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URL Decoder/Encoder -
Encodes and decodes national domain names, for example: www.яндекс.рф in www.%D1%8F%D0%BD%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%81.%D1%80%D1%84 Or back.

Encodes and decodes national domain names, for example:
or backward.

Emoticons in domain names
While it can be written in pictures in the iPhone and Android.

Well this question hung in the air. Once you have found the opportunity to encode the national alphabets (Cyrillic, hieroglyphics), why not use other Unicode characters or something more complicated.
We are writing in chats :), and at the output we have a muzzle, we can make the flag of the country and Other emoticons.
This is more complicated, this is code. But you can make a code from the code.
You can register this address in not all domain zones.

While it can be written in pictures on iPhone and Android. And the computer does not work. The code itself will turn out like this, and the phone may look different.

Naminum -
Domain Name Generator.

Service for the generation of domain names.
First enter the name of your company or simply the word chosen by us (not in Russian, otherwise you will be offered strange names, you can try).
A large list will be offered.
You can Click on the one you like and you will generate a list of this type of words.

Yahoo Small Business -
Where to buy a domain in international zones.

Cost - $9.95

Educause -
The Ministry of Commerce USA has decided to expand the EDU domain zone.

The Ministry of Commerce USA has decided to expand the EDU domain zone. Until recently, only higher education institutions, teaching students for a four-year program and local colleges providing secondary education could register names in this zone. From now on, the right to register domains with the suffix EDU will receive and other accredited educational institutions, such as, for example, beauty institutions, theological educational institutions and institutions of distance education.

Currently, the EDU domain zone is managed by a technology consortium Educause, created with the participation of many American universities. According to the project, educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education USA can apply for domain registration. In Educause they say that 95% of the responses to the domain zone expansion project were positive. To date, about 7,500 domain names have been registered in the EDU zone, belonging to approximately 6,000 educational institutions.

WIPO arbitrators have dealt with 25,000 domain disputes.

WIPO arbitrators have dealt with 25,000 domain disputes.

In 1999, ICANN, the International Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which manages the Internet address space, adopted the UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) and UDRP rules. These documents created a system of out-of-court dispute resolution for consideration of cases of domain registration with known bad intentions.

Since the entry into force of these documents, several centers authorized to handle domain disputes have been accredited. Two of them account for more than 90% of reviews: The WIPO Arbitration Mediation Center (World Intellectual Property Organization) and the US National Arbitration Forum (National Arbitration Forum).

On average, the WIPO Arbitration Center receives three new disputes under the UDRP on a daily basis, suggesting that infringement of the rights of trademark and other intellectual property (IP) owners by domain owners continues. However, significant progress has been made since the initial introduction of UDRP, when the number of disputes filed per day reached five. 'This trend is encouraging and shows that an expedited online dispute resolution service is an effective way to prevent IP theft by pirates on the Internet,' said Mr. Francis Gurry, Deputy Director General responsible for overseeing WIPO's work in the domain area. 'This does not mean that our work is finished - we must continue our efforts to ensure that the Internet becomes a safe market for business people. Preventing the misuse of intellectual property rights in the digital environment, which is expanding on a daily basis, is a significant part of our work,' Mr. Gurry added.

Illustrating the significant public attention to this phenomenon, the Centre's website, which publishes all decisions and includes a legal index of all decisions, has registered more than 30 million appeals in total. The most visited solutions are those for the 'name' domains of Madonna, Sting, Julia Roberts. Recall that Madonna and Julia Roberts have won disputes about their domain names, while Sting has not been able to prove the three conditions necessary to return a domain name (see Under the terms of the UDRP, the plaintiff must prove that the disputed domain name is identical or confusingly similar to its own trademark or other IP object, that the defendant has no right or legitimate interest in the domain concerned, and that the defendant has registered and used the domain in bad faith.

Thus, 2005 was marked by major domain disputes around well-known branded domains such as,,, In addition, celebrities continue to be a tasty piece of cyber squatters. Such famous people as the author of 'Little Prince' Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Morgan Freeman, Larry King, Domiane Hirst and others have been involved in the proceedings. The fashion world has also been made public by scandals and high-profile domain cases. Hugo Boss, Armani, and Calvin Klein have been on trial.

The industries most frequently involved in WIPO domain disputes include food and alcohol production and sales, the restaurant business, the fashion and entertainment industry, the Internet and information technology, and the media.

In just 7 years of the WIPO Arbitration Mediation Center's existence, the Center's arbitrators have dealt with over 25,000 cases. The Center has received 9,567 claims under the UDRP procedure for both national domains (country code TLD or ccTLD) and public domains (generic TLD or gTLD). Of these applications, according to WIPO statistics, 79 per cent of all domain name dispute cases were filed under domain COM; 11 per cent under domain NET, 6 per cent under domain ORG, 2 per cent under domain INFO and 2 per cent under domains BIZ, TRAVEL, AERO and EDU combined.

