maniacs. With tags.


Society for International Hockey Research -
address: 66 Gerrard Street East, ON M5B 2M2
Free limited information.


Dead hockey players by months.
The site also has other information on hockey players.

Freely limited information.
Not from every country available.


Startex -
address: пр. Серебрякова, д. 14б, стр. 4
tel.: +7 (800) 505-21-21

Fabrics and accessories wholesale.


Fabrics and accessories wholesale.

More than 6000 types of fabrics and 15,000 types of accessories available in the catalog.

Fabrics and accessories large wholesale, small wholesale and even retail, at producer prices from factories in Japan, Turkey …


Travellerspoint -
Travel on the map.


The site is one of the web's largest and most active travel communities with members representing every country in the world.

More than 30,000 blogs have shared 175,000 stories to date and over 1.4 million photos have been posted.
Forums and travel helpers answer numerous travel-related questions 365 days of the year.
They also have over 50,000 accommodation booking options available on the site.


La Norda Lumo -
Esperanto club Norway, Tromsø.

San Francisco

Yelp, Inc. -
address: 140 New Montgomery


Socially-networked collective reviews of everything in the world. But mostly all the institutions of North America.

Viber -
Messengers to the smartphone.


Perhaps the best program for free calls on the phone or computer, excellent sound.

More than 200 million users.
Just set on the phone, enter your number, he sends himself an SMS, and is activated. No usernames, your username is your phone number, it simplifies adding users.
the Program scans your address book and adds to the list of those who have Viber. So you know whom to call.

you can Call not only Viber, but also to regular phones. The cost of calls to mobile and landline phones it is possible to learn here. Just enter the country and obtain information. Website in English, the country entered in English.

Chatroulette -
Video chat with a stranger.


Anonymous video chat.
in English. If you have a webcam, we begin to communicate with a casual interlocutor.
For English learners, it is convenient to have a regular chat in parallel. Did not hear, wrote. Suddenly the new site, which became popular on the web, was created by the Russian teenager Andrei Ternovsky for 17 years.

This is reported by the New York Times. A seventeen-year-old schoolboy from Moscow himself developed and launched the original Chatroulette service, which allows any user to chat through a webcam with a random stranger.

In recent weeks, the site has gained a lot of popularity in the English-speaking segment of the Network. This project also attracted the attention of Fred Wilson, a well-known venture capitalist, who said he was going to contact Andrew and invite him to come to New York.

"I'm still not sure that we should invest in this project, but I'm sure that I would like to meet this guy. It reminds me of the young entrepreneurs I worked with earlier, "Wilson said.


Bank for International Settlements.


OTI Holding -
address: Barbaros Mahallesi, Serik Caddesi. No: 217, Aksu
tel.: +90 (242) 310 00 00


The leading holding in the sphere of tourism, it includes: Coral Travel, Tez Tour, Sunmar Tour, Blue Sky, A-class Travel.


Uruguay -
address: Constituyente 1540
Sociedad Bíblica del Uruguay.


Ecolines -
address: Московская обл., МКАД, 32-й км, ТЦ "Шёлковый путь", 1-й этаж (пригородный электропоезд, станция «Битца»)
tel.: +7 (4012) 758-733
The largest and most experienced operator of international bus transportation.


The largest and most experienced operator of international bus transportation.
Its daily trips to Russia are operated by AMRON, which operates under ECOLINES trade mark, offering comfortable trips to 21 countries and about 200 cities.

ECOLINES has been working in international coach carriage market for 20 years.
The company chooses only experienced and well-tried bus drivers, guaranteeing passenger comfort and safety on any roads.

ECOLINES is the first bus transport operator in Russia, which has implemented multimodal transport system, facilitating journey from one destination to another.
Moreover, special bonus program is created to encourage passengers, who often choose our services. You can read more about the loyalty program here.

The company's pricing policy allows us to regularly offer discounted tickets to our customers.


Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

International Organization of Consulting Engineers.

Graduate Institute of International Studies -

tel.: +41 22 770 25 25
International Air Transport Association.

Protopage -


University of Lausanne -
Université de de Lausanne


Wego -
address: 100 Beach Road, #23-07/13 Shaw Tower, 189702
tel.: +6 566 920 868
Singaporean travel search engine.


