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Paper letters

Post of Russia, Emails

We receive registered letters in electronic form.

Everyone must have gotten tired of receiving notices of official letters, running to the post office, to get them and throw them away, because almost all of them are formal.

We go to the site, you can use the entrance to the account of the State Service and several times agree. Everything, now all the formal mail will come to our email and there's no need to run anywhere.
The letter will come in PDF format and will look like it would be in the mail. If desired, you can print.


reliable site
address: Russia, St. Petersburg


The service of sending messages to persons in custody or serving a sentence.

If someone is unlucky and relatives in the zone, I would like to communicate more often.
To go on a date is far away, and Internet is banned. There is a website that allows you to send an email, though it's paid as a telegram.


  1. 1 page (up to 2500 characters) - 55 rub.,
  2. answer on one page 55 rub.,
  3. Photo 30 rub.
You can answer and photo not order, or vice versa, empty letter free with paid answer.

There are no restrictions, just pay.


Payment is a special card that you can Directly to the site and order. And then, as necessary, to pay.

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Letter 2 future

How it works

  1. We write a letter,
  2. put the date of receipt,
  3. receive.
We may receive - electronic or paper letter.
The paper letter will cost $5.99.

Letters of Note

Personal letters written by famous people.