Full description
Email with your name.

Mail with the address by type your NAME@FAMILY.domain

Enter, write your name in Latin, if we do not know, then in Russian, we are offered variants of writing in Latin, and then we offer variants in different domain zones where this is Available, there are free options.

Let's say your name is Nikolay Pupkin, so you can start a mail with the address for example.

Nameberry -
Selecting the name of the child.

Choosing a child's name.
At the very bottom of the site, you can turn on the Google translator and read in Russian.

Choosing a child's name is not easy. Someone already knows exactly what he will call. Another thinks that this is not so important a question, first it is necessary to give birth. And then so much falls on you and sometimes it happens that they give the first name that comes to their head.

And it happens that we think in advance and time is enough. But ... nothing in the head goes, do not know what to push off. How to choose between Petya and Vasya? And why should I call Petya, and not Vasya? As horrible, I would not want to.

In the section "Names" there is a service for selecting a name.
Specify the gender of the child and the keywords. And get a list of names. We choose.

Name Combiner -
4 Give the name and get all sorts of combinations.

We give 4 names and get all possible combinations of them. Rather, no more than 4, you can and less.
Then look at the list, you can see what you like.

Namelix -
Name for anything.

A site based on a neural network helps to come up with a name for your business, whatever it is.

How it works

  1. Enter the topic (scope) of our business in the form field
  2. select the desired name length (for example, for the site name, better short),
  3. we get a group of names that look like logos.
You can choose from the proposed or inspired by ideas and come up with your own. Or take it as a basis and ... -
Popularity, origin and rating of names in the USA.

Naminum -
Domain Name Generator.

Service for the generation of domain names.
First enter the name of your company or simply the word chosen by us (not in Russian, otherwise you will be offered strange names, you can try).
A large list will be offered.
You can Click on the one you like and you will generate a list of this type of words.

Russian names in Japanese characters.

Looka -
Ideas for your logo.

Ideas for your logo.

We indicate the site that we have, a restaurant, photo studio, fitness ...

We specify the name, and the neural network offers logo design ideas for our business.

If you are very interested, you can order a logo or corporate identity directly from them.

List of free 3-character names in .RU zone

Web 2.0 Name Generator -
It's popular to call sites non-existent original names, such as Yandex. Yahoo, Googleb YouTube ...

It's popular to call sites non-existent original names, such as Yandex. Yahoo, Googleb YouTube ...
the site offers this kind of names, we go in and get a list.
You don't like it, we click on it and get a new one.

Iconscrabble -
Logo generator.

On the site is just a form field, where we enter the name in Latin letters, without numbers or other symbols, only Latin letters.
As a result we get a word from the motley letters.
On a solid logo does not pull, but in the originality you will not

Forebears -
Find out how many people with your last name in the world.

Find out how many people with your last name in the world.
You can find out how many cities in the world with the name Moscow, Paris, London ....

Enter a query with the name of the city, name or surname.
See the prompts, choose what suits us.
We get results by country, on the map, popularity scale by year, transliteration ...

Search namesakes
Search for namesakes.

Search for namesakes.
Analysis of the name, name.
Analysis of the brand.
Pick up a nickname.

FlamingText -
Logo generator.

Enter the text of the logo, then you can use the Cyrillic alphabet, numbers, symbols.
I tried to enter something difficult - Cyrillic, Latin, numbers, symbols, space. He drowned, or did not bring anything.
At the output we get text in style, like Photoshop styles. Choose from what, you get more than 200 options.

Names and meanings of names.

Names and meanings of names.

Do you believe in the meaning of names? In what name can influence a person's fate? Did you try to choose a name for a person yourself - for your child, for your friends' child, or your own "virtual" name? I bet that it was not so easy.

The site contains the most complete information about the names (more than 1000 names, if you count with synonyms), their history, origin, meaning of the names. In addition, for each description of the name on the site you will find a list of famous (famous) people bearing such a name, as well as a name calendar.

Names -
A large database of names, twenty of the most popular names, the rating of children's names - as they call children today.

A large database of names, twenty of the most popular names, the rating of children's names - as they call children today.

KnowEm -
We select login.

Enter the desired Nick and see where he is already occupied. So it's easier to pick up one Nick for all social networks in which you want to participate.

Short Domain Search -
Short domain names.

Since the appearance of hundreds of new domain zones, it's much easier to find a short domain name.

This site allows you to find a lot of free short domain names. Right here you can register it. But I would not do it. The best thing to find here, and register where it is more convenient.


Instant Domain Sea -
Instant domain search.

Instant domain search.
I enter the name and at the moment I offer domain zones with the cost.
In addition to the free are indicated and employed with indication of registrars and WHOIS.
Free domains with similar names are also offered. And not clumsy, but decent.
For example, I requested MYBIBLE, but MYBOOK and BIBLE were offered to me.


Hipster Business Name -
Generator of Hipster names for business.


Behind the name
Etymology and History of names.


iwantmyname -
Allows you to search for domains in all TLDs.

Allows you to search for domains in all TLDs. That is, in all domain zones.
Say I need the name cocacola, I find where freely, I choose a zone more interesting, I pay attention to the price, and here I can buy it if I want to.