Singapore travel search engine.
Here you can choose the tour and pay for the plane and hotel.
A good site for traveling to the east - China, Singapore, Indonesia, India ...


Wired Magazine -
address: WIRED, PO Box 37706, IA 50037-0706
tel.: +1 (515) 243-32-73
Magazine about the impact of modern technology on culture, economy and politics.


American magazine printed and online about the impact of modern technology on culture, economics and politics.

Translation into Russian selected articles can be read here.

WodCat -
Simple service for with training programs. We calculate the required load and get the program.


Simple service for with training programs. We calculate the required load and get the program.

The Hague

address: Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ
tel.: +31 70 302 23 23
International Court of Justice.


address: 17, Route des Morillons, CH-1211 1218
tel.: +41-22 717-9111
International Organization for Migration.


address: United Nations Avenue, 00100
tel.: +254 20 623331
United Nations Center for Human Settlements.

New York

Human rights - United Nations -
address: Director, Statistics Division, United Nations, NY 10017
tel.: +1 (212) 963 9851
Human rights.


Human rights are the United Nations.
The official website of United Nations Headquarters in New York.
The website in Russian.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Human Rights Council, Indigenous peoples, human rights, genocide, indigenous peoples, children and armed conflict, Rwanda, persons with disabilities, civilians in armed conflict, minorities, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, International Courts, International Tribunals, Special Tribunal for Lebanon


address: United Nations Avenue, Gigiri, P.O. Box: 30552, 00100
United Nations Environment Program.

New York

address: 125 Maiden Lane, 11th Floor, NY 10038
tel.: +1 (212) 686-5522
United Nations Children's Fund.


address: Chemin des Anémones 11-13, Vernier 1219
tel.: +41 22 917 84 00
United Nations Institute for Training and Research.


address: Wagramerstrasse 5 1400
tel.: +43 1 260260
United Nations International Drug Control Program.


address: 5–53–70 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, 150-8925
tel.: +81 3-5467-1212
UN University.


Telecafe -
address: ул. Ак. Королева, д. 19
tel.: +7 (495) 617-55-80
Cooking TV.


Telecafe is the culinary channel from the First.
There is no broadcast via Internet, only by subscription (we buy a package on a cable or a plate).
The site will help to find the recipe of the scanned transmission, and some programs can be viewed. They protect themselves from the user.

Webnames -
List of free 3-character names in .RU zone


Croppola -
address: Croppola, Station 14, 1015
Clever cropping photos.


Clever cropping photos.

You took a photo. But you are not an artist and you do not understand the subtleties of photo art, in composition.

It is clear that photographing is not always possible to successfully capture the object, select the center of the picture ...

This online service will determine the main object and determine whether it should be in the center, to the left or the right of the center, and cut off the extra background to highlight the object.
You choose whether the square will be a photograph or a widescreen, on the basis of which the cropping will be determined.
You will be able to intervene and prune in your own way, if something does not suit you.

École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne -


University of Melbourne -

Moscow -
Online course aggregator.


Aggregator of all online courses.
Compare courses, read school reviews and start learning.


Education First -
tel.: +7 (800) 100-01-01
The mission is to overcome language, cultural and geographical barriers.


International Educational Center for English Language Training.
The mission is to overcome language, cultural and geographical barriers.
You can find where to study in Moscow, abroad or online.
Has more than 500 offices, 35 000 employees in 53 countries. For ~ 50 years have helped millions of people to learn English.

EF Education First -
Official certificate EF SET for 50 minutes.


The official EF SET certificate is free for 50 minutes.
There is a quick check, in 15 minutes, without a certificate.

Nowadays, many learn English themselves, a little textbook, a little practice ...
Also it would be desirable to know the level, and if it high enough, it would be desirable to have what-string a certificate.

At the end of the test, you will also receive recommendations for improving the level of knowledge of English.

Black map of Belarus -
Map of chasteners, corrupt judges and propagandists.


Map of chasteners, corrupt judges and propagandists.
With the help of BlackBook you can find out if there are any outcasts living near you.


GeoNames -
address: Unxos GmbH, Weingartenstrasse 8, 8708
Search for geographical names in the database over 10 million objects tied to the map.