More than 15 thousand domain disputes considered by the Center concerned domains registered in the course of priority registration in domains INFO, BIZ, MOBI, as well as cases based on the special procedure ERDRP developed at the opening of the domain NAME.

Of the 9,567 applications submitted up to August 2006, 97 per cent (8,936) were resolved. Of these, 418 involved domain names registered in national domains (47 ccTLDs under the UDRP process), of which 388 were resolved in favour of the plaintiff, 43 in favour of the defendant, 105 were resolved by the parties and another 30 are pending. A total of 17,912 domains from 136 countries have been processed.

В отчете Арбитражно-посреднического центра ВОИС приведена таблица с количеством рассмотренных доменных споров в разных доменных зонах по годам.

UDRP .info .biz STOP .name EDRP .mobi Sunrise Total
1999 1 - - -   1
2000 1,857 - - -   1,857
2001 1,557 1,579 53 -   3,189
2002 1,207 13,593 285 1   15,086
2003 1,100 - - -   1,100
2004 1,176 - - 3   1,179
2005 1,456 - - 1   1,457
Jan-August 2006 1,213 - - - 3 1,216
Total 9,567 15,172 338 5 3 25,085
The WIPO Arbitration Mediation Center is also involved in the resolution of disputes concerning so-called multilingual domain names (represented by symbols of national alphabets). Several dozen lawsuits have already been received for such domain names.

In analyzing the claims received, WIPO speaks of the multinational nature of the domain hijacking phenomenon. To date, the Center has received disputes in 12 languages. Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. The geographical distribution of parties involved in disputes handled by the WIPO Center under the UDRP covers 136 countries. It is clear that the number of such contentious cases will only increase over time.

Domain disputes resolved by the Center are indexed, a number of decisions on them published on the organization's website.

List of free 3-character names in .RU zone

JustDropped -
List and search for vacant domains

Web 2.0 Name Generator -
It's popular to call sites non-existent original names, such as Yandex. Yahoo, Googleb YouTube ...

It's popular to call sites non-existent original names, such as Yandex. Yahoo, Googleb YouTube ...
the site offers this kind of names, we go in and get a list.
You don't like it, we click on it and get a new one.

MyDomain -
Gives primary and secondary DNS (4 ns-servers in total).

Gives primary and secondary DNS (4 ns-servers in total).
Supports web-redict (the site will be available for your domain, even if it is on free hosting).
Supported and IP-pointing, there is a "Round robin" - you can specify multiple IP-addresses of different servers, and throw the user will each time a different server.

A redirect mail for the addresses of your domain.
You can edit CNAME and MX records, you cannot edit NS.
Transfer zone does not support.

ZoneEdit -
DNS spreader.

DNS spreader.
Restrictions: for one account - no more than five domains.
Appeals to the DNS-server for one domain should not exceed 1 million times a year.
This equals three thousand requests per day to your site.
Even without caching DNS is a lot, so we can say that there are no restrictions.

Domain registration on Jino
Main domains and free SSL certificate.

Main zone domains.

It is convenient if you use hosting on Gino. Domain names in zones .RU and .RF are available for free.
In general, a small selection of domain zones, but the main ones are present.

Simple binding to the hosting and setting up, say, you can just configure, for example, the address of the domain automatically changed to or vice versa.
Or HTTP:// to HTTPS://

Another convenient feature I find the payment for hosting and domain in one place. Today there are too many small payments, it is nice to reduce them.
In addition, if domains in international zones can be paid for years ahead and do not think about it for a long time, then domains in zones .RU and .RF can be extended only for a year and you can pay for a month before the end.
It is very inconvenient, especially if the vacation falls on this time.
It is not difficult to forget and lose.
On Gino, you can connect the auto-renewal of the domain and your care just to throw money at Gino, and he himself will extend the domain when the time comes and your site will always be active.

Free SSL Certificate

Today, an address like HTTP:// is considered obsolete and has little trust, especially from search engines.
SSL certificate allows you to have an address like HTTPS://, which will help in promotion.

Moniker -
Auction of domain names and purchase new ones.

Domain name auction and purchase of new ones.

Site for parking domains.

Site for parking domains.

Here you can park domains for free, unlimited quantity, detailed statistics. For a beautiful interface, professional support and user-friendly interface will have to pay $ 5 per month.

Here you can buy a domain with a beautiful name or sell.

Domainr -
Fast, free search for a domain name, short URL.

