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Gospel harmony

(gr. διὰ τεσσάρωνlit. in four)
Most prominent early gospel harmony, and was created by Tatian, an Assyrian early Christian apologist and ascetic.
Tatian sought to combine all the textual material he found in the four gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—into a single coherent narrative of Jesus's life and death.
Gospel harmony
(lat. Harmonia evangelica)
Attempt to compile the canonical gospels of the Christian New Testament into a single account.


The last third of the second century.
Written by Tatian the Assyrian (c. 112/120 - c. 180/185), a Christian writer-apologist and disciple of Justin the Philosopher.

During the formative years of the New Testament canon, the church fathers unanimously recognized the 4 Gospels, they were even called the Four Gospels.
The question of a single Gospel hung in the air.
It was impossible to choose just one, since each Gospel had its own merits.
So there was an attempt at unification.

The diatessaron or "mixed gospel" is based on a type of gospel harmony.
The sequence is similar to Matthew's Gospel, beginning and ending with words from John's Gospel.
In contrast to the Gospel harmony in repetition, preference was given to texts with more detail.
Thus a single gospel with no repetition was produced.
This was curious, but not very convenient.
The texts were written by different authors in different styles. It was not possible to have one book, especially in Greek.
That is why the Diatessaron did not take root and the complete Gospels - the testimonies - were preferred.

Collected Gospels

. First publication: October 29, 2021
Author - Valery Sterkh

Compiled on the same principle as the Diatessaron, similar verses were combined.
That's why the text is shorter.
The division into chapters was changed based on the plot.
The chapters are shorter, but there are more of them.

Gospel of Matthew28 chapters1071 versesaverage length of chapter 38 verses
Gospel of Mark16 chapters678 versesaverage length of chapter 42 verses
Gospel of Luke24 chapters1151 стихaverage length of chapter 48 verses
Gospel of John21 chaptersа879 versesaverage length of chapter 42 verses
all four Gospels89 chapters3779 versesaverage length of chapter 42 verses
Collective Gospel190 chapters3171 versaverage length of chapter 17 verses

Collective Gospel

Unlike the Diatessaron, Gospel Harmony contains all the texts of the 4 Gospels, including repetitions.
They are simply collected in chronological order.

