Recommendation for choosing a mail server

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Recommendation for choosing a mail server

If you have a domain name

Be sure to get mail to your domain.
  • It's solid - you have your own domain,
  • In your domain, you can choose any name,
  • Some western sites do not allow for registration with email on free services, so it's useful,
  • Especially useful if you want to have addresses for relatives, or if it's an organization, then for employees.
The main advantage - you use your domain and do not pay for a place under the mail.

If you do not have a domain name

Make sure you post on, because the best postal service. You will have a large mailbox and the best spam filter, there are also other conveniences about which are described in detail and which are not close on other mail servers.

Moreover, cases of accusation against our mail services ( and in the sale of passwords to mailboxes have increased, which is not surprising in our country, because the West seeks not to have an Internet business with Russia. is a great opportunity for a civilized service for Russia.

On Yandex you will receive a purse ЮMoney and Disk online. If you need it, get started and put forwarding on
In any case, get a box somewhere, except Google. Otherwise, you want to send something with the extension .exe or whatever, and Google will count for the virus and will not allow and what then?

Speaking about Yandex, this post has been tightened recently and by functionality it has bypassed all mail services Russia, coming closer to Gmail. In addition, compared to Gmail, Yandex.Mail has its advantages. The main ones are an unlimited free mailbox and an attachment up to 5 Gb.

Of course, if you have a website, a domain name, then you can have and your e-mail address, but still enter the address into Gmail or Yandex.Mail and redirect to it. So, save your seat and use the perfect spam filter on Google or Yandex.


Make 2 e-mail addresses - primary and temporary.
  1. Primary let alone those with whom you maintain a constant connection, so as not to lose contact. It does not shine in the network.
  2. Temporary address for registrations on forums, etc., where required. When it lights up and spam flows, just delete it. And if someone has a good contact, then give him the main email. You may also need it to send attachments that may not miss.
Details about spam protection.