Where to buy a domain name in international zones

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Where to buy a domain name in international zones


reliable site

Owner: Yahoo
address: USA, Sunnyvale

Yahoo Small Business

Cost - $9.95

Domain registration on Jino

Main zone domains.

It is convenient if you use hosting on Gino. Domain names in zones .RU and .RF are available for free.
In general, a small selection of domain zones, but the main ones are present.

Simple binding to the hosting and setting up, say, you can just configure, for example, the address of the domain ph4.ru automatically changed to WWW.ph4.ru or vice versa.
Or HTTP://www.ph4.ru to HTTPS://www.ph4.ru

Another convenient feature I find the payment for hosting and domain in one place. Today there are too many small payments, it is nice to reduce them.
In addition, if domains in international zones can be paid for years ahead and do not think about it for a long time, then domains in zones .RU and .RF can be extended only for a year and you can pay for a month before the end.
It is very inconvenient, especially if the vacation falls on this time.
It is not difficult to forget and lose.
On Gino, you can connect the auto-renewal of the domain and your care just to throw money at Gino, and he himself will extend the domain when the time comes and your site will always be active.

Free SSL Certificate

Today, an address like HTTP:// is considered obsolete and has little trust, especially from search engines.
SSL certificate allows you to have an address like HTTPS://, which will help in promotion.

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Gudzon is the same reseller, as well as the previous (Answerable), and that's why everything also.
The difference in price: here is more expensive $12.45 and on respectively.

Payment methods