Unsuccessful domain zones

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Unsuccessful domain zones

Recently, new international and national domain zones have appeared, so

Domains that did not go


A peculiar zone, you can not edit the code, just an address book. To find out how popular it is, you can simply visit google.tel, yandex.tel, google.tel and etc.
Just see how they are used. Many superglobal firms do not even buy domains with their names.

The reason for failure is the impossibility of editing the code.


Just no one understood how to use it.


It essentially tries to replace the .COM zone. Because it was of little interest.


It was expected that sites will be made specifically for mobile phones right here. But it is always better to untwist one address. Let's say the mobile version of Yandex on m.yandex.ru, m.google.com and so on

Some first ripped and bought the domains here, but just set the redirection to the primary domain.


The ridiculous domain zone. This zone is like a cart in front of a horse.
The problem of encodings is not solved, and the domain in another encoding already exists.
We have a foolish situation. English has one character set. European languages ​​have one encoding, and Russian has several encodings. Such an impression, nobody does this, nobody cares. Russia is waiting for legislators in the west to put things in order. And they basically do not understand that such a problem exists.

Result - .РФ domain zone.
For example, the address ПРЕЗИДЕНТ.РФ, if it is written in the code ПРЕЗИДЕНТ.РФ, there will be an error, it is correct to write xn - d1abbgf6aiiy.xn - p1ai
In some places, you can even make mail in this zone, only in the name before the dog, you still need to write a Latin, ex. mail@ПРЕЗИДЕНТ.РФ. Dghxtv not with any mail you can write a letter to this address. Many people will call the address erroneous. But and this address will not be mail@ПРЕЗИДЕНТ.РФ, mail@xn--d1abbgf6aiiy.xn--p1ai.

By the way, not everywhere you need to write xn - d1abbgf6aiiy.xn - p1ai, somewhere and ПРЕЗИДЕНТ.РФ will drive. Depends on the encoding. In short, the cant at the doorpost.

This zone was promoted by speculators, the popularity is inflated. But how many people came to the sites in this domain zone? There was a poll. For more than a year, a rare person visited this domain zone 10 times. In most people visited this area 2-4 times, out of curiosity.

The reason why these domains have not gone and many new ones will not go

It is always easier to unleash one domain name, one address.
Here if it so went that all mobile in the .MOBI zone, and the addresses are searched in .TEL. All would be there and registered. But we know that Yandex should be looked for at www.yandex.com, Google on www.google.com, and there we will be thrown where necessary. Correctly?

We have already said that successful domain zones are: .COM for the world and .RU for Russia (for other countries their domains). From international still. TV and. FM, as thematic. Here, there are addresses and they are expensive.