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Cloud storage

What are cloud services?

Clouds are what's on top. So in this case, portrayed the Internet.
The service allows you to store data there, which can then be synchronized to computers, smartphones, tablets via the Internet.

For example.
You synchronized the folder with the documents and gave access to your employees. Now you can work with documents together. They are on everyone's computer and to the site. If of Internet is not present, you work to computer. When the Internet has appeared, they are synchronized. And the old versions of documents can be stored on the Internet.

You may also find yourself in another place, and you need a document. You go through someone else's computer into your account and get your documents. But the computer is not yours and there may not be the programs you need. You can work through the online program.

That's how cloud services simplify the life of busy people.

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reliable site

tel.: +1 (877) 729-42-69
address: USA


  • differentiation of access to your account for users (in the paid version),
  • synchronization (including automatic) of your computer with an account using a small program,
  • different levels of document sharing (public, private),
  • tag search,
  • mobile access,
  • maximum file size - 25 Mb,
  • registration - required .
Inside - everything is beautiful, drop-down layers, hints, ajax.

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If you use Gino hosting, get 20 GB of free space for free. And if you participate in the program (in which almost all Gino users participate), you get 5 more GB of space forever.

There is no limit to the file size.

We share files in one click.

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Google Drive

Cloud storage from Google.

Free of charge is only 15 GB of space for Google Drive and Gmail mail.
In addition, you can store photos in Google Photos unlimitedly.

You can expand the space to 100 Gb for a couple of bucks, 10 Tb for $100 per month.

You can specify the location for the folder location in the computer. Which is convenient. Not everywhere it can be done. I have all the documents on the disk: D so I can just blindly take the CD: C and I will not lose any information. Then you can upload what we need and the files will sync with our Google account.

Google Drive is integrated with Google Docs, so you can edit the documents online.

There are applications for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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In the beginning you get 10 Gb of space free of charge.
From time to time there are possibilities to increase.
I currently have 48 Gb of free space.


Install Yandex.Disc application on a smartphone or tablet and activate automatic upload of photos and videos.

Photo and video does not compress and there are no restrictions.
Watch will be available on the phone, online, and if you have a folder on your computer, then there.


We can assign any folder on your computer system for Yandex.disc and it will be synchronized with the storage online.
Synchronization speed is low - 50-60 Kb. But if you're not in a hurry, it doesn't matter.
In addition, this speed is completely invisible and you can do all the usual work without paying attention to the background work of J.Disk.

There are levels of access to documents: personal or public.
For the public, you can get a link separately for the document.


Maybe not uploading photos, pictures.
Browse was able to view virtually any format, including CorelDRAW and .EPS.
Office documents and e-books can also be viewed.

ZIP archives open online like a regular folder, and then you can view selected documents and pictures of the archive.

Document Editor

Used online document editor from Microsoft.

Mail integration

After you enter the disk via mail and back, you can view the mail attachments separately on the disk.

In my opinion, this service is the easiest, lightest, most understandable and most convenient.

There are applications for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Amazon Cloud Drive

5Gb is free.
You can buy 1Gb for $1 a year - up to 1Tb, which will cost $1000 per year.

Free storage of all audio tracks purchased in Amazon MP3, their size will not be taken into account.
For $20 we get an unlimited place for any music (MP3 and AAC).

There are applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Built-in Amazon Cloud Player.

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Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Apple
address: USA

Apple iCloud

Cloud service is automatic and free. iCloud saves your music, photos, applications, calendars, documents, and more, and delivers all this content to all your devices with the help of Push Push technology.

Your data is tied Not to your computer or device, but to the Apple account.

For everything, you all get 5 Gb space. On the mail, pictures, documents.
If space is not enough, you can ask for more, but then you will have to pay.

Conveniently, if you have downloaded something or bought, you do not need to remember where it lies.
Everything lies in Apple. Steve Jobs presents iCloud.


Storage of files and documents, synchronization with Mail.

Initially, it is given 25 Gb for free, the first users were given up to 1 Tb for free.
To do this, you will need to install the application on your computer, on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) Open one link for public viewing, on the smartphone to open the autoloading of photos (I have when connecting via Wi-Fi), write a review.

On the site you can download or open to download the file or folder. You can also see the picture, Word, Excel or text file.


The download limit is 3 Gb.
But if you download Special application, then up to 32 Gb.

Document Editor

The online document editor from Microsoft is used.

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A leading cloud storage where you can store files from your computer and synchronize with a number of computers and smartphones.
Download a small program, put it where you need synchronization or access to files and voila.


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
Given 2Gb for free, you can buy 50Gb for $10 per month, 100Gb for $20.

The purpose of the service is to store your files in case you do not have a computer on hand.

In addition, this program synchronizes files.
You have created a new document Or something added to the old one on the computer and it appears in your store on Internet.
Or on the trip you update the document on Internet and the program will update this file on your computer.

You do not have to bind the entire computer With this repository m files. You specify the folder whose content you want to associate with this service.

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What is this?

For you, for free, no limit on the period of use is allocated 5 Gb. You can upload your documents, create a file structure. Can be shared or private for each file.

Direct link to folders on OneDrive

Each folder in the OneDrive service has its own web address that can be sent in an e-mail message, inserted into a document, added to favorites, saved as a shortcut, etc.
  • All for free,
  • 25 GB of space is provided,
  • The maximum file size is 300 Mb,
  • You can upload 5 files,
  • Create a file structure,
  • ,
  • Get a link to a single file,
  • 3 levels of access - personal, friends, public.

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Free is given 100Gb.

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The cloud gives 5 Gb of space for free.

1 file does not exceed 100 Mb.

The download speed is 200 kb.

The unlimited storage is offered, but then you have to pay.
In my opinion, the free Version is not worth attention, too little is proposed. It suits only as a sampler for those who are looking for a large vault. You can try how much it will be convenient and then decide whether to take the full version or not.

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Provides 5 Gb for free, syncs as Dropbox. It will be more convenient to process media files or everything on the hard disk. SugarSync is a good option for synchronizing files outside Dropbox, especially for photos.

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A service for collecting data from all cloud stores under one shell.
There are opportunities to transfer documents from one cloud to another, fast browsing, downloading files to the selected cloud from the application.
Levels of admission - the ability to share files with others.
There are 29 cloud storages (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, OneDrive, SugarSync, Facebook, 4Shared, FTP, WebDAV ...).

Basic functions

  1. Access to many clouds with one login and password
  2. Preview documents
  3. Transfer files between clouds.
  4. Share files with your friends.
  5. Search for files across all clouds.

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Free is given 15Gb.

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A young cloud from Iran.
The beginning is aggressive - with 5Tb free.
Plans to connect PayPal. It's not clear what for yet.
Upload speed is very slow.


A single site for access to all cloud accounts in other places: Dropbox, Google Drive,, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Amazon, Mega.
We go to the site, register and add accounts. All fast. And you can add multiple accounts from one cloud storage.


Free is given 2Gb.

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My CloudApp

Free 10 files per day and no more than 25 Mb.
Easy registration. There is no binding to your computer, everything is stored on the server.
Quite convenient if you need a little.



The founder of the well-known Megaupload file sharing company, a year after its closing, launches the cloud-based MEGA service.

The cloud has data encryption, gives 50 Gb of space for free.
It costs up to 4 Tb.

This is more than most of these services offer.

There is no limit to the size of one file. You can upload files or folders.
You can open and share a link to a file or folder.
The transfer over Internet files is encrypted.

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