Fast, free domain name search, short URLs.

Forum about domains
Buying, selling, free domain evaluation, domain name auction.
Where to buy a domain name in .RU zone.

Here it is convenient to keep domains if you have more than one, otherwise it will be expensive.
1 domain - 590 rubles.
2 domains - 400 rubles.
3 domains - 350 rubles.

Hosting here is definitely not worth buying and using other "conveniences", it will turn out to be expensive and inconvenient. Of the main advantages is the ability to pay the domain at any time for any period.
Usually it is necessary to pay the domain in the zone .RU not earlier than 2 months and only 1 year. Which can create some inconvenience, especially if you registered the domain in the summer and now every vacation ado is adjusted.

Will the domain.

Inheritance of the right to a domain name.

Description of the service

The service allows the domain administrator to determine who will, in the event of his death, transfer the right to administer the domain.

Thanks to this service, heirs will be able to:

  • perform all subsequent operations with the domain Name;
  • avoid losses associated with the loss of the domain;
  • get away from legal disputes by domain.
  • Conditions for registering the inheritance of the right to a domain name
The domain administrator must sign the Agreement on the transfer of domain name administration rights In case of death of the administrator and indicate in it the name and contact details of the future heir.

Cost - free of charge

Server public authorities Russia.

The closed domain zone for state websites Russia.
The RSNET (Russian State Network) network is a segment of Internet for federal authorities and Bodies of state power of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

.mobi Domains -
Today it can be argued that this zone did not go.

There was a special domain zone for the mobile Internet - .mobi
Today it can be argued that this zone did not go. It is used, but more often, as a redirect. Normal websites specially for mobile are few on the other domain.
Just type or

The cost of the domain is $18.95 ( per year. Any site in the .MOBI domain will be guaranteed to be conveniently viewed on a small screen of the mobile phone even at a slow connection speed: there will not be any pop-up windows, and all content will be broken up into small arrays of information.

On May 22, the Mobile Top Level Domain (mTLD) announced the launch of .MOBI, ICANN registrar in this domain zone. The initiative to create a new domain was actively supported by players in the mobile communications industry - operators, content providers and mobile phone manufacturers. Investors for .MOBI creation were GSM Association, Ericsson, Google, Hutchison, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Syniverse, Telefonica Moviles, TIM, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

Afilias manages the .INFO, .MOBI, .PRO, .PINK, .BLUE, .RED, .KIM, .BLACK, .SHIKSHA, .ORGANIC, .LGBT, .POKER, .LOTTO, .BET, .PET, .PROMO, .GREEN, .SKI, .ARCHI, .BIO, .GLOBAL, .LLC and .移动 (dotChineseMOBILE) gTLDs.

RegistryPro -

Reserved Names

Domains of the second level,,, ... also have geographic names in the .PRO domain.
In addition, you can not register a name shorter than 4- Characters.
  • ACA.PRO, CPA.PRO, STB.PRO - accountants.
  • ARC.PRO - architecture.
  • BAR.PRO, JUR.PRO, LAW.PRO - lawyers.
  • DDS.PRO, DEN.PRO, DNT.PRO - dentists.
  • ENG.PRO, ING.PRO - engineers.
  • MED.PRO - physicians.


The top-level domain PRO is intended for use solely by companies that have a license to conduct business and provide a professional level of service to their customers in any country in the world.

In addition, the new domain zone Is available to professional companies and associations that can register .PRO domain names that are consonant with company names or their trademarks in the .PRO domain.

To obtain a domain in the PRO zone, the future domain owner is obliged to:

  • provide a professional serv
  • be registered or licensed by a state body or legal entity accountable to a government body that regularly checks the reliability of its data
  • have a good history of professional activity in the body specified above
Before registering for a domain, (Professional Eligibility Verification process). To do this, you will need to provide the following information:
  • the name specified on the License (name and surname)
  • licensing date
  • type of professional activity
  • country of business
  • body that licensed your activity
  • license number
  • site of the authority that issued the license


It should be added that this is still not a cheap domain zone. The cost is about $75 per year.

Russian domain auctions.

Site for sale and purchase of sites and domains.
Teldery works with more than 150 domain registrars and provides full support for transactions.

Actually, without an intermediary, this is not done accurately. This intermediary will allow you to securely receive money and is also guaranteed a site or domain for money.
You can set a fixed price, run an auction.

Euro DNS -
National domains.

Registrar of European domains. - registrar of Asian domains.

National Domains only 243, According to the number of 2-letter codes of countries and territories in accordance with the international standard ISO 3166-1

Domain .TV was used as an international one.
the Head of the country has concluded the corresponding contract with the Canadian businessman.
However, domain ownership remains for the country.

