What's in the (domain) name of your?

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What's in the (domain) name of your?

Name, name - this is not something formal. Based on the title of the film, we can go to it or not, and the authors will or will not get a profit.
Similar to and domains, depending on the name and the corresponding relationship.

Associations that arise when we see a domain name

Domains of level 3 (or subdomains)

- It usually leads to a personal website or non-profit organizations that do not have money (orphanages, kindergartens ...). You do not pay anything, but you will not earn money.
Here you can download something or find out. But this is a kind of sandbox and most of the sites people start up, not understanding why they did it. Here, too, you can find good sites for non-profit organizations (orphanages, kindergartens ...).

In general, the attitude towards third-level domains is not very serious. These domains are free, so they can stop delegating, they can simply be dropped. This is unreliable. Rely on the information on these sites is not worth it.

International Domain Zones

- this domain zone has not gone. Of course, the Google site will not sit in the .INFO zone. Google has this domain, but there's just a redirect www.google.name xxxxx.COM
- the leading international zone. If the site address APPLE.COM, it's Apple Makintosh, and not a collective farm with an apple garden. All international services have addresses in the COM zone. And here are the sites of the world's leading portals - Google, Yahoo, AOL ...
These sites have trust.

- here can be newspapers, publishing houses, and so on. But not portals and non-company sites.

- there can be websites of TV channels. If this is not a TV channel, the domain was bought for resale purposes or could not find a good name in the .COM zone. Here you can trust only television sites.
Example corbina.tv


- if you work for Russia, then you simply need to have a domain in the .RU zone. We automatically add sites to the end of the "point RU". If at the end of something else, we begin to get confused. It is more profitable for us to buy a domain in any of the international zones. It's cheaper, easier (we get the domain right away you can hide your information, everything is formal here) and you can extend it for 10 year. And in the .RU zone you will have to register, enter real passport data, which will be checked, and then only get your domain. And to prolong it is not convenient, only for year and not earlier, than for 60 before the end of term.
It is clear that just because no one will buy a domain here. If the domain is in the .RU zone, then the relationship is more serious, the site is likely to be maintained and updated.

- only those who have not found a good name in the .RU zone buy the domain here. This is an expensive area, because the attitude is serious. But it is obvious that the owners of sites do not really understand on the Internet.

- there will be state website, domains for promotion, and in general this zone is waiting for the fate of the zone .SU. for state website can be trusted here.

Writing a name

Short or long name
If a site has a long name, it's easier to come up with and harder to remember, it's a cheap name.
If a person buys a long name, it is unlikely that he plans to use it in subdomains, mail addresses. For example, it's unlikely that the http://givemeadollar.com address is useful for subdomains. And here is mail.yandex.com, VIDEO.yandex.ru on the contrary, laconic. Or here's another fonts.ph4.org

A short name does not mean - the shorter, the better. It means simply a short, easy to remember, write. Otherwise, our site would be cooler than Yandex or Google. Or here Yandex has the address YA.ru, and how the main address uses YANDEX.com. Address should be short, for this use an abbreviation or invent an unusual word (or taken from African languages). Dash, underscore
Sites do not use a dash or underline in the title. For example, the site general-motors.com does not belong to General Motors. Although usually such names are bought and redirected, but all you can not buy and not need.
Exceptions can be if the firm's brand has a dash, like Coca-Cola. But in this case they also have a domain and without a dash: cocacola.com, coca-cola.com

Domain in multiple zones
If the site has a successful domain in several zones, this indicates the seriousness of its presence on the Internet. Hardly anyone will buy multiple domains.
We have domains in the ph4.org and ph4.ru.

The reason, we want to develop our project. It's very unlike a one-day butterfly.
The fact is that you need to invest a lot in the site, and then the profit will go. Because no one will throw away the untwisted site.