The Genealogy1:1-173:23-38
The Annunciation to Zacharias of the Birth of John the Baptist1:5-25
Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin1:26-38
The Virgin Mary in the house of Elizabeth1:39-56
Birth of John the Baptist1:57-80
Revelation to Joseph the Righteous concerning the Incarnation of God1:18-25
Birth of Jesus2:012:1-7
Worship of the shepherds2:8-20
Circumcision and Naming of Jesus252:21
Presentation of the Lord in the Temple2:22-38
Worship of the Magi2:1-12
Flight into Egypt2:13-15
Massacre of the Innocents in Bethlehem2:16-18
Return from Egypt; Settlement in Nazareth; The Little Jesus in the Temple.2:19-232:39-52
In the Wilderness, the Sermon of John the Baptist; testimony of Jesus Christ3:1-121:4-83:1-181:19-28
Baptism of the Lord3:13-171:9-113:21-22
The Temptation of Jesus Christ in the Wilderness4:1-111:12-134:1-13
After Temptation in the Wilderness
Subsequent Testimonies of John the Baptist concerning Jesus Christ1:16-201:19-36
The First Disciples of the Lord1:37-51
In Galilee on their return from Judea
The Miracle at Cana of Galilee2:1-11
Visit to Capernaum2:12
Events in Judea
Expulsion of the Merchants from the Temple2:13-25
Jesus Christ's testimony of His divinity2:16-17
Jesus and Nicodemus talk3:1-21
Jesus and His Disciples in Judea3:22
The Baptist's Last Testimony of Jesus Christ before His Disciples3:23-36
Imprisonment of John the Baptist14:3-56:17-203:19-20
Events en route from Judea to Galilee
Returning to Galilee4:12-17--4:1-3
Conversation with a Samaritan Woman —4:4-42
Service in Galilee
The Healing of the King's Son4:43-54
Beginning of the Gospel1:14-154:14-15
Preaching in the synagogue of Nazareth4:16-30
Settlement and Preaching in Capernaum4:13-161:214:31-32
Calling Peter, Andrew, James, and John4:18-221:16-205:1-11
The healing of the demon-possessed man in the synagogue1:21-284:31-37
The healing of Simon's mother-in-law8:14-151:29-314:38-39
The healing of many sick people8:16-171:32-344:40-41
The Good News in Galilee4:23-251:35-394:42-44
The healing of the leper8:2-41:40-455:12-16
Healing of the paralytic at Capernaum9:1-82:1-125:17-26
Calling of Matthew9:9-132:13-175:27-32
Answer to John's disciples about fasting9:14-172:18-225:33-39
Events in Judea
The Healing of the Paralytic at the Bath of Sheep5:1-17
The Revelation of Jesus Christ concerning His divinity5:17-47
Preaching and Wonders in Galilee
Harvesting of Spikes12:1-82:23-286:1-5
The healing of the man with one arm12:9-133:1-56:6-11
The Pharisees' malice and the people's longing for Jesus12:14-213:6-126:11.17-19
Election of 12 apostles10:1-43:13-196:12-16
Sermon on the Mount5:1-7:296:17-49
The healing of the centurion's servant8:5-137:1-10
The raising of the widow's son in Nain7:11-17
Jesus' testimony about himself and John the Baptist before John's disciples.11:1-197:18-35
Call to the weary and heavy laden11:27-30
The pardon of the sinful woman in the house of Simon the Pharisee7:36-50
The healing of the demon-possessed deaf and dumb blind man.12:22-2311:14
Exposing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit12:24-373:20-3011:15-26
The Requirement of a Sign12:38-458:10-1311:16, 29-32
On the inner light11:33-36
Praise to those who hear the word of God12:46-503:31-358:19-21
Exposing External Righteousness11:37-54
Parables concerning the Kingdom of God13:1-584:1-3412:1-59
On following Jesus8:18-22
Taming the Storm8:23-274:35-418:22-25
Healing of the demon-possessed in the country of the Gerasenes8:28-345:1-208:26-39
Healing of the Bleeding Sick, and Resurrection of Jairus' Daughter9:18-9:265:22-438:40-56
The healing of the two blind men.9:27-31
The healing of the demon-possessed mute9:32-34
The Sermon at the synagogue of Nazareth13:54-586:1-6
Preaching in the surrounding towns and villages9:35-386:06
Exhortations of the Twelve as they were sent out to preach10:1-426:7-139:1-6
Death of John the Baptist14:6-126:17-29
Word of Jesus Christ, Herod's confusion14:1-26:14-169:7-9
Return of the Twelve from their sermon6:309:10
Feeding of the 500014:13-216:31-449:11-176:1-14
The Procession of Jesus Christ to the Disciples on the Water14:22-346:45-536:15-21
Healing the sick in the land of Gennesaret14:35-366:54-56
Discourse of Jesus Christ on the bread of heaven.6:22-71
Events in Judea
The rebuke of the Jews in hypocrisy7:1-23
Into the borders of Tyre and Sidon, the healing of the daughter of the Canaanite woman15:21-287:24-30
The healing of the deaf and dumb man.7:31-37
The healing of the multitude at the lake of Gennesaret15:29-31
The feeding of the 400015:32-388:1-9
Arrival in the country of Magdala. Replying to the Pharisees who asked for signs from heaven15:39-16:48:10-13
Caution to the disciples against the leaven of the Pharisees15:1-128:14-21
The Healing of the Blind Man in Bethsaida8:22-26
Peter's Confession to Caesarea Philippi16:13-208:27-309:18-21
On the Passion of the Cross16:21-288:31-9:19:22-27
Transfiguration of the Lord17:1-139:1-99:28-36
The 2nd prophecy of the suffering of the cross9:10-13
The Healing of the demon-possessed lunatic17:14-219:14-299:37-43
The 3rd prophecy of the suffering of the cross17:22-239:30-329:43-45
About the tax on the temple17:24-27
Instruction on humility18:1-69:33-379:46-50
Parable of the Lost Sheep18:7-17