Domain registration

  1. Closed registration, only for citizens are strange.

  2. Open Registration, for all comers, only pay.

There are countries, for example, Ukraine, Israel, Japan, Mexico ... which allow you to register only domains of the 2nd level, .ORG.UA, .CO.JP.
Level 1 domain can only be purchased by organizations that have an officially registered corresponding company name.

This was the country of Great Britain. Now in the UK, the registration of domains of the 1st level is open.
But if you have a domain in the .CO.UK zone, the corresponding domain name is stored for free in the .UK zone.

If you do not use the 1st-level domain reserved for you for 5 years, It can be registered by anyone.

Special Registration

They are increasingly trying to earn money by selling domains, so they create new domain zones, open a registration for foreigners.

Registration of 2-character domains.
Not every country allows you to buy a 2-character domain.
If they allow you to buy, it's very expensive.
So only leading portals can buy, like

  1. VK -
  2. Classmates -
  3. Yandex -
  4. -
Today it became a rule to sell "beautiful names" in tripod. These are usually short successful words for this domain zone.

However, it is better to come up with a unique name, create a new word, like Google, Yahu or Yandex.

GudzonHost -
Where to buy a domain in international zones.

Gudzon is the same reseller, as well as the previous (Answerable), and that's why everything also.
The difference in price: here is more expensive $12.45 and on respectively.

Payment methods

RU-CENTER guarantees the fulfillment by the Seller and the Buyer of their obligations to transfer and pay the domain name.

Telnic -
Main registrar of .TEL

This is not another domain zone, like .RU, .COM, but a completely different principle. In fact, this is a global site where you register an account. That is, a new word in the domain domain. What should we wait for tomorrow, if everyone starts looking at domain zones differently?


  • - shows how you can also customize folders (social or game groups).


It has already become customary that first new domain zones are very expensive. Because now it is worth buying only if you are interested in a particular name. In other cases, it is recommended to wait.

Quite recently the domain cost $125 in year, now the price has fallen below $20 in year.


You can have your information completely free on social networks. The .TEL zone offers a simple and easy way to access your contact information, you do not need a 3rd transition. In addition, the service is configured for mobile, which makes it practical.

Having registered the domain, the user on its base can create the domain and publish on it the list of Moscow cinemas. Then for each movie theater, he can assign a separate domain (for example, to place the relevant contact information. The number of subdomains is not limited, therefore, to the catalog of cinemas based on the name, you can add and other data - for example, in a similar way to create a directory of Moscow restaurants. In this case, all information in each directory will be displayed in a structured form. So, when accessing a domain in the TEL zone through the browser, information about existing subdomains existing on its base will be shown as links to them.

Still need to mention the different levels of access for visitors. Like and on other services, you set the access level: for all, only for registered users …

EuroDNS -
Registration of domains in the zone .EU and other zones.

Whois-service -

Short Domain Search -
Short domain names.

Since the appearance of hundreds of new domain zones, it's much easier to find a short domain name.

This site allows you to find a lot of free short domain names. Right here you can register it. But I would not do it. The best thing to find here, and register where it is more convenient.


Instant Domain Sea -
Instant domain search.

Instant domain search.
I enter the name and at the moment I offer domain zones with the cost.
In addition to the free are indicated and employed with indication of registrars and WHOIS.
Free domains with similar names are also offered. And not clumsy, but decent.
For example, I requested MYBIBLE, but MYBOOK and BIBLE were offered to me.


TinyCert -
Free SSL certificates for your startup.


Hipster Business Name -
Generator of Hipster names for business.


Lean Domain Search -
Instant search for a domain name.


iwantmyname -
Allows you to search for domains in all TLDs.

Allows you to search for domains in all TLDs. That is, in all domain zones.
Say I need the name cocacola, I find where freely, I choose a zone more interesting, I pay attention to the price, and here I can buy it if I want to.


Force Password Change -
If you are an administrator of the Google Apps domain, use this script to force all users in your domain to change their passwords.


ICANN list -

In alphabet order -

by language -

by country -


Demos-Internet CJSC
Sinse 24.02.2004.

Accredited on June 20, 2005.

Naunet JV
Sinse 23.09.2005.

Garant-Park-Telecom, LLC
Sinse 03.09.2003.

Regional Network Information Center, the ELN -
Sinse 05.09.2003.

Caravan-Telecom CJSC
Sinse 07.02.2005.

Domain Registrar
Sinse 07.02.2005.

Ragtime -
Sinse 20.04.2004 (not recommended)

Sinse 20.04.2004 (not recommended)

Combining Frinet Networks
Sinse 01.06.2004.