Stages of development of Bible

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Stages of development of Bible

Development of the Bible

  • 1st Bible - 10 Commandments, which God himself wrote and gave to Moses on the mountain.
  • 2nd Bible - Pentateuch Moses or Torah (law) Moses wrote in the wilderness
  • 3rd Bible - Old Testament (the original Hebrew name Tanah), compiled by the scribes, mostly by Ezra, in Babylon and canonized in the 2nd century AD
  • 4th Bible - Bible, completed at the end of the 1st century, when the New Testament was written.

Bible in Russia

860 AD - Cyril and Methodius create the Russian written language for writing the Gospel and some books of the Bible.

1581 AD - Ostroh Bible. In different churches and monasteries of Rus there were separate books of the Bible, for the first time they were collected together. The language was obsolete by that time, but given how hard it was, it was easier to learn the oldest language than to rewrite it.

1876 ​​g. - comes out (after many ordeals) 1st Russian Bible, Bible in an understandable modern language. This translation is basic today. What is important is that the evangelical movement in Russia has now become possible.

1917 AD - Communists come to power forbidding the Bible, but eliminating illiteracy.

1987 AD - Communism has fallen. For the first time in history, Russia has the Bible in its modern native language, is able to read it and there are no prohibitions to it.