The teaching about forgiveness of neighbor's sins18:18-35
In Galilee at the Feast of Tabernacles
Refusal to go to Jerusalem for the feast7:2-9
Journey to Jerusalem19:0110:019:51
The displeasure of the Samaritans9:52-56
Reply to those who wanted to follow him9:57-62
Epistle 70 for the sermon11:20-2410:1-24
A call to the weary and the heavy laden11:27-30
The Lawyer's question about eternal life, the parable of the Good Samaritan10:25-37
Jesus Christ in the House of Martha and Mary10:38-42
Teachings of Jesus Christ on prayer11:1-13
Jesus at the Pharisee's dinner, rebuking the lawyers11:37-54
The rules of life of Christ's followers12:1-59
At the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem
Disputation among the people concerning Christ7:10-53
The woman taken in adultery8:1-11
The rebuke of the Jews at the temple treasury8:12-59
The healing of the man born blind9:1-41
The Good Shepherd10:1-21
Of the Galileans beaten by Pilate13:1-5
The parable of the unfruitful fig tree13:6-9
The Healing of a woman bent over for 18 years at the synagogue on the Sabbath13:10-17
Parables concerning the Kingdom of God13:18-21
Discourse of Jesus Christ on the Feast of the Renewal at Solomon's narthex10:22-39
Departure to the country of Perea in Jordaniah10:40-42
On the return journey from the country of Jordaniah to Jerusalem
Speech on the number of those who are saved18:22-30
Prediction of suffering in Jerusalem13:31-35
Jesus Christ at the Pharisee's Lunch14:1-24
The self-denial of Christ's followers14:25-35
Parable of the Lost Sheep15:1-7
Parable of the Lost Drachma15:8-10
Parable of the Prodigal Son15:10-32
Of the unfaithful steward16:1-13
The rebuke of the Pharisees16:14-18
The Rich Man and Lazarus16:19-31
Exhortation to the disciples on duty17:1-10
The healing of the ten lepers17:11-19
Reply on the Second Coming17:20-37
Parable of the Unjust Judge18:1-8
The Parable of the Publican and the Pharisee18:9-14
The Doctrine of Marriage19:1-1210:1-1216:18
The blessing of children19:13-1510:13-1618:15-17
The answer to the rich young man19:16-2610:17-2718:18-27
Peter's question about rewarding followers19:27-3010:28-3118:28-30
Parable of the Hired Vineyard Workers20:1-16
The raising of Lazarus11:1-46
Conspiracy against Jesus Christ11:47-57
Jesus' prediction of His sufferings on the way to Jerusalem20:17-1910:32-3418:31-34
The request of the sons of Zebedee for a place in the kingdom of Jesus Christ20:20-2810:35-45
The Healing of the Blind at Jerehon20:29-3410:46-5218:35-43
The Address of Zacchaeus19:1-10
The parable of him who went away to war and of those who multiplied the talents25:13-3019:11-28
Jesus Christ in Bethany26:6-1314:3-911:55-12:11
Entrance of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem21:1-11.14-1711:1-1119:29-4412:12-19
Great Monday
Barren fig tree21:18-2211:12-14.20-26
Expulsion of the Merchants from the Temple21:12-1311:15-1919:45-46
Great Tuesday
Rebuking the Rulers of the Jews and the Lord's teaching in the Temple21:23-3911:27-12:4019:47-47
Of the poor widow's sacrifice.12:41-4421:1-4
A speech before the Hellenes and the Jews12:20-50
Parables concerning Jerusalem and the Second Coming24:1-25:4613:1-3721:5-38
Great Wednesday
At Bethany, the anointing of Jesus with oil26:1-2,6-1314:3-9
Conspiracy of the Jews, betrayal of Judas26:3-5. 14-1614:1-2, 10-1122:1-6
Great Thursday
Paschal Supper26:17-3514:12-3122:7-3813:1-26
Foot washing13:3-17
Prayer of the Cup26:36-4614:32-4222:39-4618:01
Good Friday
The Capture of Jesus Christ26:47-5614:43-5222:47-5318:2-12
The Examination of Jesus Christ by Annas18:13,19-24
The Sanhedrin's judgment of Jesus Christ at Caiaphas26:57-6814:53-6522:54,63-6518:14
Repudiation of Peter26:58,69-7514:54,66-7222:54-6218:15-18. 25-27
The sentence of the Sanhedrin27:01:0015:0122:66-71
The End of Judas27:3-10
Jesus Christ under Pilate27:2-3115:1-2023:1-2518:28-19:16
The Way of the Cross and Crucifixion on Golgotha27:31-5615:20-4123:26-4919:16-37
The Burial of Jesus Christ27:57-6115:42-4723:50-5619:38-42
The Sabbath
The guard at the tomb and the seal27:62-66
...and the Sabbath was left alone according to the commandment.23:56
Resurrection morning.
Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the coffin28:01:00
Mary Magdalene and other women buy scents to anoint Jesus in the morning16:01
Mary Magdalene, the coffin is empty20:1-3
Angels appear at the empty tomb.24:1-9
Peter and John and Mary Magdalene arrive at the empty tomb.20:4-10
Appearance of the Risen Christ to Mary Magdalene20:11-18
Angel's apparition to the myrrh-bearing women28:5-816:1-8
Appearance of the Risen Christ to the myrrh-bearers28:9-10
The Myrrh-bearing women's message of the Resurrection to their disciples16:0824:9-12
Mary Magdalene's message to her disciples about the Resurrection16:9-11
Christ's Appearance to the Emmaus Wanderers16:12-1324:13-35
Christ's Appearance to the Disciples without Thomas on the First Day of the Week16:1424:36-4920:19-25
After eight days (ninth day)
The appearing of Christ after eight days20:26-29
Christ's Appearance at the Sea of Tiberias21:1-25
Christ's Appearance on the Mount28:16-2016:15-18
The Ascension of the Lord16:19-2024:50-53


All these attempts to unify the Gospels were not much in demand.
A coherent book was not possible.