Search for geographical names in the database of more than 10 million objects tied to the map.
The database is taken from a variety of official sources, which are listed on the site.
Search is correct and more detailed than with Google Maps.
Google issues the largest object on your request, GeoNames will offer a maximum of options. Search by official names and alternate names.
In addition, there are lists where you can see the population, the territory for countries and cities, the height for the mountains ...

World Stadiums -
List of stadiums of the world by continents and countries. The year of construction, capacity, type of seats is indicated. There are small photos.

Mу documents - моидокументы.рф
Multifunctional center.


A multifunctional centre for the provision of public and municipal services.

The first name of the service is a single window.
The aim is to minimize bureaucracy and, as a result, to reduce the number of visits to a single window to one, maximum two.
You only need to provide documents that you no longer have, no other offices' references are required.

In general, the site performs rather an information task:

  • Find out your MFC address (My Documents),
  • MFC working time,
  • you can sign up at some point.
Here you can do a lot of things, but get the rights to the traffic police, passport in the passport office and ... it'll be cheaper than at MFC.

But it's easier here.


Mobility Carsharing -
address: Mobility Cooperative, Suurstoffi 16, 6343
tel.: +41-848-824-812


Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim -


Old maps of Moscow online -
The site presents the old maps of Moscow and the Moscow region from ancient times to the present day.


The site presents the old maps of Moscow and the Moscow region from ancient times to the present.

For all maps, online browsing is available in high resolution.

With the Map Overlay function, you can compare any old Moscow plan with modern maps and satellite imagery.


address: AG, Dentenbergstrasse 41
Converts HTML and whole sites to PDF.


address: комнаты 1-9, помещение III, 5 этаж, корп. 1, ул. Докукина, д. 16
tel.: +7 (800) 700-95-88
Television and cinema online.


The best TV player in Russian in the browser and on the mobile.
Yandex bought the best TV player, and then, using the technology, made its own and developed.

Free registration is required.


  1. a good base of popular TV channels - more than 200, there are paid packages, I completely manage the free version;
  2. high quality pictures, you can choose yourself or leave automatic;
  3. the player works smoothly and stably on the smartphone and browser;
  4. a simple stylish interface that allows you to quickly intuitively master the player;
  5. TV program,
  6. filters by genre, favorites,
  7. sane support service.


The player also performs the role of an online movie theater, you can in high resolution to watch a movie or a TV show.

The movies are good, but the base is still insignificant, but growing.


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich -

address: Schaffhauserstr. 104 8152 Glattbrugg
tel.: +41 43 211 65 00
International Federation of Freight Forwarders Organizations.

address: Brandschenkestrasse 50, Postfach 1817, 8027
tel.: +41 44 562-22-00
International Ice Hockey Federation.

aSmallWorld -
address: ASMALLWORLD AG Bellerivestrasse 241 8008
European cream of society.


A SMALL WORLD is a leading international private life style club founded in 2004 as one of the first social networks. Members from all over the world share extraordinary experience in order for comrades to fit into the surrounding society.


Shazam -
address: Apple Park Way, CA 95014
Search songs by melody.


A simple application, like a website, you can start using Facebook accounts or register.
We share the application with a fragment of the melody with anything - radio, television, cinema, club ...
The program is looking for its extensive database And as a result gives us a link to YouTube with this song.
Why YouTube? Probably to hear and see.

Small Worlds -
Virtual world + social network in which you form your personality, your pet, housing, shopping, traveling and much more.


Virtual world + social network, in which you form your personality, your pet, housing, shopping, traveling and much more. The whole world is divided into locations where you instantly move.
You can move to friends, if you get such, in different locations in which you were, shops.
In the locations you just go around clicking the mouse.
You have here a bag with inventory, as well as a passport, which is the profile and tracker of your stats, i.e. Level indicators, the growth of the exponent of experience, everything is straight as in the RPG.

Stats SweHockey -

Explore Everything -

Information and entertainment tape in real time on events of Russian and world scale.


Information and entertainment tape in real time on events of Russian and world scale.


address: Route de Genève 46, 1260
Official sites football.


Official website of UEFA.
There is a Russian version.
The site is very decent, a lot of statistics and visual information.